February 2003: Gargoyle Beasts

We've done a lot of contests focusing on Gargoyles, but what about their four(?) legged friends? To renew a former MGC topic, draw/design a gargoyle beast (either canon character or original). Previous entries to the former "Pawprints in Stone" MGC topic will be permitted!

Mascot image by Jessie.

Blaqthourne & Crimson Fury's Bronx Screencaptures and Dogs featured in Gargoyles

Entry Artistic Votes Creativity Votes
Title: Boo
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Boo... so named because he's so ugly, it's scary. First appeared in "The Last Gargoyle" as Spike's sole companion.
14 3
Title: Bronx & Company On Avalon
Artist: Heather H [Side 7: Heather Haskett]
Being on Avalon, everyone knows that Boudicca isn't the only beast on there, Greg said of there being also two others.
So I made up two beasts that kept Boudicca company for those centuries. Solomon (male, red) and Tuatha (female, blue). So the picture is when Bronx is exploring Avalon for the first time with Boudicca, Tuatha, and Solomon.
0 1

most creative image  
Title: Fluffy the Gargfish
Artist: Feraway [Artsquish]
Well theres been cat gargoyle beasts and Dog gargoyle beasts but I wanted to do something different...So heres Fluffy the garg-goldfish: Clump of fishtank gravel by day, fish by night. A rare breed of garg beast that is quikly being pushed out of existance along with the garg-keet and garg-gerbil, by the more popular Canid garg-beasts. He likes cornflakes. Ok its either Different or weird, you decide.
1 36
Title: Proud mama
Artist: Merrypaws
It's Bronx as a cub, playing happily with his brother (the purple one) and sister (the green one) while their mother keeps an eye on them. And now everyone, 3, 2, 1, aawwwwwwwww. I decided to call the mama Agrima, but I've got no idea what to call the two other cubs.
4 4
Title: A Dark Alley
Artist: Revel [The Inside]
Ever wonder What a pup of Bronx and Boudica would look like? 20 years after Goliath, Angela, and Elisa return from Avalon a great deal has happened and would be thief in the Chicago night finds out one of the results. The guardian beast, Atama.
1 1
Title: Feline Mischief
Artist: Gargress [::kawaii angel::]
Lazuli, loyal protector of a then thriving Guatemalen Clan, on the prowl for some Picado de Hawk. (^.-)*
0 0

