July 2009: Going Green!

It's all the rage these days, it seems, going green... Not the color, no matter how confused Ekka and Pinto get, but becoming more environmentally responsible. How will your gargs respond to the call to go green? Start recycling and planting trees? Maybe a more active approach of protesting or stopping polluters. Small things and big things all count to help 'Save The Planet' so lets get those gargs to work and see what ideas they come up with!

Mascots drawn by Nebulan, inked and colored by RogueDragon!

August's Topic Will Be: Back in Time - 19th Century! (Mascot's claimed by Kozispoon!)

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Title: Night Flowers
Artist: Ashley Lee [Kiraxlee on Deviantart]
Hudson expresses a little uncertainty about why planting flowers is beneficial to the clock tower.
29 9

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Title: Waste sorting
Artist: Epantiras [DevArt]
That's what happened to the destroyed steel clan robots.
1 26
Title: Demona's Idea
Artist: Nebulan [dA]
Good Idea/Bad Idea. Good Idea: try to prevent global warming. Bad Idea: Let Demona implement her plans to solve global warming
Title: Demona goes Green
Artist: Coda [Coda on DA]
I'm not sure it will be accepted but... what if instead of stone, gargoyles would turn into... bushes ?
9 2
Title: On the way back to Guatemala
Artist: RogueDragon [RogueDragon@DeviantArt]
Jade and Turquesa learn that preserving an environment is quite different than fixing an already damaged one, but they and some locals work to learn this together.
0 2
Title: Save The Rainforest
Artist: Chaos Destine
First time ever using photoshop. So how did I do? I figured with this months topic what better Gargoyle to draw than Obsidiana. To think that in the Gargoyle Universe we have our own Environmentalist. Protect the Rainforest!
3 3

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