August 2009: Back In Time: 1800's

I'm pretty sure I stalled on this topic because I as trying to find ways to divide it up into shorter eras, but what the heck. So you get an entire century to play with this time! Challenge for August is to draw your fav garg characters as they might have lived in the 19th century - Victorian era, Southern Belles, or back even farther! Don't be afraid to do some research and above all HAVE FUN! ^_^

Mascots by Nebulan who has saved me yet again!!

September's Topic will be: Dark Ages - Wyvern before the massacre (Mascots not yet claimed!)

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Title: Ivan Marakov, A Portrait of a Demon c. 1851
Artist: william the bloody [william's bloody hell]
I based this image off of Ivan Marakov's "A Portrait of a Woman" as seen here.
I thought of how Demona was still alive and running around in the 1800s and during that time many painters made portraits with titles like "A Portrait of a Girl with Flowers" and thought that even if Demona were to get all dressed up like a lady, she would still be somewhat demonic. I hope I did both Ivan and Demona justice.
11 3
Title: Midnight Waltz
Artist: Nyisha Haynes [Deviantart]
I changed the name here than what I had originally cause it would've been nice if Angela chose Brooklyn instead of Broadway. But here we have the two dancing the night away wearing their best.
1 7
Title: Gothic Victorian Luna
Artist: Luna [DevArt]
This is just My gargoyle character Luna, done in simple graphite. I wouldve included her mater, Brooklyn, but it hit me that I wouldve ran out of time.'s my entry.
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Title: Gargoyles & Gentility
Artist: Spike [MommySpike at Deviant Art]
As you might tell from the title, they've been showing Sense & Sensibility lately and since it takes place in the 1830s, a perfect time period for the London Clan.
17 1
Title: Jack the Ripper
Artist: Coda [Coda on DA]
I waited for the last moment to enter this XD What is the most emblematic of 19th century ? The 1st image that pops up into your head ?
4 12

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Title: Jane Austen Novels
Artist: Nebulan [devArt Gallery]
Various Gargoyles couples as couples from Jane Austen novels :)
5 14

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