December 1999: New Threads

In just a few weeks, it'll be a new year, and more then that...a new century! So we here at the MGC have thrown out our old peasent blouses, chain mail, shoulder guards and loincloths. Its not the middle ages anymore and its time to stop looking like it.

Bottom Line:
1. Design a new gargoyle look for the next century, no more loin cloths and swords.

2. Can use either your own original gargoyles or those from the show, just make sure to tell us the reasoning behind the new look.

3. Be as wild or conservative as you like (think Paris runways vs. the Gap) but not sci-fi.

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Title: Ariana
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
One of the character designs I did for TGS that I've grown fond of is Timedancer Brooklyn's daughter, Ariana. She may have inherited her tomboy ways and beak from her father but in a lot of ways, she's just as big a clotheshorse as her mother, Sata.

Clockwise from the left bottom corner, here's Ariana in her finest kimono from "Something Old, Something New", her Sailor Ari fuku, the little blue dress she'd love to wear (but Brooklyn would kill her for wearing), Goth Ariana with multiple pierced ears, and hippy flower child Ari in tie-dye and fringe vest.
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Title: untitled
Artist: Ithyca Willow [Ithyca's Webpage]
well, the _original_ caption in the bubble was:
"You're looking more and more like your mother every day!!"
oh well. figgered that would upset at least SOMEONE. :P HAPPY G2K!! I mean.. err... Y....2k... yeah..
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Title: Go-Go Boots
Artist: Erika [Erika's Webpage]
I own this actual outfit (Well, minus th go-go boots that is). Anyway, this is pretty much the first time I've drawn a goyle, so go easy on some of th anatomy stuff I left out... /:)
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Title: Shiny!
Artist: Mike Rieger
(This is my first submission to MGC. When my employer asks questions--and they will--I'll be blaming you people.)
Whether it's under runway lights or police spotlights, the buzzword for millennial fashions is SHINY! It's not real practical, but is there anything more romantic than the reflected glare of PVC on a cold winter's night? Thanks to Illustrator's Gradient Mesh feature for the shinies--if it does anything else, I don't wanna see it.
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Title: Goth-chic
Artist: Kez Arsenault
The look on this season's runway is goth-chic. As the gargoyles of this day and age strive for physical perfection, the way is the sleek corset. Sheer fabrics emphasis the modern gargoyle's shapely figure while emphasizing the fact that she is indeed a sex symbol. This is my first submission to the MGC, at the urging of my S.O. The pic is done in pencil and ink.
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Title: Retro 80's
Artist: Brian "Colonel" Vigue [Vigistry]
I'm actually gonna go back in time with this design because it's trendy for history to repeat itself every 20 yeras. The result: the return of retro 80's with a Y2K flair! (I'm a big fan of 80's music btw) Didn't know how to title this one, so I just named it after a song I've listened to a countless number of times while working on it.
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Covielle [Covielle's Webpage]
Well, I figure that Lycra cargo leggings and a tank-top are pretty light and functional, that modern armor could be useful (ie wrist guards, etc), that one should always have a digital arm watch, and that sunglasses protect your night vision from headlights and so forth. Plus you can't just let your dog-goyle pad around without a license, right? ;)
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Title: Heavy Metal
Artist: Drakhen [Drakhen's Webpage]
My prediciton for the new millennium? Heavy Metal shall rule the world and everyone dresses like punks, goths, rockers, nu-metallers and moshers! At least, that's what my twisted little mind came up with anyhow. And why am I undead? That's probably best left unanswered...
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Title: Runway
Artist: Vulcan M. [Vulcan's Webpage]
I think this is my best entry so far. I put alot of time and effort in to it. While anyway, I was thinkin of new threads and Paris runway so lets do this the way a real runway would do it. *cuts on music**says this in his best announcer voice* This young gargoyle women is Satana Quioz, not to be confused with the Mini's Satana or Tana. Satana is wearing a loving khaki capri outfit. This outfit has extra fabric brapping from the back to make you look even more elegant then what you aready are when you put it on. As you can see she also have on a small but fashionable khaki jacket. Satana has with her a silver purse (not really silver) and a silver belt to match. Satana is also showing off some of the amazing jewelry that the company makes. *cuts off music* ^_^ That is all folks!!!
