October 1999: Monster Mash

Come one, come all! See the wonderous beasties inside! Be terrified and amazed! This month\'s topic is going to be a real scream *grins*. Wearing costumes, trick or treating, bobbing for apples, pumpkins, candles and more, its all part of halloween. To everyone Halloween has a slightly diffrent meaning; for some it might be the ghost and horror aspect, for others the happyness of children running around in costumes to collect their candy dues, and a few probably even celabrate the older holidays samhain and the like. Have fun, be creative and dance to the Mash! ;) *twists* Bottom Line: 1. Halloween + Gargoyles = its simple as that, have fun, be creative and show us what Halloween means to you ^_^

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Title: I got a rock
Artist: Brian Vigue [The Vigistry]
To quote the inspirational C. Edward Brown, "I got a rock...."
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When Drawings Attack
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Title: Garg-o-lantern
Artist: Sapphire [The Isle of Coloden]
dont ask. just dont.
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Title: untitled
Artist: Jenn
My younger sister was born about 2 weeks before Halloween, when I was 2 and a half years old. Thats the earliest Halloween I can remember, so I drew it! See my little clown costume? I think its still in the attic ^_^
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Title: Happy Halloween
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Sara's Webpage]
Ahh, new and classic costumes, Darth Maul and Frankenstein's monster. I think Thailog is snikering...
Detail of pic
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Title: Trick or Treat
Artist: Jimmy Wong
First of all, I have to say this, a giant thanks to my colorist, !!Sara Berkeley!!. You are the best gal! I couldnt have done this without u! Ok, this is my first time entering the contest. I wish I could have the B/W one and the color both up for voting but I guess that cant happen. Oh well, color is really good. But the B/W one has a cool sketchy feel. Too bad I cant put it up. Ok. Everyone loves Halloween, especially trick or treating, so why can't Gargoyles get into the act too? I wonder who would want the trick? Not good old Dracula :)
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Title: untitled
Artist: Susan Smit
Decorations, check; pumpkin, check; costumes, what costumes? :} Fangs would've been going overboard, but if you look, the guy on the right has red eyes.
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Title: Brookula
Artist: CanisLupus [CanisLupus' Website]
Here we go :^) The colored version. I got it done a lot faster than I had planned to :^) My first post here, so please, be gentle ^.^ I hope this is halloween-ish enough for you :^) It's kind of dark I know... but hey, it's Brookula... this *may* not be my final post... I got more ideas for this one...
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Title: Rockaway Halloween Party
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Do not adjust your monitors -- this pic IS indeed black-and-white.
Gomez and Tish are throwing the Halloween party to end all parties at The Rockaway this year. Just show up in costume and there'll be a flaming Pugsleys at the bar with your name on it. Wonder who all these people are? Here's some clues:
There are 4 real people.
There are 5 characters from The Gargoyles Saga.
There are 2 chat personnas.
There are 6 of my fanfic characters.
And there's 2 of the original TV characters.
Confused? Check the fine print at the bottom of the picture. *laughs*
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Title: Scream
Artist: Titania [Titania's Webpage]
Well I love the scream movies..and I consider Halloween about being scared a lot soo...Gargoyles and Scream combined is all I could think of..
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Title: Party
Artist: Arazia
Starting from the right. Dressed as a biker, my roommate's boyfriend carl! Next to him, looking incredibly handsome is my boyfriend Kaiden, all decked out as the devil, of course with his arm around moi, all dressed up as a leopard. Lastly on the far left, my roommate Emily, as the witch-garg. She's all ready for pranks with some toxic waste and some toilet paper. Beware to anyone passing out candy this Holloween MWAHAHA!
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Title: Ms. Moonbrights School of Witchcraft
Artist: Vulcan [Vulcan's Webpage]
This are young garg witches are 2nd years, who go to school at Ms. Moonbrights School of Witchcraft. The girls are showing off there new spell to tranform the wings into cloaks, except one! ;)
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Title: Trick or Treat?
Artist: Lady Shadow [Lady Shadow's Webpage]
I was going with a cute look for this pic and here it is... *grins*
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Title: Snickers
Artist: Amy K. Cyrway [Amy's Webpage]
What Wags and Cal didn't take into consideration was that the timeslip WASN'T fixed and the Transformers weren't sent back to their own dimension...throw in Gecko's kids, Wag's kids, and a spasmatic Pomeranian...yep, Caligo and Wagner are gonna kill me for making them go supervise the kids to go trick or trating...
Additional Entries:
Um...where were the Ancient Indian Burial Grounds again exactly?
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Kaitlin McCullough
no comment
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Title: Trick or Treat
Artist: Kanthara [Kanthara's Loft]
A couple of years ago, Scott Rogoff (aka Abram Wintersmith) wrote a story about how Kanthara spent her Halloween evening, meeting up with a little 10 year old girl named Samantha and trick-or-treating with her. I put an excerpt from the story to go with the pic. Enjoy!
