September 1999: Mystery Gargs

Zap! Pow! Up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane, no..its the Mystery Gargs! All right true believers, its time to pick up a diffrent kind of book this month, comic books! And what is the one thing almost every comic book has ? A hero of course! No, not necessarily a superhero; some like Superman, the Flash or Spiderman are, but there are also the oridinary heros..people with a few special tricks up their sleves as in John Constantine (Hellblazer), Wesley Dodd (the original Sandman) and even Batman (who at his roots is nothing more then a detective in a cape). And of course, who better to show these heros in a slightly diffrent light then gargoyles, heros in their own right, defenders of..well..something! Have fun and 'nuff said! Bottom Line : 1.draw a gargoyle character + superhero (crossover) (ie. Superman + Goliath) 2. turn comic character into gargoyle (I am Batgarg!) 3. Make a gargoyle into a superhero (ie. garg exists in superhero world, so he becomes the Night) note: this does not include japanese comics (we are saving anime/manga topic for next year!) or preferably not comics released as a promo for a movie or something similar

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Title: Angel
Artist: Kanthara [Kanthara's Loft]
I've been away from the online world long enough, and I've been missing out on a lot of stuff. One of these things is MGC, and I see that I would have LOVED to participate in the past topics. My loss.
I'll try from now on to AT LEAST draw for the MGC outside of work. I love what I do, but it's good to draw other stuff than what you get paid for every day... keeps your hand and mind awake. :)
Okay, I heard about this topic a couple of days ago. I figure gargoyles are superheroes in their own sense - giant strenght, wings, endurance to cold and heat... So what if the gargoyles ~were~ mutant humans who prospered? I figured Angela would be ONE mutant who would be very militant of mutant rights. :) As for the name, well, it imposed itself to me. I had no choice. :P
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Title: Raphael as a Gargoyle
Artist: Lex Atello [Lex Atello's Webpage]
OK! My first time here! Heh! *sweatdrops* OK so my pic was done quite some time ago due to a crazy idea of mine. If any of you know, I'm a big big big big big big TMNT fan. and one night I thought.. wouldn't it be cool to transform the TMNT into gargs. ;)
and so, um, I did.. thus producing this crazy pic here. It's Raph as I would see him as a Gargoyle.
I did all four but he turned out to be the best.
Um... Ya! There ya go. Enjoy. Heh!
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Title: Wonder Woman Gargoyle!
Artist: Lady Shadow [Lady Shadow's Webpage]
After not drawing for a while, i thought there would be nothing better that to start with this. As a kid, I loved Wonder Woman so i thought that I'd draw her as a Gargoyle...I might colour it later on..., it was coloured in pencil, but I can't get the scanner to scan it right...Anyways...enjoy....
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Title: Witchblade Silver
Artist: Silver [Silver's Webpage]
Ok, this is a mix between Whichblade and my character, Silver. Whichblade is one of my fave comics so when I saw the topic for this month I couldn't help but do a pic! I did this for fun more than anything else!! :) At first I thought I might do an Aspen garg (from Fathom), but I'm no good with drawing water... Then I thought maybe a Wolverie garg but then I noticed one of my Whichblade comics on the table and thought why not!! hehe I propbly sould have done Elisa but I thought it would be better to just draw a garg, so I did. :) Inked and scanned then colored useing iPhoto plus 4.0.
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Title: Superlex
Artist: MAui [MAui's Webpage]
Ever heard of Super chicken?? Well you don't wanna be around when he drinks his super sauce, cuz right away you see whose the boss!
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Title: Gambit
Artist: Litazia
It's everybody's favorite mutant Cajun, Gambit! I've always liked Gambit (even though my exposure to him and the other X-men has been limited to that cartoon show), and I thought he'd make a pretty keen gargoyle.
