>> Submission Questions
---> How can I submit to MGC?
You can find entry submission information on the submit page.

---> May I submit more than one entry?
Sure! Feel Free to. However, only one of your entries can be judged, so let us know ahead of time which one it is!

---> Are fanfic gargoyle Gargoyles characters okay??
YES! This is a gargoyles art contest after all! Fanfic gargoyle entries are fine as long as they follow the topic guidelines.

---> How about my human fanfic character? He/She is pretty popular!
Unless the topic for the month says its OK, generally human, faye, dragons, aliens, etc are _not_ permitted unless they were original characters from Disney's Gargoyles cartoon show. This is a GARGOYLES contest.

---> I have a picture that I want to enter, but I don't have a scanner, can you scan my entry in for me?
Sorry, as much as we would like to, we can not scan in entries.

---> What if I think my picture is above pg-13?
Show it to us. We'll decide. It may have to be editted (which you can do if you choose), remember this is a family-friendly site!
MGC will not edit pictures without the artists approval/permission.

---> I made a website centered around my entry..is that okay?
It's fine! The purpose of this site is to encourage creativity!
Simply send us the URL to your website and we'll do the rest.

---> What if I can't draw a gargoyle, are other people from the show acceptable?
Yes! As long as you follow the guidelines for month's topic, we DO accept entries of non-gargoyle characters from the Gargoyles show (or non-gargoyle characters, depending upon the guidelines for that month).
If you don't know who those people are, or need a refresher in their appearance, go here!

---> I don't see my entry, should I submit it again?
Give us time! Even though the new MGC site is now much easier to update, real life situations can (and do) come up. :)

---> I need to change the description of my entry (or I decided I don't want to enter anymore)!
At the moment, we currently cannot change entries once they've been added into the database. This will eventually change, but for now we can't, so PLEASE be aware of this when sending us entry information!

---> My entry got turned down, why?
We usually send you and email stating why your entry has been turned down. If you're still not sure, check to see if you followed the general rules and followed this month's topic. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask, we will do our best to display all entries we recieve!