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Title: Demona
Artist: Kittyanya [Kittyanya's Webpage]
Colored! I finally got an art program to work with the help of a stranger I bugged! :) Still trying to get the bugs out of it, though, so don't kill me if Demona looks bad in her sporty leathery jacket!
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Alison "Al =)" Wilgus [Alison's Webpage]
I really had no idea what to do for this month...something practical or something spiffy? So I just basically played with my Crayolas for a while...*laffs* This just felt like a natural extension of the sort of things we wear today, modified slightly to be more gargie-friendly. Yay ^_^
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Artist: Carla Bozler [Carla's Webpage]
(comment written by "Al =)") A pretty goth-princess garg!! Alas, I couldn't get her to elaborate on the doodle, but hey...'tis still nice!
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Title: Oriental Style
Artist: Jana [Cheetor's Webpage]
Wow, my first submission to MGC. This isn't anything fancy done in Photoshop or any other paint shop. Just regular pencil crayon. Recently, the big buzz of fashion has been the Japanese/ Chinese style clothing (I think anyway). With the bright reds, dragon and flower patterns, the whole oriental look. I like it a lot. Also another style has been the short skirt over pants. Different, but cute. I have an out fit just like this one, so really my idea came form it. (And yes I would wear something like that out side ^.^)
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Title: Ten'Yuu
Artist: Tana [Tana's Webpage]
This is Ten'Yuu, a random japanese gargoyle. At my college people always say that in addition to being an animation major, I could probably be a fashion major, since the costumes I design are cool. It was fun designing a costume that was revealing but sensible at the same time. I tried to keep to japanese style, but I also modernized and americanized the outfit. I hope everyone likes it.
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Title: The only thing that looks good on me... is you!
Artist: Aimee Major [Aimee's Studio]
"The only thing that looks good on me... is you!" (I've been listening to too much Brian Adams lately...)
Eh, it's Bob and Azmerine in their quasi-futuristic millenium party-gear. ;D Bob is wearing a clear plastic zippered jacket, black tie and khakis... while Azmerine is showing off a faux-sequin vinyl number in fushia tipped off with a "floater necklace" and her own personal gold jewelry. Happy NEW YEAR!!
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Title: Rosanna
Artist: Coyote the Bando [Coyote's Webpage]
My first MGC entry! Yee haw!! **composes self** Sorry.
The pic's actually a little over a year old, it's a design pic of my character Rosanna. When I designed her, since my cycle is a futuristic one, I wanted something that would be futuristic, yet at the same time harken back to the older styles. So Rosanna wears a Lycra unitard/skirt combo, belted with a red leather belt with a gold buckle made from her mother's police badge. I'd enter this more often if my scanner worked ... :)
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Title: G-R-R!
Artist: Selena Di Zazzo
Gargoyles, while able to look really awsome in most outfits, will not always have the best of times getting into some of the up to date trends.....:) Take a peek! And Happy New Year everybody!!!
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Title: Puck
Artist: Dirce [Dirce's Webpage]
My brother Dave suggested I try this even though it's not tecnically a gargoyle. So here he is, the Puck of the new millennium.
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Title: Untitled
Artist: D*H [D*H]
This picture was inspired by one of the very very old episodes of Gargoyles. YOu know, the one where the Asian market trys to sell the Japanese gargoyles off as a publicity stunt? Anyhoo, I ended up making two people in the picture, to symbolize two parts. The white, shaded Gargoyle in the Hanabi is the more traditional style of Japanese culture. On the other hand, the tan, non-shaded school girl resembles the every-day teen culture of the growing populace. I worked a long time on it, and I hope that you enjoy my (overall) second submission to the MGC!
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Title: Shawn
Artist: Autumn Red [Autumn Red]
I thought about entering the MGC contest before but never got around to it..Then I went to the site and saw December's topic,"new threads", and INSTANTLY thought of a character that I made up for a friend, he's just basically that friend as a gargoyle..Both the real person and the character love stylish, popular stuff, so that's why I thought of him first..OH and the Tommy Hilfigers..And Duster..And red..? That's just what he's known for!! P.S. Both the character's and the real person's name is Shawn..