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Title: Spawn Goliath
Artist: Flynt [Flynt's Webpage]
Hi. I've never submitted any art to a competition before, so this is a first.I decided to do a combo of Golaith and Spawn for the topic. Keith David voices both characters so I thought why not blend the two together and see what turns out? Well here it is :)
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Title: Storm
Artist: Caryn [Caryn's Webpage]
It's Storm from the X-Men! Okay okay I've never really read any super hero related comics before, so a friend of mine introduced me to the X-Men (ooh, ahh) And so, well, okay! I thought, Storm as a gargoyle (with a slight twist of Michael Turner ;) I'm not sure whether or now this one will be left black and white or not :>
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Title: The Coalition
Artist: Sapphire [The Isle of Coloden]
Cross a superhero and a gargoyle and what do you get? well... it depends on what demented mind youre pulling your heros from. At first i was going to draw Duce and i as Grifter and Zealot, two chars from my fave comic: Wild C.A.T.S (or it was until they went all soap-opera on me). But that proved to be too hard and no fun at all. so this popped into my head. have i gone too far?
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Title: Demona/Screamqueen
Artist: Sara Rase
This pic is a Demona/Screamqueen morf - at least it looks like demona more than any other garg. I figured you would have loads of the goodie-goodie spandex clad type of comic book character so I'm sending in this anti-hero to balance things out. The Screamqueen's from DC's Scare Tactics, she's this rocker vamp who hates humans and is disgusded by having to feed off them. She did save the world in one story involentarily if it's absolutly nessiary for the entries this month to be super heroes instead of just comic book characters. She had to save the world in to get her freinds out of troble in this story - she's not the type who would save a world filled with useless human breathers if she could help it.
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Title: Batman & Robin
Artist: Damocles [The Nexus]
Okay so it was one of the things suggested by the Contest description... sorta.
Heh... I was gonna make a totally new Garg and shove him in a Bat-suit, but then I saw a pic of Lex and Brooklyn.... ^_^ I have another one in my head, but I'll see if i decide to show it here or on my site.
*stares at the pic* Come to think of it, Broadway would've made a great Nightwing... ^_~
Angela as The Witchblade
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Title: Tank Girl
Artist: Alison "Al =)" Wilgus [Alison's Webpage]
For some reason or another, I've had this odd obcession with Tank Girl these past few months...I mean, she's just so...Tanky!!! *laff* And so when I saw this month's topic was gargifying comic characters, well....HEHehe..couldn't resist!! ^_^
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Title: Mystery Gargs
Artist: Eden [Eden's Island]
Okay...well I did this pic a few months ago after I saw the movie. But I thought it pretty much fit into the topic for this month so I the heck? :) Here are some of my characters as the Mystery Men (yes I have a slight obsession with that movie *Drools over Ben Stiller as she types*). Eh..hem..Yeah Anyways, clockwise starting from the top. Norei from WD's West Coast Clan As The Shovler, Naomi Lewis, my demomn hunter as Mr. (Ms.) Furious, Eden as The Bowler, and Robbie Mackenzie from WD's Shatering Utopia as The Blue Rajah.
By the way, if you haven't seen Mystery Men..go see it. Its REALLY funny! And its got Ben Stiller in it *Drools some more* ...Okay I'm done. ;)
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Title: Mystique and Sabretooth
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Sara's Webpage]
Never one to follow the norm.. Where would super heros be without super villains? Without a job! I can bring so many parallel connections to these four it's not funny. A literal combination of characters, I bring you Demonique and Alexander Creed. (That's a Demona-Mystique and Thailog-Sabretooth combo here.) A truely evil pair, if you thought the individuals were bad, combined quite a terror they would be!
Why these two you ask? Well both Demona and Thailog, Mystique and Sabretooth have not only been couples, but have also been at each other's throat's for blood. All have switched sides and have children (even if only adopted) by their counter part. Their personalities cross over often enough too.. So let's just say these four are matches made in.. well Hades!
Detail of Characters
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Title: Wonder Woman
Artist: Aimee Major [Aimee's Studio]
The minute Si showed me her X-garg pics (a lil before the MGC topic was put up) I got this idea for a Wonder Woman Gargoyle... I've always loved her character (GO AMAZON LADY!), she seems like the perfect comic character to fight for the "gargoyle cuase" (as a gargoyle of course)! She always seemed to have alot of "honor" and almost vigilanty-izm with how she dealt with her situations, more so than Superman. I did alot of research into what was important about her character and look... So I had this pencil sketch done really soon after the topic was announced, I just didnt have time to color it until now due to going back to school. Hope you like it! GO LASSO OF TRUTH!
