>> MGC Rules

The following are ground rules for the Monthly Gargoyles Art Contest, most are easy and straightforeward, but if you have any questions about one, let us know!
These rules are valid unless stated otherwise by the special conditions of each month's contest.

---> First and foremost, the MGC staff holds the right to deny any and all entries for the reasons stated below.
Artists will be notified and given reasons as to why entry was denied.

Note: Having an entry denied does not mean you are banned from ever entering the MGC contest again! In fact, we will try everything we can to get your artwork shown! Only in extreme cases will banning ever be considered.

---> All entries must in some way contain a gargoyle (fan created or original) or a character from Disney's Gargoyles as the main subject. Fan human characters or any other sort of non-gargoyle fan character entries will not be allowed. This is a Gargoyle art contest.
Good Entry Example:
Elisa in a medievil dress posing in front of gargoyle statues
(or without the statues, just posing)
Bad Entry Example:
Unknown/known fan human character posing in a dress in front of gargoyle statues

--->Entries must follow the theme and rules for the month you enter.

--->We kindly ask that entries be no more than 200kb (if possible!) to keep webpage loading time down

--->New Artwork Please!
Although we will most likely accept drawings you've previously done, MGC encourages you to draw new artwork for each theme.

--->HTML page entries are allowed and encouraged! Just let us know when you enter!

---> Entries must follow some genre of art.

They can be 3D, sculpture, hand drawn, computer drawn, photo manipulated (if the photographs used are your OWN), and painted. If you have an entry that might not fit the above, ask us. Screen Manipulations (aka making a collage out of actual artwork, advertising, or screenshots of the Gargoyles show) are not permitted UNLESS specified specifically by the topic.

--->Please keep entries PG-13 and under.
We do want to keep this a family friendly site.
PG-13 includes, but is not limited to: extreme violence, extreme gore, sensual situations, etc.

--->Under NO circumstances will plagerism be allowed!!
If a submission is found to plagerise someone else's work, the submission will be taken down and ineligable for voting.
If a winning submission is found to be a plagerised piece, the winner will have their award stripped.
Multiple cases of plagerised entries will result in the artist being banned from MGC!!!
If you have any questions concerning this, contact us

---> Be a good sport!

MGC's purpose is to inspire creativity and give you ideas on gargoyle artwork to draw each month, not to show who are the 'best artists' in the fandom. So please show good sportsmanship whether you win or lose. Flame wars will not betolerated.

--->Important Dates

Entry Submission Begins on the 1st of each month, and ends on the 30th of each month. (In February the 28th or 29th)
Voting Begins on the 1st of each month, and ends on the 15th.
Winning Entries will be announced between 16-20th of each month.

--->All entries will compete for Most Creative and Most Artistic and voted for through an online vote.

--->Winning entries awarded a graphic award, have their webpage linked in the 'winners' link section, and the user will have the title 'Most Creative/Artistic Winner' in the MGC forum.