March 2009: Back In Time: 50s and 60s!

I love the Back in Time topics. ^_^ So this is another, and this time we are sending our gargoyles time traveling to the 1950's and 60's! It's a long span so there should be a bit of something for everyone... From poodle skirts to love beads, pigtails or pompadours, sock-hops to anti-war protests - whether you put in the Grease soundtrack or Freedom Rock for inspiration, HAVE FUN! ^_^

Mascots by Spike!

April's Topic Will Be: Gargoyles Down Under! (Mascots claimed by Deanna Morgan!)

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Title: The Greasers
Artist: Valeria Turner (GargoyleMistress) [DeviantArt]
The theme was 50's and 60's and I tried to go for a more 50's theme with the greasers and girl's in poodle skirts. I have the typical hot rod type cars in the background as well as the 50's style cafe.
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Title: The One That I Want
Artist: william the bloody [William's Bloody Hell]
It's Elisa Maza and Goliath starring as Sandy Olsen and Danny Zuko in "Grease"! This is my first entry, and first renditions of Elisa and Goliath EVER, so I thought I'd start with some simple head shots, and the "Grease" poster has that great, unmistakable 1950s hair.
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Title: Space Race
Artist: Nebulan [dA Gallery]
I really should give credit for the concept to this Time Magazine cover from 1968 and a farside or similar comic I saw years ago but haven't been able to find since. So here's my usual "So what was Demona and Macbeth doing in --" back-in-time entry for this month :)
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Title: Miss Pin up
Artist: Clara (Coda) Karell [Coda-leia DA]
in my mind, what represents the most accurate the 50's era ? Besides Those Grease and Rock 'n Roll music or diner and milkshakes... PINUPS ! So I took the gargoyle from this year's gathering (the Marilyn Garg) and I put her to pose like a Pin up :)
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Title: 50's waitress and Loving It.
Artist: Kat [Deviant]
Dearest Angeni, in her newest outfit XD Dominque hooked her up with a job at a 50's diner
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Title: Pinup Goyle
Artist: Judith
Sadly, I missed the deadline for this entry due to MCG site issues : Fortunately, the administrators of the site have been nice enough to let me post past the submission date, though I've been rendered "un-votable." Dern. Pouting aside, when I saw the 1950's theme mentioned on MCG, I immediately thought of Betty Page and her pinup pals. I ultimately settled for the Gil Elvgren-esque "cute-girl-in-peril-accidentally-shows-off some-skin" style of pinup girl, which I think looks quite adorable gargified (then again, most things do.)

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