>> General MGC Questions
---> What is MGC?
MGC is a Gargoyles fanart monthly contest to encourage and inspire creativity where fans send in entries, vote on their favourite pictures, and give each other tips and critiques.

---> What does MGC stand for?
MGC stands for Monthly Gargoyles (Art) Contest.

---> Who are the two gargoyle hatclings?
Those two are Ekka (blue female) and Pinto (yellow male). They are our twin mascots who love to draw and paint!

---> What are the submission rules?
The general rules are listed here.
To submit an entry go here
For more help on entries go here
Special guidelines/rules for each month are posted with the month themselves. These change depending upon the topic so be aware!

---> Who runs MGC now? Can I help out!?
MGC is currently run by Siryn, Maui, and Kess. We currently aren't looking for people to run the site, but comments and suggestions are always welcome!