>> Participation/Voting Questions
---> How old do you have to be to enter?
Old enough to pick up a pencil! :) There is no age limit in MGC.

---> How old do you have to be to vote?
Old enough to have a valid email address? <:)

---> Can we vote multiple times?
No. 1 vote per person.

---> I tried voting, but it didn't work, why?
Did you vote for both categories? If you only voted for one, then your vote won't be tallied, so be sure to vote for both categories!

---> Can vote for the same entry for both categories?
No. As of September, any votes that vote for the same entry for both categories will be disqualified. AIt is possible for an entry win both 'most artistic' and 'most creative' but this must be done fairly.

---> Can I vote, even if I didn't submit any artwork?
Sure! Anyone and everyone is allowed to vote.
Remember to include your name and email when voting or the vote will not count.

---> What is Ballot Box Stuffing?
It's our term for cheating. It's basically when one person tries to vote for themselves multiple times using fake names or alias, or when they ask everyone they know (who don't regularly vote on the site or have nothing to do with gargoyles) to vote only when they enter.

---> But you said everyone can enter?
We obviously want new people to enter and enjoy MGC, look at it this way, if it's over five people, we tend to notice PRETTY quickly something is going on. (The artist may not even know this is happening, or didn't realize it was wrong, but having tons of people vote for you CAN swing the vote drastically) If you're honestly worried ask us This doesn't mean your friends can't support you, but if they can't vote regularly, (even when you don't enter) we ask that they refrain from voting

---> What if you get caught?
For voters cheating, they receive a written warning the first time, then second time they're banned from voting.
If the artist is involved, the first time they are given a warning, the second time their artwork is disqualified (for that topic), and the third time they're not allowed to participate in MGC anymore. (NOT worth it!)

---> Can we send in multiple images?
Yes, but only one can be voted on, but we'll be happy to link and display the other ones!

---> *pouts* It's not fair...I wish I could draw, I can only draw stick figures!
Stick figures are people too! They count! You'd be surprised. MGC gives awards out for most artistic AND most creative. Just because you might not be a van gogh, doesn't mean a great concept can't score you the most votes!

---> Can I submit an image, but not have it voted on?
Yes. Let us know AHEAD OF TIME if you're going to do this. But its possible. The picture will go through the voting process like everyone else, but be labeled ineligible.