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Title: Mystique
Artist: CrzyDemona [Crzy Demona's Webpage]
Mystique: Shapeshifting mutant from X-men fame. She has blue skin and red hair (and was one of my favorite villians LONG before Demona came along.) It just seemed to be too perfect to turn her into Demona for this contest. I had a lot of fun with this one, so much fun in fact... that I may do a second pic of Mystique's son, Nightcrawler, as Jericho. >:)
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Title: Primus
Artist: Zero
Wow, My first submissions here at MGC. This is also my first attempt at phototshop. This is one of my garg charachters named Primus. He wants nothing more than to be a hero and save the world, except for one tragic flaw; he is a vampire. Always sad, he patrols the night helping all who are in danger. When he becomes hungry, bad guys beware. He will come to suck ur blood!
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Title: Vicki and Skeet
Artist: Aves [Aves's Webpage]
Vicki and Skeet are back again! By day, Vicki is a mild-mannered stripper, and by night, suprerhero! (Although she thinks business would be better the other way around). And by day, Skeet is a mild-mannered unemployed rebel biker, by night, superhero!! She can blend into walls and throw psi balls! He has super-strength (how original!!) and intense hearing!! Together they protect downtown Toronto from the menaces of evil fellons like Mr. Crime, Lady Damsalot, and the evil arch-feind Jonny Badjoke.
Look! In the sky! It's a bird!!! And right beside it, Vicki and Skeet, saving the world, over and over again!!!
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Title: Psylocke
Artist: Sanji [Sanji's Webpage]
This is a cross between my garg-ess character, Sabrianne and my fave X-woman, Psylocke! Psylocke is a mystical, intriguing woman, just like Sabrianne. In the picture, she is wearing Psylocke's armour which was worn in the comic book, and not the traditional blue skimpy outfit. I think I overdid it with the lens flare, but anyways I hope you enjoy it! ^_-
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Title: Mystery
Artist: Shawn Luke [Shawn's Webpage]
Well, I really wanted to draw some kind of muscle bound super garg,buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I didn't have any comic books on hand. Soooooooooooo, I just made up my own "Mystery Gargs" with no muscles :-( As I was painting them i came up with a very good back story, with a history and how they became "Mystery Gargs", Unfortunatley I can't tell you what it is, because its a "Mystery" too bad :-< .....and I would probably have Marvel banging on my door too......
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Title: Black Canary
Artist: Avalon
One of my favorite DC characters has always been the Black Canary--I dunno, something about the fishnets and the Canary Cry caught my attention ::) Anyway, I figured she was a great hero to gargoylize, since she's already got a bird for a namesake. This drawing is based on her as she was originally drawn way back when, so the costume is slightly outdated. (I like the original costume better anyway.) Hope you all like it!
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Title: Psylocke
Artist: James Neish [James Neish's Webpage]
Hi, all. this is the first time i've ever joined an art contest without being forced into it. =) anyway, this is a gargoyle version of my FAVORITE X-person: Psylocke (she rules!). surprisingly, working without a scanner isn't that debilitating.
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Title: Marrow
Artist: Shing Khor [Shing's Webpage]
Marrow-from the X-Men...I'm not an avid comic book reader but the second or third X-Men comic I read had her in it(yes, I started reading it THAT late into the series...) and I found her character quite intriguing...the pic probably doesn't reflect much of her personality, so...look at the bones!!! (no one will get that.) Hee hee...*ahem*
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Title: VooDoo
Artist: NightWing [NIghtWing's Webpage]
Well, I haven't entered anything for a while, because I've been so busy. But when I saw the topic this month I had to get a pic in! considering I'm a huge comic fan. ;D It was hard to decide who I could gargify, but I decided on VooDoo from WildC.A.T.S I haven't kept up on the series, but I do own a few of the older issues.VooDoo just sorta stood out as an interesting character to draw.
