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Update ---> 7.5.09

---> Contest News:
Well, I set a new record for late updates, sorry about that... But the update is up, with a new topic for July, and voting for June! Voting will run late to make up for the late update, and so will not close until the end of the day on the 18th. Results will be posted on the 19th. Deadline for entries is still the last day of the month!! I don't feel too bad about that since the topics are announced a month ahead of time now. So no excuses! ;) And speaking of, if you are interested in doing the mascot for the August topic, email ekkapinto@yahoo.com and just ask. :) If its' not claimed yet, it's yours!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the future of MGC: After much thought and looking of numbers and reading comments by fans and others, I've decided to give MGC until the end of the year at least instead of shutting down this summer. I will try to work on getting the word out a bit better in that time and see what happens. Eight months should be enough to see if there's any hope for me OR the site, huh? *L* Thank you everyone for all your support over all these years. :)
Any tips, likely spots to drop promotional links, or any other suggestions on how to perk the site back up can be posted on DevArt or emailed to ekkapinto@yahoo.com.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! The Gathering of the Gargoyles 2009 needs our help! Calling all artists and garg fans! The Gathering is setting up the first ever "Art for the Gathering" auction - they are accepting donations of original art or commission spots, that they will then auction off on ebay, all proceeds going to keeping the Gathering alive for this year and those to come! If you have anything you would be willing to contribute, head to the con website and check out the contact info there.
Even if you can't manage a donation (We all know things stink economically for a LOT of people, that's one of the main reasons for this in the first place) you can still help by just dropping links to the site or even fliers as you make your usual visits on the web or to cons or other events that might hold garg fans that haven't heard of it yet!

A quick request - when submitting entries, PLEASE follow the guideline and include all of your information! It's a huge help to me in keeping up with prompt updates. Remember, we need -
Webpage Name: (if applicable)
Webpage Address: (if applicable and please leave the 'http://' in there?)

---> Website News:

If you need help getting your entry down to the allowed size limit of 200K, please check here for tips!

When using either of the forms on the site to email me either submissions, questions or suggestions, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you put your email in there. Firstly because there is NO way for me to reply to you if you don't, and secondly because with the amount of bots spamming my email from those forms, everything without a real looking email is getting deleted sight unseen. Not having that email spot filled out correctly could mean your entry either gets lost or can't be added because of probelms you can't be reached about. Please please please! ^_^

Hey, I have a favor to ask of you guys. It's been going OK for the last few years with just one person running the site, as far as keeping the topics updated and such, at least. Unfortunately there's a few areas I've really had to let slip, and others that I just don't know how or can't do myself. So I'm here asking for help and volunteers...
Firstly, the site needs some promotion - BADLY. We've dropped in just one year from almost 35,000 average daily hits last march to barely over 9000 last month. This is an area I really stink at, since I am really shy and feel awkward trying to drop links anywhere they might not be welcome, and of course I'm also reclusive even on the web and have no idea where to START linking in the first place! I can assign one person to do promotion, or I can try to provide whatever the general viewership wants and turn you loose, up to you guys. *L* I'll be trying to update the link banners and such in the near future and if anyone would like to submit any, that would be welcome as well. ^_^

So yeah, there's my plea - please email or get ahold of me anywhere with tips, suggestions, ideas, and of course offers of assistance. *L*

Artist Birthdays for this month! (Happy Birthday Gargs and Goyles!)
Naarah - July 5th
Delphine - July 17th
Konako - July 23rd
Mara Cordova - July 28th
Epantiras - July 29th

If we've missed your birthday, let us know!

Any questions or comments can be directed to us at: ekkapinto@yahoo.com