August 1999: Shakespearean Gargoyles

If music can be considered the food of love then perhaps art feeds the imagination. Once again we're changing our focus to the more classical and thoughful side of inspiration. Many of the characters and plot basis for the series Gargoyles came from the works of William Shakespeare and in honor of that we are devoting this month to him. Your assignment; good scribblers, is to create a new gargoyle look (or looks) for one of Shakespeare's characters and then describe to us how your choice came to be (ack, already corruption doth enter my language, i shall flee anon :P). So get thee hence and create, create!

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Title: "Romeo and Juliet"
Artist: Patricia [Patricia's Webpage]
That infamous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Sanji [Sanji's Webpage]
This is the Gargoyle "look" which I gave to Titania, the Queen of the Fairies, (she was in "A Midsummer Night's Dream). I have always imagined her to have an ethereal aura about her, and that she would exhibit grace and mysticism. I gave her a flowy outfit to convey these qualities, and the overall design of the picture represents her femininity. Hope ya'll like it!
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Title: Taming of the Shrew
Artist: Eden [Eden's Island]
When I first read the topic for MGC, Kate from Taming of the Shrew was the First character to come to my mind. I always pictured her eyes glowing when she was hurling something at an obnoxious suitor. A gal after my own heart. ;)
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Title: Portia
Artist: Sapphire [The Isle of Coloden]
Of course the first thing that came to mind was doing Goliath and Eliza as Romeo and Juliette... but not only is that unoriginal, i figured everyone was going to do the star cross'd lovers. I then wanted to do the three witches, because when we read Macbeth aloud in class i read the lead sister. But the show's already been there, done that. So i thought really hard. I wanted to draw a character that meant something to me (despite the temptation to draw cleopatra, who probably would make a really neat gargoyle). Then i remembered the one character whom i actually got attatched to while reading Shakespear. Portia, Brutus' wife in Julius Caesar. In a time when women were no more than objects, Portia was strong willed and outspoken. When her husband refused to let her know what was been bothering him, she says "Am I yourself But, as it were, in sort or limitation, To keep with you at meals, comfort your bed, And talk to you sometimes? Dwell I but in the suburbs Of your g! ood pleasure? If it be no more, Portia is Brutus' harlot, not his wife." and that struck me as very modern-thinking. Also she mensions the self-inflicted wound upon her thigh (it was to prove she has the strength of a man and would endure whatever pain but remain loyal to Brutus. or so my english teacher told me). So, this picture is a tribute to Shakspear's modern woman.
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Title: Midsummer Night's Dream
Artist: Xeira
No comment
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Lupichana [Lupichana's Webpage]
Gee, Amina is being emotional again... ;) Demona is... well, I'd say she was enjoying being the crazy Lady MacBeth! >:) (Hee.... I'd LOVE ta see MacBeth's reaction!) And Brooklyn would probably love having Demmy dead. ;)
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Title: Cleopatra
Artist: Drew "Aaliyah" Berry [Aaliyah's Webpage]
Well, here's my foist Garg pic in a LONG time and my foist MGC pic. The pic if from Antony and Cleopatra (I'm sure y'all figured that out). Hope it turned out allright, knowing me I should've put more time into it.
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Title: Nothing Like The Sun
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
One of my favorite of Shakespeare's sonnets was re-introduced to the public in the 1980s by Sting in his song, "Nothing Like The Sun," so naturally I had this tune running through by head the whole time I was working on this pic.
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Title: Cleopatra
Artist: Silver [Silver's Castle]
It's all Siryn falt!! She told me to draw for MGC this month!! anyway....
this is what I think Cleopatra might look like if she was a gargoyle. She's from the work "Anthony and Cleopatra" I wasn't quite sure what she really looked like or what she wore, but I gave it my best guess. :P
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Title: Ophelia
Artist: psyche
I've always loved Ophelia from Hamlet..she's so could anyone not love her? I did two pics for this but the first one (ophelia drowning) was decidely unshakespearean (I had imagined Ophelia drowning in a translucent nightgown...oops.) I like the effects on that one better but I still prefer my second drawing of Ophelia...hope you like it!
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Ophelia 2
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Title: Rosaline
Artist: Shayne [Shayne's Webpage]
I love, Love, LOVE the way her transparent wings came out...And the skirt looks so much butter on the Origonal. Anyway, She is Rosaline, because I always wondered what she looked like, to entrance romeo the way she did in the beginning. The other drawing is of cleopatra. I had a hard time desciding which one I wanted voted on, but tho most of my friends picked Cleo, I had it be rosaline in stead, because I'm so much happier with her in an artisitc sense. Hope you like her too.=)
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Title: Tragic Dawn
Artist: Ebony [Ebony's Webpage]
I could drone into a long and detailed story about the making this image. But I won't. I could relay a small novel's worth of information about the story behind the picture. But I'm not. Instead, this Shakespere-inspired composition is going to get the words (that can't easily be read on the pic) reposted so the public can formulate what intent I'd had. It's more interesting that way. If anyone's interested in my version, just mail me. Anyhow, straight from Will's Quill:
"Thine eyes I love, and they, as pitying me ... looking with pretty ruth upon my pain ... truly not the morning sun of heaven better becomes the grey cheeks of the east, nor that full star that ushers in the even doth half that glory to the sober west, as those two mourning eyes become thy face ... mourn for me, since mourning doth thee grace ..."
