Behold! The Arcadia Zodiac!

It's not as complicated as it looks. Really.

The inner circle is the lunar (Greek) zodiac, beginning with DeLancy.

The outer ring is the solar (Chinese) zodiac, beginning with Fjern.

The four corners are the four elements.

On an additional note, Arcadia has three moons, each with its own set of tides; horoscopes on Arcadia are predicted by these tides... so concievbably, each ring here could represent the movement of a moon/tide.


Aries: DeLancy
Element: Fire.
Reason: Who better to have under a Mars-ruled sign than a warrior?

Taurus: MAui.
Element: Earth.
Reason: Invisible Cow Goddess!

Gemini: Damocles.
Element: Air.
Reason: An Air element ruled by Mercury.. makes sense to have an angel under this sign!

Cancer: Venn.
Element: Water.
Reason: Ruled by the moon... perfect night-time sign for a vampire!

Leo: Perry.
Element: Fire.
Reason: Paired with and opposite Venn; ruled by the sun.

Virgo: Dubble.
Element: Earth.
Reason: Sorry, Dub... you're still the baby. (and we gotta love ya..)

Libra: Arno.
Element: Air.
Reason: The one who's always trying to get us to act civil and do the right thing... he's perfect for the Scales! (and, well, there's those OTHER scales too...)

Scorpio: Adm. Trimm.
Element: Water.
Reason: Scorpio has a dualistic nature, represented by both scorpion and eagle... So here we find Trimm in the mountains with his submarine...

Sagittarius: Trill.
Element: Fire.
Reason: She IS a fiery little thing! I don't know why she insisted on having her feet in that shot...

Capricorn: Bjorn Jr.
Element: Earth.
Reason: Earth element is natural for a dwarf, but Bjorn is hardly a traditionalist! His more capricious nature is shown through the use of a pen-name.

Aquarius: The Master
Element: Air.
Reason: The giver; the one who brought us all to Arcadia, more or less.

Pisces: Riptide
Element: Water.
Reason: Look, he even has his water bottle!

This is the harder one. It's hard not to insult people when assigning them to an animal symbol.

Rat: Fjern
Reason: In Chinese mythology, the zodiac animals competed for order by crossing a river. The rat, the cleverest, hitched a ride on the ox's back, and jumped to shore just ahead of the ox. Fjern, the inventor, takes this spot.

Ox: Sirius.
Reason: The strongest of the solar signs, Sirius has definitely proven herself as such.

Tiger: Rob.
Reason: Closest I could come to a leopard.. plus, those pinstripes...

Rabbit: Nooit.
Reason: Well, initially I was thinking the Chinese Rabbit was a lucky sign, but I could be wrong. But, well, rabbits feet are lucky too, ne?

Dragon: Beedoo!
Reason: dwaaagooon!

Snake: Delphine.
Reason: closest I could get to cave lizards. ;)

Horse: Kessalia.
Reason: A strong, determined, hard worker... Kess has had to be, working in the circumstances of the Mines!

Sheep: Keebler.
Reason: Um, duh.

Monkey: Jade Griffin.
Reason: She always makes me laugh, and every pic I have of her, she's making a weird face.

Rooster: Countess.
Reason: The most birdy-like. Sorry, Fuzzy.

Dog: Jessie.
Reason: Sorry Jessie! Ack! *ducks the sword*

Pig: Mika
Reason: Sorry to you too, Mika! Here she is outside her pretzel shop. The partial sign on the door says "Pig Out! On Mika's"

Reason: She's very floaty in all the pics I've seen of her!

Water: Anatidae
Reason: half nymph.. made sense.

Earth: Bludge
Reason: Again, just one of those things that made sense.

Fire: Armageddon
Reason: He's red. He's a dragon. He's named for the end of the world. Fire works for him very well.