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Title: untitled
Artist: Sabrina
Hello you wonderful gargie people you!..I know I'm kinda late entering but This is the first time I entered..So be gentle :-P..hehe anyway..I don't know what I was thinking when I came up with this..But It seemed kinda cute! :-)
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Title: Shing, James, and Stef
Artist: James Neish and Shing Khor
It's me(the blue one) as a witch, James(red) as Frankenstein's monster and Stef as a werewolf...the story behind it is...well, it's a post trick or treat pose, hence the goofy grins and eyebags. *stretches and decides she's too tired for a "real" comment and crawls back into bed*
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Title: Witchy Djali
Artist: Djali [Djali's Webpage]
STORY FIRST!! READ!!! Once upon a time, Djali wandered into a haunted castle. In one room, she found a witches outfit, a cualdron and some fun looking potions, so the little gargy thought it would be fun to play for a while, this Halloween night. happily she poured potions into the cauldron, but decided to go get some candy. When she turned to leave, some evil looking potion fell into the cauldron.. and when Djali came back.... *CLICK!!!*
well, I thought this would be cute, and I just suck in photoshop, so.. umm.. yeah *L* Oh well, this is only my 3rd time in PS, after all ;) Cut me some slack, me went and made a monster on accident ;)
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Title: untitled
Artist: Shawn Luke [Shawn's Webpage]
For some reason the coloring just didn't happen....?
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Title: Headless
Artist: Niagargoyle [Niagargoyle's Webpage]
I sort of forgot that my photo program scans in BMPs. OOps. It may be a LITTLE fuzzy.
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Title: Tahiti and Scribbles
Artist: MAui [MAui's Roost]
GODDAMN! I never know a pic could take so long to colour!!*Pant* well here ya go all, this is my friend tahiti and her catgoyle Scribbles out for some merry...mischief! MaUAhAHaAHahAHA *pops 'thriller' into the jukebox & moonwalks out*
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Title: Witch
Artist: Aaliyah [Aaliyah's Webpage]
She's a witch.. see? Eh.. well..I guess I kinda strayed from the witch part-but got enough to make it halloweeny. The costume is based on the costume I use for a ren faire and halloween that same year. Hope y'all enjoy it!
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Title: Nightmare Before Christmas
Artist: Alison "Al =)" Wilgus [Alison's Webpage]
I actually wasn't going to submit a pic this month - just hadn't felt inspired. But then I borrowed my friend Derek's copy of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" soundtrack.....it was all downhill from there... >;}
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Title: untitled
Artist: Jade Griffin
This pic really brings everything that Halloween has been (except for the arguing... Well, not THAT much!)to me: costumes, dry leaves, trick-or-treating on a lone street at night, old trees, and weird things about:) Oh, wait! I forgot carving pumpkins! D'oh!*slaps head*
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Title: Ara
Artist: Elsa Lai
It's of my character, Ara, dressed up as a witch. She just loves this time of the year which is Halloween. She also enjoys 'trick or treat' where she gets to play jokes on the other Gargoyles!
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Title: Pumpkin
Artist: Sara Rase 'devil girl' [Sara's Webpage]
this is the first thing that poped into my head when I found out the next topic was gonna be halloween - that and lex as dracula but after canis's pic dracula would be redundent.
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Title: Goliath and Amber
Artist: Eva Sólveig Ţrastadóttir
HI! I did a picture of Goliath and Amber not really good one but in a halloween spirit : )
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Title: Trick 'r Treat
Artist: Shauntell
It's entitled, "Trick 'r Treat". It has Goliath and Elisa and their two twins, Abrahm and Annah. They're all dressed up and having fun.
This is my first submission to MGC. I wanted to do the 'Mystery Gargs' one, but couldn't. Anyway, this is just a cute little pic of Goliath's family enjoying Halloween the way a family should.
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Title: Family Halloween
Artist: Selena
Yay, my first submission! Finally!
Okay, once upon a time, when I was about seven years old, my family got together (in really awsome costumes)for a massive halloween party at my aunt's house. The younger kids went out in a mob for trick-or-treating, and later on we had a blacklight dance. It was the best halloween I've had, so I drew it in garg form. During the first halloween, only some of the clan got out in costume. I thought it would be nice to have the entire "familly". :) Hudson's costume is actually a variation on what I was doing for "mystery gargs" but alas, I didn't finish in time. Oh well. Engoy!!! Ps: You win a kit-kat if you can figure out all the costumes!!!
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Title: Seize the Night
Artist: Leigh C. Glenn, aka "Stormwing"
This time of year always makes me feel so . . . I dunno . . . "Gothic"? A very happy Halloween to you all! ("Seize the night!"=)
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