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Title: Hitman and Preacher
Artist: Mary "Stormy" Pletsch [Stormy's Webpage]
Ironically enough, my fanfic universe had a HITMAN and a PREACHER long before I became a Garth Ennis, naturally, here's Wagner as Tommy Monaghan and Luther as Jesse Custer!
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Title: Angela from Spawn
Artist: Aaliyah [Aaliyah's Webpage]
Second submission for MGC, put more time into this one. I'm not.. too sure who she is. I know she some sorta Gargoyle version of Angela from the spawn series-but not entirely. Oh well, I hope y'all enjoy her. Ciao!
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Title: Elric
Artist: Lex Wyvern [Lex's Webpage]
After much procrastination, I'm finally submitting something here! I liked the idea of the comics theme, but a lot of the books I had were excluded for various reasons. So what was left? Elric! (With thanks to Cyrway for motivation)
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Title: The Shadow
Artist: Maradydd
All right, so I'm not an artist, but this topic was so cool I had to try something. ;) From the world of pulp dime novels and Dark Horse comics, it's millionaire playboy Lamont Cranston, who strikes fear in the hearts of evildoers as ... The Shadow! Thanks and muchos hugglies to Ylla for doing the colouring on the ring, the guns and the overall touch-up work, and for coaching me through the basics of Photoshop colouring. "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit ... Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Bwahahahaha ..."
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Title: Transformers
Artist: Amy K. Cyrway [Amy's Webpage]
Bo-weep granna-weep ninny-bong!
From the chick who brought you the Trio in drag comes nothing anyone could expect, unless you've been in S8 for the past month. Rather than just post the one of the Clan as Autobots standing around (leaning to the left for some unfathomable reason), I wanted to do an action pose. Hence forth, the final showdown in the last part of Transformers: The Movie, just before Hod Rod gets his hands on the Matrix. I wanted to do a picture of Demona AND Galvatron, but the idea finally evolved to converging the two like I did for the Clan. And Brooklyn as Hot was common sense...Brooklyn was pushed into leadership when Goliath disappeared, Hot Rod by when Optimus Prime dies (okay, so Ultra Magnus had the Matrix first...but he lost it, getting himself blown to bits in the process...too bad he didn't stay that way...) They just have so much in common!
Additional Entries:
Sorry for that one being long-winded...needed to justify myself...anyway, this was originally going to be my submittion...decided against it, to go with something completely different...
Transformers 2
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Title: Lois and Clark
Artist: Kenna "Elisagoyle" Street
I don't think Elisa Maza would be nearly as gullible as Lois Lane.
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Title: Inspector Brooklyn
Artist: Sarah [Sarah's Webpage]
Hey...this is my first time entering a MGC contest and I figured, what do I have to lose? ^_^ Anyway...I saw Inspector Gadget over the summer, (which I thought was a good movie - yeah, I'm a little kid on the inside, so what? :P) and Brooklyn's my favorite character from Gargoyles, so that just about explains my pic here. ^_^
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Title: Bubble Girl
Artist: Mercedes aka Jen De Salme [Mercedes's Webpage]
Bubble Girl... bringing happiness and hyper-activity to hatchlings world- wide! *giggles* Yes, folks, this is MY entry for this month's contest. She's probably the cutest darn super-gargess you'll ever meet and with her giant bubble wand she spreads bubbly joy wherever she goes! ^_^
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Title: Blink
Artist: Shayne [Shayne's Webpage]
Hmmm...not really much to say except for the reason I chose the character. It's Blink (Clarice Fergison) and she's one of the x-men (In the age of apocalypse thing) and was going to be one of generation X, except she got killed by the phlanx. And she's RAD. I mean...just look at her! She looks I thought she'd look kewler as a garg...she already had the coloring for it. Anyway, that's all I spose.=)
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Title: WolverGarg
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
When I first started collecting comics, ages and ages ago, I used to collect not for the series, but for the artist. Canadian John Byrne was one of my earliest influences and one of the characters he did best was Wolverine. Gotta say it -- I have a thing for grumpy, bad-tempered men so here's WolverGarg, done in the style of John Byrne.
Click here for an earlier pencil headshot study.