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Title: Paper Doll
Artist: Shing "Psyche" Khor [Psyche's Webpage]
Well; I hadn't made a paper doll for the longest time; and this month's topic just lent itself to the opportunity. I printed this out and I've been playing with it...=) The wings were a real pain to work around, though...
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Title: Broadway and Angela
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Sara's Webpage]
It's everyone's favorite garg couple, Broadway and Angela. Broadway is sporting one of those reversable jacket thingies and jeans while Angela is in yellow pants and one of those little T-shirts with a heart on it. (Like I know anything about fasion.) Just trying to get back to the original cast. :]
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Title: Warrior
Artist: Sapphire [The Isle of Coloden]
Well, gargoyles are warriors, protectors right? So heres a warrior that protects us now, and will continue to do so into the next milenium. (if anyone cares, that uniform is completely accurate. i should know, i wore it all thru basic training ;P) oh and thats yer standard issue M16 hes got there. and hes standing at attention. (thats how you do it when you have a weapon with you)
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Title: Futuristic
Artist: Jimmy Wong [Jimmy's Webpage]
OK this is a colored version. EVERYONE GET MY COLORIST, CHRIS DER A HAND! Without him, there would be no color :( Ok this drawing. Too all you Japanese anime ppl out there. U may notice that in the future everyone wears like really tight clothing. So I thought gargoyles will go with the trend as well. At least that was what I intended. But I couldnt get a color that looks good for his suit, so I came out with the same color as his skin to see if it works. I guess u cant tell his in a skin tight suit. I'll see if I can change that and submit yet another one before the deadline. And personally I think cunchy armor like thingies are really cool, U may see them sometimes on some of Joe Madureira's X-Men work. So, futuristic armor was a must. And a little change of wings on the gargoyle. With all those things put our our new age gargoyle, our new gargoyle no longer look like a mindless monster, but shown for what they truly are, intellgent creatures that you just simply dont wanta must with.
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Title: Medusa
Artist: Medusa [Medusa's Webpage]
This is me in a garg form. Heh, I took quite a long time to do this, but it's well worth it. Anyhoo, the reason behind this outfit, is that I wanted to go for a hippy/psychedelic look. And also, the armband is also supposedly to go for a medieval/funky look. For those wondering about the pierced wings, the piercings are on feathers and meat. The bones are lower, and therefore the piercings doesn't affect the bones(Ouch.). The boots are biker boots, and the jewelry is just fancy jewelry =^_^= This was hand-drawn, scanned into Photoshop and coloured in Photoshop =)
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Title: Zoe
Artist: Zoe Bastet
It's almost a new year and decided it's about time i submitted something. Here is me *grin* pondering my ensemble in the mirror. The top is a simple and made of a sheer material like chiffon, and the bottoms are jeans. I figure with the amount of skin that is shown now a days, that when the millennium turns what the hell, lets were our underwear on the outside! on a side note the jeans were inspired by the Maxx.
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Title: Riverdale
Artist: Michael McAdam [Michael's Webpage]
This is my first submission. It should be noted that I'm not the artist, my wife Marci is. However, she doesn't have time to email and stuff so she's asked me to handle the correspondence, since I'm the one who begged and pleaded for her to do my character Riverdale for me. I did, however, do all the coloring, shading, backgrounds what whatnot in Photoshop all by my lonesome.

Riverdale is wearing the modern alternative to a loincloth-- Speedos! Hey, they're functional, and come in such a wide variety of colors-- it's what the truly SASSY Gargoyle is wearing this year! Freedom of movement in hip-hugging lycra-- what more could a RiverGoyle want? And yes, Riverdale IS the sassiest of all the Calgarygoyles-- gee, can you TELL?
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Title: Jarico and Arista
Artist: AngelicBard
Jarico and Arista are two of my FanFic characters, who happen to be "good" friends ;o) . This is a drawing of them dancing after a rough night. It`s their relaxing time. Hope you like it.
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Title: hubba-hubba
Artist: Amy K. Cyrway
What actually started off as innocently reading someone's Beast Wars fic, I suddenly got the bright idea to start drawing something quick...I blame Waspinator for all the actions with this pic...stupid bug...
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