April 2009: Gargoyles Down Under!

Time to send your gargs south - Way south - All the way down under! The challenge for this month is to celebrate the cultures of either Australia or New Zealand, and celebrate it Gargoyles style! You can create new gargs native to the area, or send your usual favs down on vacation, but whichever you choose, have FUN! :D
Quick note: the Anthology for this year is still looking for stories and art to fit their theme! If you have a bit of spare time, check out this community for info, I'm sure they would appreciate some new talent! :) Deadline is coming fast but there's still time!

Mascot by Deanna Morgan! Thank you! :D
Next Month's Topic Will Be: Fanfic Illustrations 2! (Mascots not yet claimed!)

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Title: I Heard the Bullroarer
Artist: William the Bloody [William's Bloody Hell]
When I considered this "Down Under" theme, I immediately thought of Australian Aboriginals and interpreting that into Gargoyle form.
This is my very first attempt at a "non-canon" character, as I made her up just for this contest. One of the things which I associate with Aboriginals, is the use of the bullroarer, so I gave her one of those in order to send a message a long distance. The setting is an actual place. She sits atop the middle peak of the Three Sisters rock formation in Jamison Valley, which is part of the greater Blue Mountain area of New South Wales.
2 8
Title: On the rocks
Artist: emilialys [DA]
This was a quick piece and here they are two gargs, not named the male being a mixture of a beaked gargoyle with a thick salamander like tail and thick roo thighs, the female waving a koala bear flat nose and a roos large ears.
Both gargs have oddly shaped horns wings and ridges as i was inspired by sea dragons.
I added alot of textures to this and to give a aged and rock feel. Enjoy
1 4

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Title: Indigenous Australians
Artist: RogueDragon [RogueDragon@DeviantArt]
Although stone by day, the gargoyles of Australia are some of the most free at night.
4 12
Title: Maori Girl
Artist: Nebulan [dA Gallery]
The Maori are the indigenous Polynesian people of 'Aotearoa' (New Zealand)(hello, my name is Nebulan and I'm addicted to Wikipedia...) This is based on a painting my dad brought home from New Zealand.
7 3
Title: Aussie and Kiwi Gargoyles
Artist: Evolra [Evolra@DeviantArt]
Never confuse an Aussie with a Kiwi!
6 6

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Title: Youth of the The Tinkai Clan
Artist: Judith
The younger members of an Australian gargoyle clan. The pink-hued Aminya, the Thylacine-esque Dargo, the parrot-looking Lutana, and the petite sugarglider-like gargess Ninda.
20 7
Title: Gargoyle: New Zealand form
Artist: Rodlox [DevArt]
The top one is an actual gargoyle, while the bottom one is a rendering... probably a toy found in cereal boxes. :)
and yes, the head and wings are based on those of the Humpback Whale.
(why two fingers and two toes? for one thing, they live on an island; for another thing, because I decided on two toes)

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