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Becka [Becka's Webpage]
Well, this just popped into my head when I read August's theme. It's not really from any Shakesperian play, and I couldn't for the life of me rhyme in Shakes-talk, but I think it's ok. *g* Ok, Cliff is half fay (long story) and she turned this guy, Lepa, immortal, because she had to leave her home, and her love (Lepa!) to go train her powers. She knew enough at that point to make the rhyme of it (can't think of it now). Anyway, he searches for his lost love for many, many years. Finally, a long time after this pic's theme is set (sorta), they find eachother. *happy dance* Pencil & Photoshop 4.0.
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Title: Twelfth Night
Artist: MAui [MAui's Roost] First of all this pic is from the play Twelfth Night, a horrendously funny comedy by shakespeare....once you figure out whats going on ;) Now..I'll spare you the whole details about the play but to make a long story short...a certain young woman named Viola is shipwrecked in the land of Illyria. She realizes she has no money. you maiden with no family & no money= very bad trouble. So. she asks another shipwrecked soul, the sea captain, to help her by dressing her up as a eunich and getting her into the service of the duke Orsino(who she later falls in love with & gets to live happily ever after,yada yada yada..) Anyways. So she goes & starts working for Orsino who is in love with the fair Lady olivia.(shown in this pic as the turquoise gargie) Cesario, as viola has chosen to name her masculine self, ;), has the job of running back & forth between olivia's house & the dukes to bring olivia the duke's professions of undying love and the duke, olivias rat!
her rude & blunt messages of disgust and distaste.Now somewhere along the way, in between some drunk cousins, a few pirates ,some cross dressers and a duel or two, Viola(cesario)slowly falls in love with the duke, and OLIVIA falls HEAD OVER HEELS OH MY GOD I COULD KISS YOU ON THE SPOT in love with none other than Vio-ahem..cesario ;)Soo..seen here is the big moment where Olivia professes her love to poor viola, offers her a ring and say "hey Sexy, lets get hitched!"
So. now looking at the pic, you can probably tell why poor viola, the purple gargie, looks just a tad bit horrified ;) Thansk. I had funfunfun making this pic ;) oh. and if anyone hatews it, heres my msg to you: "May the fleas of a thousand camels gnaw at your armpits, you young unsaoury fop!" ;)
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Title: Romeo and Juliet
Artist: Iyashi
I've always liked the story of Romeo and Juliet. 'Tis very inspirational. Now that I think of it...I forgot to stick in the dagger Juliet uses to kill herself with. =oO=
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Title: Much Ado about Nothing
Artist: Kitan [Kitan's Webpage]
I know it isn't anything spectacular, since I don't have PhotoShop or anything like that, but it's one of my greater efforts, so at least take a look. :)
Ah, Much Ado About Nothing! My favorite Shakespearean play. Anytime I'm feeling sad, or just blah, I turn to this movie. The greatest appeal is the exchange of wits between Beatrice and Benedick, and it always manages to make me giggle. *smiles* I truly enjoy that part of the movie...the best part!
So, if you haven't seen it, and feel like seeing something other than the normal summer fare of horror movies, check out this one!
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Title: Juliet
Artist: Thundra [Thundra's Webpage]
This pic was inspired by the great Stephanie L. (aka Raptor Woman) :) My first try at a new technique, and I must say I'm pretty proud of it :)
If ya couldn't tell, it's Juliet heading out to the balcony to begin her "Romeo" yammerings ;) Hope ya like! Thanks again Stephanie! :)
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Title: Romeo and Juliet, the Happy Ending
Artist: Dusk [Dusk's Webpage]
Romeo and Juliet, of course. I'm surprized more people felt the need to be original. Anyway, have fun. Uh. Yeah. It's Rome and Jules the happy ending. And I got the inspiration from my friend's horse, Romeo, who's an abosolute jerk but looks good. *Sniff* He's gone now though....and then Juliet is my Annie. ;) Hehehe...IRL they hate each other.
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Title: Hamlet
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Sara Berkeley's Webpage]
Truth be told, my first idea was to do MacBeth, bcz it's my favorite Shakespear play. But.. it's kinda been done :P
The next idea I came up with stuck.. "Do you bite your thumb at me?" No no, just kidding. 'Tis the scene where Hamlet talks to his ghost father amoungst the trees...
