November 2009: Where Are They Now??

It's been... Well, LOTSA years since the end of the show this is all based on. And if you think back in your own lives, how much has changed in that time?? I'm sure a lot would have changed for the show's characters, too. So challenge for this month is to explore that idea, and show us where they might be, what they might be doing, who they might be involved with, etc. You do NOT need to stick to Greg's plans. You are allowed to speculate anyway you want! You can design new characters to interact with but every entry MUST include a canon character and the description should center around them and what they have been up to!
Mascot by RogueDragon!

December's Topic Will Be - The last one! Draw from any topic you might have missed from ANY previous month!

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Title: Hours and Years
Artist: erin beardsley [DeviantArt Gallery]
I'm lunarscar and this is kind of a montage picture and pulled together with a poem it is the time in the past that is remembered the most for each of the gargoyles and i'm leaving lexington to my friend rougedragon and her coupleing for him but i didn't like how fast Brooklyn suddenly had a mate and kids it might be nicer if i saw the background that he means to put on but for me i created a character for his aching heart and just for irony's sake named her Juliet there is the picture of him meeting her and her being abnomally shy to him in another corner is the proud grandfather looking at his grandson as Goliath looks at Angela's infant hatchling. then for Broadway he's trying to give his daughter a flying lession and she's a little less then thrilled i was thinking these moments would be remembered and treasured the most

Hours and moments ticking away
the memories and joys
of the life well spent
the most precious times
in the quiet moments
when all the world was calm
for us if not others
as our clan grew with love
and patience
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Title: Angela's Little Angel
Artist: william the bloody [William's Bloody Hell]
I figured after so much time, not only would Angela and Broadway have committed to each other as mates, but that there would also be at least one child by now.
A simple, straight-forward picture of Angela lovingly holding a baby that resembles Broadway was a nice way to show a hopeful future.
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Title: It Could Happen
Artist: Nebulan [dA Gallery]
Hey, a lot could happen in 12 years! I've been wanting to draw them looking like a sexy evil couple for a while, and this gave me the excuse.
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Title: Lexington and Family
Artist: RogueDragon [RogueDragon@DevArt]
Lexington with his mate Liberty, his oldest daughter Patriot, and his oldest son, Concord. YAY for some fan canon! :-D
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Title: Cover of The Advocate
Artist: Cygna
Lexington has gone into business with Xanatos and blew both Mac and PC out of the water! He and Staghart made the cover of The Advocate.
ADDITIONAL ENTRY: Angela and Broadway's egg - In the spring of 2008, Angela and Broadway had their first egg! It's going to be awhile until it hatches. Until then, Broadway will read stories to little Artus. This was the most appropriate story I could think of.
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Title: Like Father, Like Daughter
Artist: MommySpike [MommySpike on DevArt]
Poor Brooklyn... somewhere his rookery mother is having a good laugh at him because his daughter is proving to be just as much trouble if not more than he was as a teenager.
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Title: You never can tell, 2009
Artist: Gray
Every bar has it's share of bad nights, and the Two Rivers Pub outside of Edinburgh was no exception....

On All Saints Day 2009 two celebrations collided and by the time the dust was settled Vincent Grigori, the head bartender and junior partner of the Pub knew firsthand why first meetings with one of the Canmore Clan were said to be very memorable.
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Title: Reign of Chaos
Artist: Chaos Destine [devArt Gallery]
A friend of mine and I have a few fanfic ideas we share together and one of mine includes a newer look for the Gargoyles. This is the more warrior looks I have given the Gargoyles of the Manhattan clan (lacking a few members because I have given Brooklyn a new look but now that we have seen his Future Tense look again in comic form I really like that one better, as well as his mate and child/ren situation) Demona is part of the Clan again and she has a close relationship with both of her daughters Angela and Delilah. The unknown male Gargoyle here is Chaos, me, who is the mate of Delilah after Malibu is killed by a Dr. Sevarius during an experiment. Again, just the new looks I have given the Clan for now...

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