March 2003: Draw within a Shape

For something a little different, this month you can draw anything Gargoyles you want! The catch? You have to draw it within a different shape! Any basic shape can be used except for rectangles and squares, and of course the more creative, the better! (We will not accept a drawing on a blank background and an explanation that it is "gargoyle" shaped, sorry. ;) ) The entire image must be contained within the shape. The subject matter is up to you, just remember to keep it under PG-13!

Due to server problem, approximately the last 4 days of voting was lost. :( However, though the numbers may be slightly lower, the winner and 2nd place entries are still the same, in the same order. :) We apologize for any inconvenience. ~~kess

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Title: Broken Mirror
Artist: Dark Raven
Demona, looking through shards of a broken mirror.
0 2
Title: "Inside"
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [Shinga's Elfwood Gallery]
Inside of our soul is another being, another form of us, a creature we could have been born as. Inside of us, that creature is usually dorment, sleeping, for they know they will never be dominant. What you are born as is commonly what you will stay as. But sometimes the being inside us grows restless. Even in humans, though it is rare, this being will want to come out.
Elisa Maza had a dominant being: human. It was what she was born and raised as, though deep inside she always knew something was moving, struggling against nature to break loose. It stirred more restlessly when she befriended the gargoyles. But finally this creature inside her was set loose by magic, if only for a night of freedom. The same magic sent it back. However, this creature has now sensed the real world, has felt, smelled, tasted and seen. Deep inside of the human Elise, the gargoyle wonders if she will ever glide again...
7 41
Title: "Unescapable"
Artist: Fenella/Evangela
This is a gargoyle I created. She has no name, because names are meant to identify something, and she has no identity. The hexagon she is trapped in represents the unescapable constrictions of mentally bound life.
The bag on her head shows how nobody can truly know the real you, because the real you exists only in your mind.
The bags on her hands represent the feeling of futility when trying to shape your life and those events around you. She can never be free, and neither can you.
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Title: Manhattan Aces
Artist: M. "Fellanora" Kirk [Fellanora's Art Gallery]
All the really good ideas were taken. :) However, I figured trying to match the Clan members to card suits wouldn't be too bad. Angela and Bronx in the middle were more of an afterthought than anything else.
0 2
Title: Leila
Artist: Evil Overlady [Evil Overlady FM's Domain]
Pondering in the night...
0 0
Title: Elizabeth Watching
Artist: Jo Ann Medrano
Watching from the rooftop, Elizabeth wonders of her place in her father's clan and her place in the world.
0 0
Title: Points of Five
Artist: Kythera of Anevern [Anevern]
29 3

most artistic image  
Title: untitled
Artist: Konako [Invisible Circle]
I drew this while I was in New Zealand, so the shape is inspired by some of the Maori bone carvings ^^
36 11
Title: Red Grace
Artist: Tana [Moon-Catcher Pictures]
Its been awhile since I've drawn a picture of Ten'Yuu, but since I was looking through a book of Japanese Motif designs to come up with what shape to use, Ten'Yuu (her name means grace) seemed the obvious choice. The shape is actually a combination of two different tradional Japanese crests: one a charm-variation of the yin-yang called Mamori, the other Tsuru the Crane.
10 0
Title: Not quite a "Genie in a bottle"
Artist: Destiny Brent
This poor gargoyle seems to be stuck in a pretty tight spot... We don't know how he got there but hey... if they can get those big ol' ships in them tiny bottles, then I guess it's not too far out. But it does looks a lot better with the background. See the pic with background here.
0 2
Title: Kanji Tachi
Artist: Rita M.
Painted with ink and Ecoline. Tachi, Brooklyn & Katana's daughter and Marrey sister (still according with Greg's Master Plan) is frozen in her best Ninja pose throug two "triangles" of Kanji.
The three poetries in the frame say:
"If I clap my hands by night flowers will fall on the gate."
"While I'm walking frozen it altready rains on my shoulders."
"Bright Red I'm admiring in this so nasty cold."
These are her favourite poetries.
- A special thank to my dear friend Daniele Lucinato for his help with Kanji ;)
15 1
Title: Golden Circle
Artist: Tiffany L. Tran
Inspired by antique works in gold and ivory. A gargoyle maiden encircled by a ring of gargoyle warriors. Created from traditional and digital techniques.
8 2
Title: Angela & Brooklyn- Together Lovers
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
I did this artwork from the Story from Christine Morgan. But as a gift for someone on a CD disk.. I did this Artwork on Feb. 9th 2003. If wanted to see more shapes head to My web site for more stuff.. enjoy..
1 2
Title: Temptation
Artist: Anna (aka Nethya)
The first thing that came to my mind was the Eye of Odin, because it gives a new "shape" to those who wear it so this is one of my gargoyle characters, Trevellyan, when she thinks about taking the eye that will bring out her innermost part.
0 0
Title: Harley's Egg
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
In one of the last Avery stories, "Home For The Holidays," Avery learns that she and Brooklyn will have a daughter that she will never see, because she will die while Harley is still in her egg.
Additional entries: Pent-A-Lex: When this topic was presented, I remembered an exercise that I did waaaaaaaay back in my college days in Design I and came up with a funkadelic Lex design in a pentagram. I see a new shape in it every time I look!
10 2
Title: Diamond Hard
Artist: Nicky Dee (aka Eboni) [NikkiD's Refuge]
In dream symbolism the diamond is the crystal of riches, romance, and strength. It is the hardest and most valuable stone. Dreams containing diamonds may be a wish for wealth or a reflection on the futility of riches. Diamonds can also inspire fear, embarrassment, or boasting on your part towards thers. Heehee. But who wouldn’t boast, right? I know this entry is not colored, but I’ve have been lately suffering from a lot of computer problems. Sorry. I hope you like the pic!
0 0
Title: A gargoyle in a sphere
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's den]
Don't look for a hidden meaning or a symbolism: it's only a gargoyle in a sphere.
0 4
Title: tomb guardian
Artist: Tracy Prelog (Airalna) [Airalna's Webpage]
Well I had picture drawn of a male gargoyle traped with in a bonsi tree but I wasn't finished with when I saw that there was already some pictures done in a japanese motif. So I decided that I would try and draw something totaly different. I found my old block cut from high school and was inspired to go with and eygtain style. The Inscription reading from the top letf to the bottom right if from the book of the dead. It reads " May I look upon my soul and my shadow. My shadow, let be opened the way for my soul and for my shadow, may it see the great god."
0 4
Title: Evenfall
Artist: Cerberus
A contemplative Demona (the shape is a bunch of flowers, if it's kinda' hard to tell...) And the character on her belt means "flower"
4 5
Title: Selini
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Place]
Her name means moon in Greek (thanks, Dubble!). She kinda look like she's been stood up on a date...
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most creative image  
Title: Trapped
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
You will need Flash to view this entry.
It's gargoyle shaped. ;>
5 44
Title: A pretty fan?
Artist: Siryn
Japanese seen of a Giesha Gargoyle playing the shamisen on a fan.
Dedicated to Kess, Tempest, and Duncan, who told me if I didn't finish this they'd hurt me. O.o;;
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