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Title: Alas, poor Yorick!
Artist: Litazia
OK, this is a takeoff of the "Alas, poor Yorick!" speech from Hamlet. During this soliloquy, Hamlet is holding the skull of Yorick, the jester in Hamlet's father's court, while lamenting his loss. Here, it's the garg equivalent ^_^ Also, for some reason, a gravedigger ended up in the picture instead of Horatio... don't ask me why, he just did.
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Title: Ophelia
Artist: niggy
I studied Hamlet in college and was fascinated with the female character, Ophelia.
I think every woman at one time or another has felt lost and trapped like she did. So I decided to draw her. I used the lighting affect becuause in the play it seemed as if darkness was closing around her. Her flowers are also dropping and dying. The light is getting dimmer and dimmer. I just wanted to draw a pic that illustrated what she was feeling and what was about to happen to her. Hey...and has anyone heard that song by "Hole" called "Petals"....that was a good source of inspiration for me. "All the darling buds of May they fall with no sound....they carry you down. All the lilys bloomed and blossomed wilted and thier shimmering, I cant stop thier withering oh this world is a war."
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Title: Phoenix and the Turtle
Artist: Sarah 'Rah'
Well, first pic here. I've been lurking in the shadows for a LONG time so I thought I'd send in a pic. As for the art-well, mostly you guys here inspiried me. :) Okay, now the picture. It's based on a poem by the Great Bard. The rest of it's really beautiful (heck, ain't most of Shakespeare's writting?) but I like the end the best. Oh, based on a pose I saw in a friend's comic book. Colored in Adobe (one of my first really good ones..) in about three straight hours. Couldn't quite get the Shakespeare-ish coustumes though. Hope you folks like it!
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Title: Juliet
Artist: Pathrell [Pathrell's Webpage]
This is based completely upon the principle that when gargoyles die, they turn to stone and shatter. Caught in the delicate moment between flesh and stone, Juliet is gazing the last time upon her beloved's face before joining him in eternity...
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Aimee Major [Aimee's Studio]
Ah... they say you should draw or write what you know. My boyfriend left just yesterday from visiting me... so what do I most feel like drawing, but the time when Romeo and Juliet first meet. I've always found the word play that leads to their first kiss very sensual... in addition to that if you look at their clothing, colors, and general appearance... you'll see also the contrast between them... lovers from two very different families coming together. So anyway :) Oh and this is the first pic I've done with a wacom tablet! WHEEE!
detail of characters
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Title: Queen Mab
Artist: Ylla [Ylla's Webpage]
"...she gallops night by night
through lovers' brains and then they dream of love,
on courtiers' knees that dream on cursies straight;
O'er lawyers' fingers who straight dream on fees,
O'er ladies' lips who straight on kisses dream..."
Queen Mab the Fairy, of Mercutio's speech's fame, turned Queen Mab the Gargoyle, but she still keeps to her capricious habits.
Watch out that you aren't the next target ^_~
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Title: Viola/Cesario
Artist: Siryn
Hehe! Well this isn't exactly shakespearan style...more victorian..(but I saw this play best when it was preformed in victorian clothing. ;D and..aimee's poofy dress advise helped (thanks aimee! ;) ) The dress is orange cause orange is a shakespearean colour and supposedly used a lot for costumes in plays. The character and her alter 'ego' Are Viola and Cesario. In the comedy, 12th Night..Viola dresses up as a man for protection and falls for a duke. (while having another lady fall for her in the process!) Anyways, she's one of my FAV that's why I decided to draw her. ^_^
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Title: Miranda and Ferdinand
Artist: Prysm
Heh, well i wanted to do something that hadnt been done yet, so i did Miranda and Ferdinand from the Tempest ^_^. i've always felt that Miranda was a bit undeveloped (living in isolation and then falling in love at first sight) so i tried to portray her as an enchantress worthy of being Prospero's daughter ^_^
the other pics are a design doodle of miranda and my original concept for the pic ;)
Additional entries:
Miranda and Ferdinand
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Title: Juliet
Artist: Caryn [Caryn's Webpage]
I've never really read any Shakespear, so I really didn't know who to draw. The only thing that came to mind was the movie Romeo and Juliet with DeCaprio in it. So, I thought what Juliet would look like to me if she were only described with words. Then as a gargoyle..and viola, here is my piccie :)
Don't harass me too much, it was my first time using photoshop! Hope you like!
*goes back to reading shakespear*
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Title: Lady Macbeth
Artist: Lyn Mather
Hmmm, discription, discription.....Well it is suppose to be Lady MacBeth, and the Stars and Moon thing just look really cool!! The reason she is naked is because when I was very young I saw the Mac Beth Movie and two images stuck out in my head. 1) A guy getting his head lopped off, and 2) a naked Lady MacBeth. So I chose the more pleasent of the two memories. Nes pa?
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