July 1999: Gargoyles Comics

Hullo to the Scribblers of the Night! This month we've decided to take a break from the standard character pose picture and challenge those summer baked artistic skills to something a bit different. Using your own gargoyle characters and/or those from the tv show and create a comic book page with no less than 3 panels* (and as many more panels/pages as you can stand to draw). Make sure the flow from panel to panel is easy to follow and the text readable. have fun! ^_^

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Title: Battle
Artist: Sapphire [The Isle of Coloden]
i studied my comic book collection for five hours this morning. i'm very happy with the result.
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Destiny [Destiny's Webpage]
Ehehe. I couldn't help it.;) I wanted to draw Des in a bit more of an anime/manga style...and Ket and a new 'pet' ended up getting thrown into it! ^_^
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Title: POUNCE!
Artist: MAui [MAui's Webpage]
*Cackles* Maui the MaAaaAavelous strikes again! Poor Desty...;)
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Sara Berkeley's Webpage]
Hm, perhaps a little explanation is due here. Kilseeker (Ks, that big greyish-yellow one with four wings) is a bounty hunter-merc. Ks isn't the nicest of guys, nor does he have the best attitude or PR. Yes, he does usually walk around with a scowl or frown. He's infamous and feared even. [~ooooo~ Kinda makes you wonder who got close enough to him to have a son.] Harbreaker (Hb, that dusky-rose colored one) is his son, and also under Ks' training. Still young, impetuous and impatient, but he'll learn in time. He's quite a bit softer and more humanitarian than his father. As pertaining to the last panel, before you make any judgments on Ks' character.. you don't know what happens on the next page. ;)
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Title: Dumped
Artist: Psyche
Corie is a character that popped into my head around this time...i feel like i cheated a little because she's basically an elf with gargoyle wings...anyhow, I know it's less of a "comic book" than it is a comic strip made to look like a strange comic book but-enjoy.
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Title: Mackenzie Pendant
Artist: Amy K. Cyrway [Amy K. Cyrway's Webpage]
This storyboard panel came from a creativity demon while talking to Dylan Blacquiere one night...normally my storyboards don't get as detailed as pencil sketches, but lemme tell ya, I had fun! This doubles as a teaser for my Dark Triumvirate stories coming up soon...there's more to it, but it's enough to wet your appitites!
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Title: Olsen Twins Versus Avalon
Artist: Orgrim99 [Orgrim99's Webpage]
A new darkness visits the shores of Avalon. A darkness so powerful it can render both Oberon and Goliath helpless. Although it does not feature the Gargoils it is based on the story so I hope it is valid. Sorry I did not have time to color it.
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Title: Brooklyn no Baka!
Artist: Jennifer De Salme aka Mercedes [Mercedes's Webpage]
My tribute to Cyrway's MST3K stories... in anime! Arin's malleting Brook, Gecko's cheering her on, Cavalier's (Cyrway-garg) looking the other way... pretty normal for the Satellite of Love.
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Title: Go For a Swim
Artist: Aimee Major [Aimee's Studio]
Ok um... Siryn was talking about not wanting to go scuba diving with sharks in the comment room... and someone else said that you'd be more likely to die of getting hit with a champagne cork than by a shark.... sooooo.... I went to sleep... and woke up again and drew this when I was half awake.... hehe.... (don't go looking for artistic merit here! muahahah) =^_^=
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Title: A Gargoyle Like Me
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
This is a TGS-based story, based on some subplots that have been worked into the storyline.
For those who haven't been following The Gargoyles Saga, Graeme is Brooklyn's son and Lucy is the daughter of Una and Leo in London. During last season, my running gag in the stories I wrote was that Lucy and Graeme have been chatting over the 'Net over their favorite 'toon and have no idea who the other *really* is.
In the TGS season finale, we learn that Xanatos has bought Gargoyle World in Japan and plans are being made for members of the gargoyle clans from all over the world to meet there and discuss making an alliance. This little vignette takes place during that event. Now, how TGS actually handles this scene, is anybody's guess! Many thanks to Alison Wilgus for lending me her character Akari (see the MGC Clan Ishimura contest) as the local teenager gargoyle showing Ariana and Lucy around town.
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Title: Gargoyle Hunt
Artist: Ithil and Prysm
Ithil> hm.. well there isn't much i can say that could make sense about our two characters, so.. well, enjoy, and we will not be held responsible for brain damage or any other problem that might result in the viewing of this comic :P
Prysm> um heh, well its the combo of some ideas, which were all too veg and pointless for general consumption ;) but i think the result is really cute, esp. with m. ithil's superb art *grins*
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Alison "Al =)" Wilgus [Alison's Webpage]
A fragment of my imfamous (and still unwritten :P) fanfic involving Brother and Sister - Brother being Goliath as a child ^_- - and how they were separated. Though it ended up being three pages longer than I'd expected, things are still pretty smushed together...think of it as a visual ficbit ;}
Anyways, I apologise for the total lack of artistic merit, here...due to time contraints, all I could really manage was a glorified doodle. *laffs* Enjoy! ^_^
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Title: Bash Ash Doll
Artist: Shayne & Ashley
I descided that I wasn't kewl enough to think of a plot on my own. So, I asked Josh. (AKA Ashley, to you guys.=) To help me. We picked out the characters from our group of friends and, a few days later, Josh presented me with the script. =) That's me (The grey one) And Rapture Girl fighting over the chance to beat up Ash...so to speak. And c'mon, if you know Ash you know you'd never pass up the opportunity to beat him a bit.;) And Flyx is there, uh...well...I'm not really sure, she just IS.;) Oh, and it's NOT a skirt!! ;) It's a kilt.=)
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Sarah "Little Demon" Longley [Little Demon's Webpage]
I did this comic stripe because I've been doing a lot of single shots of my character with word bubbles and stuff saying like, "I am far too powerful than you, Jedi!"(like in the panel on the first page) and "I am evil incarnate, feel the wrath of the demoness..."(never even finished that one ;) and stuff like that. So, I heard about this month's topic and I was like, "EEK!!! I'm soooooo gonna do it this time! No ifs, ands, or buts!" and what would you know, I got it done in a week, the week RIGHT before the deadline(so I'm kinda dead now, myself...eugh...)
Damn, I hate inking...but ya know, it's a great start if I really wanna get into comics for a career when I get older...witchblade...*drool* what I wouldn't give to be sitting side by side drawing next to Michael Turner! Anyway, Little Demon is actually a sith, despite her well, good heart. She finds a lot more power in the dark side, than the light side. This is a test of her loyalty to Exar Kun, the one who tempted her and drew her to the dark side...she must kill a jedi... Oh, and on a last note, watch out, it's two pages worth of stuff and has a bit of language in it, for those of yu who are offended by such words and it was all colored and edited in Adobe Photoshop 5.0.
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