August 2002: Gargoyles on DVD

If you have not heard already, Gargoyles is being released on DVD sometime in 2003! In celebration of this news, and the return of MGC, the first topic will be to design your own version of a Gargoyles DVD! Pick any episode you would like to illustrate! You can design the DVD cover, the main screen interface, or the DVD disk itself!
Please be sure to limit this to CANON characters from the Gargoyle TV series.
Please do not submit TGS characters, only canon characters.
Screen captures may be used in designs for this topic. (But we _strongly_ encourage people to draw!)

You may also illustrate spinoffs such as:
Bad Guys, New Olympians, The Dark Ages, Timedancer, Gargoyles 2198, or Team Atlantis: The Last.

Disclaimer: No picture that wins or entered in this contest is going to be used for the official DVD. This contest is strictly for fun and enjoyment

Entry Artistic Votes Creativity Votes
Title: Gargoyles DVD Disc Season 1
Artist: Steve Bertan
Proposed idea for the Gargoyles DVD disc.
2 6

most creative image  
Title: Concept Design: Gargoyles Special Edition DVD
Artist: Stephen R. Sobotka Jr.
The outside jacket cover proposal for the Gargoyles DVD slipcase.
Additional entry:
Special edition slipcover for the gargoyles dvd.
5 19
Title: Deadly Force Cover
Artist: Cams
Deadly Force Episode DVD Cover. Full Color.
1 1
Title: Gargoyles DVD Promotional Poster
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [Shinga's Elfwood Gallery]
Poster for the upcoming DVD... not meant to be taken seriously.
1 8
Title: "The Mirror" DVD Cover
Artist: Ylla [Ylla's Art Gallery]
DVD cover for my favorite episode, "The Mirror". This was a challenge because I used no paper -- it was all done with a Wacom. Please enjoy looking at it, for I enjoyed making it. :)
15 10
Title: "Future Tense" DVD Cover
Artist: Epantiras [Epantira's Den]
The DVD cover in movie-poster style of the episode "Future Tense". It features
Goliath, Brooklyn, Demona, Lexington, the Eyrie Pyramid and Xanatos's hologram.
5 5
Title: World Tour Menu
Artist: Michelle Johnson [Organized Chaos]
The menu screen for the World Tour volume(s).
0 0

most artistic image  
Title: Fight for Avalon DVD
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
Slipcover, Inner sheaf and DVD design for the Avalon trilogy. Me and my

computer are very tired now.

Additional pics:

Fight for Avalon DVD case
36 16

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