June 2009: California Goyles

The Gathering is fast approaching! And this year it's back in Los Angeles, California, USA! So all our gargoyles get to go along for the ride... This month we are getting ready by drawing our fav gargs as California Goyles! Whether you draw them on vacation posing with a famous landmark, or grab a stereotype and milk it for all it's worth, have fun! (and be respectful and nonpolitical please for my sake? Thanks!)
Be sure to check out the Gathering of the Gargoyles 2009!!!

Mascots by Nebulan, thank you SO much for stepping up like that! You rock! ^_^

July's Topic Will Be: Going Green! (Mascots not yet claimed!)

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Title: Miss California Goyle
Artist: William the Bloody [William's Bloody Hell]
This theme was a difficult one, but after mulling it about it my mind I came up with rendering the reigning Miss California 2008 Jackie Geist as a Gargoyle! Here is a link to some photos of Miss Geist for reference. The Gargoyle version is green because Miss Geist has an interesting green colour for her eyes so I went with that and the pink wing lining matches her lips. She's wearing the gown in which she was crowned. Unfortunately, the new Miss California will be crowned at the very end of June 2009, but that wouldn't have been enough time for me draw her."
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Title: Giant Among Giants
Artist: Nebulan [dA Gallery]
Goliath takes a trip to Sequoia or Redwood National Park
Additional Entry: Yosemite - I didn't have time to color it otherwise this would have probably been my entry. Used this photo of Yosemite National Park as a reference :) It's been ages since I've been there. Even longer since I've been to Redwood (I can barely remember it).
12 10
Title: Beach Bunnies
Artist: Chaos Destine
Well here is Yuri and his Boyfriend, Viktor, getting ready to go surfing off the coast of Cali. I figured the good ole musclebound poses would fit right in with the stereotypical beach bunnies. Sorry I did not get a chance to color this but hopefully soon and can repost at least on my deviantart page.
Additional Entry: Colored Version
10 5
Title: Night at the Beach
Artist: MChrisH [DevArt]
Well, I asked around what's typical for California and the answers I heard most often were: beaches, surfing, gay people, rich blonde girls who spend a lot of money on plastic surgery and... Hollywood
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