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-picture taken during pursuit of the aquatic gargoyle, code-named Aya.

---journal records by Elizabeth Parris, curator of the museum0001101

        May 7, 2000.

We received reports today that a certain rare aqua-goyle had been spotted near the San Francisco Bay. The breed of this aqua goyle is yet unknown; however only one of its kind has been spotted. She is believed to be native to a tropical climate and her sudden appearance in the SF bay is not yet understood. We will taking a plane to the area shortly- we hope to capture this aquatic gargoyle; now code named Aya.

        May 9, 2000.

Our task is more daunting than we previously thought. Aya's species has apparently developed the ability to merge with the water for short periods of time. Despite the fact that she can only do so for approximately a minute, a minute is often enough for her escape. I have seen her only once-she is indeed a beautiful specimen. Her wings and tail are finlike in structure; flowing like that of a gold fish. Her hair is very thin and wispy and her face is partially framed by webbing. She is coloured a light shade of green and her wings, tail, and webbing are various shades of blue. Aya wears no clothing; she is assumed to be able to withstand the cold temperatures in the bay. Our pursuit team currently consists of four people and a boat. Hopefully, our team shall increase in number as Aya is proving herself a very elusive catch.

        May 12, 2000.

Our team has since increased to twelve people and three boats. We have also been able to obtain a large range of tracking devices. Aya continues to evade us; however, we can track her easily. We hope that she will tire soon; as she will hopefully be unable to merge with the water then. We have tried to capture her at sunrise, when she turns to stone; however we have never been able to spot or track her at those times.

        May 15, 2000.

We have captured the aquagoyle, Aya. There was little struggle as she was quite exhausted. She was netted and lifted out of the water in a near comatose state. We will transport her back to London today.
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        May 20, 2000.

Aya has been placed into a tank here at the museum. She is still weak and refuses to eat. She attacks her assigned trainer and is very uncooperative with staff. She shows no sign of the intelligence found in other gargoyles and we are led to believe that she is most likely a primitive species. Most notable is her transformation into coral during sunrise.(we believe this was why we were not abe to capture her then-we assumed that she would turn into stone) This however is not very productive to our purposes. Visitors to our museum do not pay to see a lump of coral, especially after being promised a look at a rare sight.
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        May 30, 2000.

We are considering letting Aya back into the wild as her maintainance is too costly. Her profits are little as she only manifests at night-obviously, we do not open our doors at night. Her release date is tentative.

        June 6, 2000.

Aya was found floating in her tank today. She is very weak. Her planned release on June 7, may have to be moved to a later date.

        June 7, 2000.

Aya was found dead in her tank at 3am this morning. She will be sent to Joseph Sneed, a renowned taxidermist, to be prepared for inclusion in our collection of mounted gargoyles.

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