January 2003: Good & Evil

The new year! A time for to start new beginnings and tie up loose ends. A time of renewal. To celebrate the whole cycles of beginnings and endings, for January is Good & Evil! Draw both a good and evil version of any original gargoyle character or Gargoyles canon character! Good luck!

Mascot image by Spike.

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Title: Griff's Evil Side
Artist: Heather H. [Side 7: Artist Archive - Heather Haskett]
I know this is suppose to be Good & Evil so I thought of Griff. Him being so courageous and proud of being a Brit so I thought, "What if him that way but as his deepest enemy?" So I made him not the noble London Garg but of a WWII German Garg. Wouldn't he be evil, won't you think? :D
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Title: Ying Yang
Artist: Candy Palmer [Candy's Art Haven]
Well when I saw this theme, the ying yang symbol came to mind first thing and I just had to see if I could work it into an image for this contest! I'm rather pleased with how this turned out, especially considering I haven't really drawn a gargoyle since I was 17. ;) It was fun to draw my old character again!
21 14
Title: Vissy's Two Sides
Artist: Zoe
Little does anyone know, Zoe has a shoulder angel and devil. They are Both named Visseria. The Good one is silent and looks pensive all the time, and the bad one just bites.
2 4
Title: Forces of Nature
Artist: Kythera of Anevern [Anevern]
My entry was inspired by a line from the move The Craft (perhaps the only palatable line in the entire film): "True magick is neither black nor white--it is both because nature is both; loving and cruel, both at the same time." It is the part about the duality of nature that struck me, so rather than working only with the two extremes, I chose to take a closer look at the shades of grey.

I kinda broke one of my own rules with this entry... I'd promised I wouldn't use Kyt or any other characters associated with her for the MGC since they are NOT Disney-type gargoyles and I don't want people to get that idea. But she was the most appropriate character of mine to use for my original idea because of her feral nature.
26 12
Title: Demogwais and Chibis
Artist: Silverbolt
The Demogwai, cute, cuddly, lovable... just don't feed them after midnight or you've got a killer chibi to deal with!
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Title: Senethra, Light and Dark
Artist: M. "Fellanora" Kirk [Fellanora's Art Gallery]
"...These are the faces of war. Good and evil are not razor cut in any of us... However, we do have our shining examples--our shades of light and dark. The power of creation and destruction... Sadly they were hers, yes, but never hers to control..." It's always nice to get an inspiration to illustrate part(s) of this character's story.
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most artistic image  
Title: Black & White Marrey
Artist: Rita Micozzi
As Greg Weisman planned, in the Timedancer series Brooklyn and Katana are going to have a son, Nashville: this is my interpretation of him, grown-up as a powerful sorcerer who took the name of "Marrey". But Magic corrupts who tries to rule her, and Marrey is trapped in a constant struggle against the Black Magic trying to overwhelm him. Everyone has a dark side, and this is the one who was given shape by the Black Magic inside him... Black Marrey versus White Marrey!
33 11
Title: Altercation
Artist: Revel [The Inside]
This Is Jeff Degger, a dragon-gargoyle and he has just met his match, a manifestation of himself with all his memeories, power, and identity except completely evil.
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Title: The Gargoyle's New Groove
Artist: Mike Rieger [Mikeintosh.net]
Good and evil Goliath shoulder angels! Why does Demona even HAVE that lever?
4 44
Title: Time off
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Place]
What shoulder angels do when they're not being your conscience. ;) Looks like Brooklyn and Lex's good sides aren't exactly keeping their counterparts in check though... well, hey, everyone needs some time to check their e-mail. ;)
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Title: "My heart, Mine eye"
Artist: Dreamie [Dreamie's Hideaway]
In the episode "Eye of the Storm" Goliath dons the Eye of Odin and transforms into a large, powerful, sparkly enchantment of his former self. By the end of the episode, his lust for the arctic power is thawed by his loving heart. Here our Goliath is contrasted with his enchanted self.
To read Shakespeare's Sonnet that this picture Illustrates, go here: http://sonnet.dreamie.org
25 3
Title: Final Fight
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's Den]
Some parts of the entry are animated gifs, some others are jpgs
0 5
Title: Good Pinto/Bad Pinto
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Not for voting
Isn't it funny that no matter whether Pinto is good or bad, he still loves his 'Mum?'
Title: No Truer Form
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
I did this for chips and giggles.
1 20
Title: Talon, Claw, Fang and Fury
Artist: Tana [Moon-Catcher Pictures]
Maggie was the only one of the Mutates who didn't embrace her new form, but here she releases her inner evil, her Fury. I didn't get time to finish coloring and adding the electricty :(
3 1
Title: The Job
Artist: Y2Hecate [Hecatomb]
I had a lot of ideas running through my head for this topic, but none of them were working for me. Then, I thought of the whole "good cop - bad cop" and the movie Judge Dred came to mind.. so I decided to twist one of my favorite characters in that sort of direction.
He was a well-known, trusted, police detective, and he was excellent at his job. One of the best of the best. Eating, sleeping, and breathing justice; Panic really WAS "The Job". Unfortunately, after years of dealing with the scum of the city, the stress and influences finally got to him. He snapped and began seeing anyone and everyone as guilty and unworthy of life. Deeming himself judge, jury, and most importantly, executioner, Panic showed no mercy. Thus, he had become far worse than the evil he once worked so hard to protect the city from. Careful.. he bites. Just ask the Orderlies.. what's left of them, anyway..
5 5
Title: Two Sides Of Bronx
Artist: Anthony W. Pajerski
Hello... I'm Anthony Pajerski this is my first time on the MGC.. I did my faviort gargoyle character Bronx. Sorry I do not have a web site. Try to work on it. I'm must me the only 11 year old here.. ~~Gulp!~~
2 1
Title: To Ashes
Artist: Cerberus
A Seraphim Reh and a necromancer Reh. Seraphim Reh's belt says "Fürchten Gott" which means either "Fear God" or "In fear of God" (my translation source is kinda' vague), and necromanser Reh's tattoo says "Euer Leben ist Virwirkt" meaning "Your Life is Forfeit". The picture is pretty cluttered, but space was limited by my slow computer...
Additional entries:
Dawn Attack This entry is of my fan character, Reh. The evil Reh has somehow managed to escape turning to stone (magic I should guess) and is now trying to destroy the good her.
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