most artistic image  
Title: Runn on water
Artist: Evana [Evana's Gallery]
it's my gargoyle doggy, Othello, running on water! wheee!! =^_^=
50 5
Title: Horsey-goyle!
Artist: Tiffany L. Tran
When an artist loves horses and Gargoyles the two worlds are bound to collide sooner or later. This month's topic gave me the perfect opportunity to refine and color a rough drawing from my sketchbook. Now... what if a gargoyle knight were riding this steed into battle? Oooh the possibilities!
2 4
Title: Puppies, Kitties...Turtles...oh my?
Artist: Shing Khor/Psyche [oddhatter.net]
Just me goofing about with turning various animals into gargoyle beasts. Yay.
1 5
Title: Dog 'n' postman
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's den]
Dogs hate postmen, don't they? ^_~
Additional entries:
Dog 'n' Postman Animation
0 3
Title: Hermia
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
Hermia a beast dog with unicorn features takes a break from play to bask in the moon light.
0 0
Title: Galodni of Wales
Artist: Seneschal [Elfwood private gallery]
And now for something completely different. Rather large for a pet, and nearly impossible to housetrian, this flightless bird is known for a voracious appetite and a lack of discrimination when it comes to diet. An ugly, warty creature. Galodni is possibly inteligent, only responds in clicks and screeches. Not a comforting or reassuring Gargoyle by any stretch. Lived in the sixteenth century. Ate lots of Normans and Saxons.
3 3
Title: You Hide, ME GO SEEK!
Artist: Anthony W. Pajerski
Hi it's me again! Anthony Pajerski and this is now my second time on the MGC.. Here is my Gargoyle pet Ginger she a colorful Gargoyle Lizard dog goyle. Right now its PLAY TIME! Boudicca and Ginger haveing fun playing. Hide go Seek style.
0 0
Title: Goyle Turtle name Goodie
Artist: Edward Pajerski
Hello I am Edward I am 8 years old this is my first entry and a cousin to Anton and a little brother to Patrick . My pet gargoyle is a turtle gargoyle it love to swim and crawling around the rocks.
1 1
Title: Gargoyles Beast Of Avalon-Kravex & Serpentina
Artist: Margaret D. Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
Here is my cool old characters I have.. Kravex(male) and the other is Serpentina(female). They are the Guardians of the gates of Avalon.. They look out danger both on land, sea and air. :)
1 0
Title: Puppies at Play/Just Let Me Sleep!
Artist: Vashkoda [Avalon Shores]
These are the beasts of Clan Steelclaw drawn as puppies: Sirius (the gray one, belonging to Silver), Smoke (red; Llewelyn's) and Eye (green; Ed's). I'm glad I have a chance to repost this, as it was originally intended for the first MGC gargbeast contest, before it got cancelled. =/
0 2
Title: Cronus
Artist: Evil Overlady [Evil Overlady FM's Domain]
If New Olympia had a garg beast...
0 0
Title: "Can I have the treat now please?"
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Place]
Not a formal entry, since I haven't had a minute to draw this month, but I was bored in class and ended up drawing this on my notebook. This is the same look my beagles give me when they want something. (pencil)
0 0
Title: Spook the Horse!
Artist: Patrick Pajerski
HI my name is Patrick This is my first entry . I am 10 years old and I am a cousin to Anton and big brother to Edward. My Gargoyle Beast name is Knight he is a Dragon Goyle He love to play hunting games to Cattle, Horses and People. No I do not eat them I just love to hunt them and play with them. --The background is a city of New York and the horse is in a city farm place.--
0 0
Title: Binnah and Hezekial
Artist: Lynati [Lynati's Narcissism Page]
Cone 10 stoneware, unfired
12 15
Title: Miongoyles
Artist: Amanda "Mojave" Behlen
So now their are little mice gargoyles running about! These little guys are what I affectionately call "Mions" (short for Mouse Lions). I must admit these were inspired by some creatures the oh-so-talented Aimee Major used to have on her site long ago. The black one is Crow, the blue one is Chico, the white one is Chica, and the green one, a rat variation, is Idget.
0 3
Title: I saw a squirrel!
Artist: Y2Hecate [Hecatomb]
..He was goin like this. *snicker*
Ok.. um.. I hardly ever draw animals, but I thought the topic was too neat to pass up. So.. I drew a squirrel.. for inside-joke reasons only a couple close friends will probably get. It started out with wings coming off it's back like most gargoyles, but then I thought, "Flying squirrel". So it got more Lexington-like wings. ^.^
2 19
Title: "No Trade"
Artist: Fellanora [Fellanora's Art Gallery]
Fellanora's gardogs. That's Blackstar on the left and Dalharuk on the right. The colors scanned poorly; green freaks my scanner out.
1 1
Title: Beasties
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
My inspiration came from the Gargoyleosaurus, a small ankylosaur. I thought, 'Holy poop that's cool. It could even be that gargoyles were decended from a line of dinosaurs.' Thus the one on the left is based on the Gargoyleosaurus, while the one on the right is a generic compilation of ceratopsians.
25 5
Title: Terrance
Artist: Melissa H. [Spunk & Moxie]
Hello this is my first submission to the M.G.C. and it's a drawing of Terrance, a pet gargoyle beast that's fairly bat like, with some rabbit qualities. This is what happens when your thinking gargoyle but watching Watership Down.(^__^)
1 2
Title: Garg Dust Bunny
Artist: Delphine
Yes, a garg dust bunny. Why? Ask Melanie, it was her idea. :-P This drawing is based on a series of creatures I invented a while back, called Puff Elementals. This is a garg version of Azure, the Air Elemental, who does look a lot like a dust bunny.
0 8
Title: Stretching
Artist: Megan "Pathrell" Tittle [Avalon]
Was going to be an entry for the original beast gargoyle contest, but didn't get him colored it time, so I'm entering this time. I recently added something in the way of a background, but my website isn't letting me upload, so I'm using the one without the background.
2 0
Title: untitled
Artist: Kessalia [Willo'Wisp]
just fun. :) i started out trying to doodle a garg sheep, but obviously it didn't happen that way. many modifications later, this guy happened. then i got WAY distracted working on a background for him, it looks awesome but doesn't fit him anymore. ;)

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