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Title: Lady Kildare
Artist: Ylla [Ylla's Webpage]
Lady Kildare, the magestic faerie of the immortal world, heroine of the Aria book. She casts a spell before going to bed. The spell that protects her while she sleeps.
Heh, her bed's just about as messy as mine is... pillows on the floor... *chuckles* ^_^ Special thanks to Xanatasha and Christy Smith-Hayden for inspiring me to do this in color pencil ^_^ m(_)m
Detail of pic
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Title: Artistas
Artist: Ithaca Willow [Ithaca's Webpage]
Naww, shucks... Me first submission to MGC and they had to go and pick a topic I couldn't elaborate on.... ::LoL:: I'm no photohouse extroidanaire like Aimee or any of the rest of you... juss' me an mah lil old sketchbook. Ah hope y'all like me humble sketchins. ^_^ I think it really holds a good point: "the greatest superhero of all: the artist." Artistas have the greatest power ever.... the power to create. Have you hugged your artist today?
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Title: untitled
Artist: Sharm [Sharm's Webpage]
My first entry! Unfortunately (or luckily, depending on how you look at it) I didn't have my usual access to photoshop, and had to be creative instead. The concept was just basically throwing together things I liked from other comic book characters. She'll need a story now. ;)
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Title: Robin and the Spoiler
Artist: Lupichana "Amina" [Lupichana's Webpage]
After wracking my brain to death over which pic to use, I had MANY others that didn't come out right, I decided to go with one that didn't look like something out of a bad horrorflick. ;) Presenting Brooklyn as Robin and Amina as the Spoiler! Why these two? Because I like Batman. Tho I never read the comic... I don't read many comics AT ALL (like... 2 years since my last one), so I just did alot of 'net research on them. ;) Many thanks to Calista of the Mighty Ducks-verse to helping me come up with the ideas!
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Title: The Tick
Artist: Fanimator ex mortus [Fanimator's Webpage]
Yes, it's The Tick. No, I don't do drugs.
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Title: Catwoman
Artist: Iyashi
This is my Catwoman garg. At first she wasn't s'posed to be flying...but then I figured, what the hey. =^_^= I like how I did the feet, though...
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Title: Bat-Goyles
Artist: Eva Sólveig Ţrastardóttir
Hmm.. first time here.. and I...did bat-goyles!
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Title: Unclanny X-Clan
Artist: Aidan M. Casey
Okay, so this is my very first picture submission, and likely not my last as I enjoy drawing gargs and such. I got into this via Eden, who is one of my bestest friends anywhere - so her character subjects were ok'd to me as viable targets, as I have none of my own. So I was looking at Eden and Link and Xanatos and it just hit me, and the rest fell into place. So here I present for your viewing pleasure, the Unclanny X-Clan!!! This is a universe where the original X-Men are replaced with Gargoyle characters, and Xanatos is there erstwhile mentor.
Here then is the Role Call:
X-Clan - X-Men - Gargoyles
Phoenixgate - Phoenix/Marvel Girl - Eden of Miniclan
Seraphim - Archangel/Angel - Link of Miniclan
Icestone - Iceman - Coldstone (Series)
Doctor X - Professor X/Xavier - Dr. David Xanatos(Series)
Psyclops - Cyclops - Alexander Xanatos (Eden Art)
The Goliathan - The Beast - Goliath (Series)
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Title: X-Siryn
Artist: Siryn [Siryn's Webpage]
Okay..ever since I chose the name Siryn for my garg character..I've had _SEVERAL_ people email, chat, and ICQ with me about the name. (Believing I was a fan of the X-Force character Siryn!) I never knew the Marvel Siryn exhisted until I came this picture, I did a combination of both. ;D Siryn (marvel version) is the daughter of Banshee (one of the headmaster's of Generation X) and her mutent powers include flight and edmitting piercing sound waves. :D Special thanks to Aimee for some colouring types I used for this picture! *HUGS*
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Title: Marrow
Artist: Ithil [Ithil's Webpage]
Well I've been wondering all month about what I'd draw.. and i ended up drawing Marrow from x-men. I'm not sure why, but heh..she's neat..good enough answer >;P
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