January 2009: Artists as Gargoyles 3

Way back in July of 1999, which I just realized is almost 10 years ago now (yikes!) MGC ran this as a topic and it was very very popular. It's a great way for us all to get to know each other and maybe ourselves. So as promised, this month's topic is to draw YOURSELF, the artist, as a gargoyle. Not necessarily just your favorite Gargoyles avatar, but think about those little things that really make you, YOU, and then gargify them!

Mascots by gargoylekitty! Thanks again!

February's Topic Will Be: Gargoyle Reality TV (Mascots not yet claimed!)

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Title: My Gargoyle Persona
Artist: Benny J. Ross [Fur Affinity]
An illustration of how I might look as a Gargoyle. A resemblence is that of my favorite character, Broadway, except that I would retain my hair. I like full moons, cool nights and keeping to myself...mostly.
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Title: Emilialys on the garg side
Artist: Emilialys [DA]
Heres my gargoyle self complete with butt and bust, my eyes lips well most of my features...expect the whole gargoyle part lol Shes a welsh gal (like me) with her ram horns and flatted nose. A completely digital piece made in photoshop cs2. Enjoy
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Title: Ryu and Nyanko
Artist: Nytshad [Nightstone Creations]
I starting looking through my past stuff to find something for this topic, but I couldn't find anything that actually ended up looking like me. I did however find this pic from my best friend's wedding and I couldn't resist. So here's me and my hubby all garged out. For anyone interested, here's a professional garg portrait I commissioned when I was a kid.
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Title: Attack of The Fangoyle
Artist: Sheryl Schopfer [Sharpclaw]
Since I love soft textures, I felt my Gargoyle self should be like those of the London clan: a furred creature with featured wings. Of course, being a Gargoyle would not stop me from being a fan-girl and would lend me greater ability to sneak-attack an object of my interest.
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Title: On a Tuesday Night...
Artist: Tuesdai [DeviantArt]
I'm really lazy on backgrounds, I apologize, but this is me! It involves parts of 3 of my favorite animals (that totally flood my room): the Deer (the antlers/hooves), the Lion (the tail) and the Owl (wings). I also threw in a camera because I'm really into photography and then the curls because yes, my hair really does curl that thick and it really is that curly. :[
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Title: Fireflies
Artist: Shahrezad1 [Deviantart]
‘Smiling slightly, the insignificant young Gargoyle stared up into the crowd with little trepidation, but some melancholy. It seemed as though the “Conference” was nothing more than a chance for world-wide peers to sum each other up. And somehow she had been found lacking. Still, she didn’t mind. If others couldn’t accept her for who she was, silly, funny Sherry, they would be the ones missing out. She didn’t need their acceptance. All she needed was a few close friends. Perhaps access to the local art museums, and libraries as well. For while her form was simple and nondescript, it was within her mind that the colors dwelled. It was there that life was brought to a series of patterns, designs, and characters just waiting to come out. To be written, drawn and shared.’
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Title: Once Upon A Dream
Artist: Chaos Destine [DevArt]
Every since day one of watching Gargoyles I have always dreamt of being one. What would I look like? Well this has been my version of me as a Gargoyle for some time now. I am Chaos. I have a dragon tattoo on my right shoulder blade which resembles the dragon spirit coming forth from Chaos' back. Thought it would be a neat concept to Literally draw a picture of me drawing a picture of my dream.
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Title: Galsic Gargified
Artist: Galsic [DevArt]
Yep, that's me as a gargoyle. Indeed, what better way to showcase my new-found garg strength than by pumping even more insane iron than I normally do!
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Title: My Gargoyle Self
Artist: Laura Hart
This persona has been an ongoing evolution since I was in the 5th grade. I'm 24 now. The form has actually been pretty set for about 8 years now. I finally honed in on my true gargoyle self!
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Title: My Gargoyle Avatar
Artist: Hidden-Traveler [Deviant Art]
Whelp, this is my Gargoyle Avatar. Honestly, she bares little resemblance to the true me save for the eye color and hair do/color.
If you're wondering why she doesn't have wings, I feel that there are likely gargoyle lineage’s that over time had their wings evolve into usable arms and hands. The naga like tail was because I like the look. (And didn't feel like doing Gargy feet :D )
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Title: Public Transport
Artist: Cynny_NZ [Deviantart]
This month not only did I want to think about the physical changes being a garg would introduce, but lifestyle as well. And you know, I don't think much would change. I suspect we would still hold jobs, take public transport despite now having wings! My main gripe would be with the endless graveyard shifts! So I've drawn myself in the same clothes I was wearing that morning as I was onto my way to work, would an outward appearance change our habits at all?
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Title: Dancing with Myself
Artist: Tragic Rabbit [DeviantArt]
Me with my new haircut. I'm Scotch-Irish so I tried to show that in the tail, horns, and ears. Just a colored sketch cuz I didnt have time to ink it.
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Title: When Creatures meet their Creators
Artist: Karell and Louise [Coda on DA]
This is a collaboration between Louise and me : Delacroix, Absinthe and Mélusine with their respective creators as gargoyles : Amaury (the dark red one), Louise (the grey one) and myself (the pink one). I did the lineart on Photoshop, send it to Louise who printed it and painted it with acrylics. Then I added the texts and the border in photoshop... and VOILA ! This is a way to present you the official blog about Paris' clan : please come and visit us :)
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Title: Cherry-Goyle
Artist: Cherryhobbit [Cherryhobbit]
I've always loved the MGC and what better way than the "Artists as Gargoyles 2" for my first entry? So this is my "Persona" Cherry after being transformed into a gargoyle. There was a small comic at the bottom that explained it more, but I never inked or colored it so I just cropped it out.
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Title: MeGarg in Pixels
Artist: Nebulan [DeviantArt Gallery]
I made this while at work with Paint... it looks surprisingly like me.
Additional Entry: Lost Track of Time - This is basically like a redo for my 2004 entry for this topic. MeGarg was trying to figure out what to draw and lost track of time.
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Title: If I were a gargoyle..
Artist: valaheri [DeviantArt]
...even just for a daaaaay...
(Again) tablet sketches to show you why maybe it would be better for me to stay human.
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Title: Gargoyle Self Portrait
Artist: Zoe [DeviantArt]
I tried to make her thicker and somewhat pudgy to match my own body build. She is dressed in my work uniform and doesn't have full wings just wing-fins. I figured flightless gargs would probably work at the airport.
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Title: Judithgoyle
Artist: Judith
I couldn’t have asked for a better topic for my first MGC entry! Because I’ve got several ideas of just how I’d like to look as a gargoyle, of course I couldn’t pick just one to draw, so I drew ‘em all. A yellow-hued Castle Wyvern style Gargoyle to honor of my Scotts-Irish roots, a Hippogriff-like gargoyle to represent my Italian background, a furry Foxgoyle to represent my British genes, and a Mutate version of myself, just because they’re so darn cool. So there you have it: a few Judithgoyles, complete with big thighs, super-huge hair, long noses and even moles in the right places (hey, I gotta be exact, y’know?) Drawn and colored nice and simple like the cartoon itself.
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