December 2008: Gargoyle Blockbusters

I was a bit surprised to look back in the archives and realize we've never really DONE this topic yet. So here it is! Pick out a big-time movie and give it the Gargoyles treatment! It doesn't need to be a current new release blockbuster, but it does need at least one gargoyle (canon or fanverse) OR one canon non-garg. Have the Gargoyles intrude into the movie scene, garg up the actors, however you want to do it, be creative and have fun! Be sure to mention the name of the movie and any actors used in your description. ^_^

Mascots by Valaheri!

January's Topic Will Be: Artist's As Gargoyles II - Draw YOURSELF as a Gargoyle!(Mascots claimed by gargoylekitty!)

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Title: E.T.
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
Every time I'd work on this picture I'd get the theme music stuck in my head. Don't worry, I'm sure E.T. used the force to prevent Demona from using that mace on them...
3 22
Title: The Way Home
Artist: Chaos Destine [DeviantArt]
Welcome to Narnia. I love Disney's take on the C.S. Lewis novels. In the end of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe the Pevencie children are chasing a white stag through the woods wich lead them back to the lamp-post that marks the way back to the real world of London where the children are from. So what if it was not a deer that the children were chasing but a young male Gargoyle from London as well whom we know as Staghart. I believe that Aslan would be proud to have Gargoyles in his realm of Narnia.
10 5
Title: Duel of the Mutates
Artist: Benny J. Ross
Talon and Fang clash with lightsabers in a raging duel over Manhattan. The even mirrors the Anakin/Obi-Wan lightsaber duel from Star Wars - Episdoe III : Revenge of the Sith
14 2
Title: Are you sure they said this movie was about WARRIO
Artist: Angel [DeviantART]
While I can't remember if it was a huge deal or not, "Warriors of Virtue" was always a favorite of mine. Here, we have Hudson, who was somehow convinced to dress up as one of the Warriors.
The caption?
"Are you sure this movie is about Warriors?"
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Artist: Cynny_NZ [Deviantart]
A 'garged up' version of the blockbuster Wanted, starring Lobelia and an unknown. Not my favourite movie, but I've always associated Lobelia with Angelina Jolie with the long hair she had in Tomb Raider. Just a quick speedy paint this time.
15 0
Title: Anarchy
Artist: gargoylekitty [DA]
Completely last minute(as in I did it today, so please excuse the lack of background and roughness) but the idea wouldn't let me finish off the year without drawing it so... here we go. The Dark Knight with Goliath as Bats, Demona as Two-Face, and Puck as the Joker.
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