January 2000: Influence and Inspiration

It is now the year 2000, and a lot of people are now looking back at the past centuries and millenia. We've decided to do the same but in our own way. That is, to pay tribute to all of those great artists of the past and the present; those who have influenced us, inspired us, gave us the spark, the motivation to pursue our dreams, to learn an art or another and not give up.
bottomline: draw a gargoyle in the style (and respect his/her themes) of an artist you admire and who has influenced you/whom you want to give hommage, from the present or the past. (and tell us why you chose that artist!)

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Title: Aubrey Beardsley
Artist: Covielle [Covielle's Webpage]
Aubrey Beardsley is one of Art Nouveau's greatest talents---he rose above the genre completely. He died young---not even in his mid thirties---but he left behind a striking body of work. Mostly specializing in inked work, he played with patterns of black and white; his elegant lines are artwork in themselves, not to mention the elaborate patterns he often used to frame his works. I stand in awe of his style. I think I've captured it amazingly well in this picture. Aubrey Beardsley lives again, through me. I hope. :)
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Title: MC Escher
Artist: D*H [D*H's Webpage]
My picture is based off of one of my favorite artists: MC Escher, master of illusion. He created such greats as "the house of stairs" (the one in which my picture is based from,) "hand drawing hand" and "the impossible waterfall," which graces the pages of many modern day optical illusion books worldwide. His styles were always done in a natural medium, be it charcoal, wood, stone, clay, graphite, etc. My submission shows Goliath as he walks out of "the library of your mind." As you can see, he doesn't look as muscularly "big" as he is portrayed in the show. That is because all of Eschers works had a slightly non-burly, feministic touch to them. This picture took *way too many* man hours, and I hope you enjoy the result of me' labor! ;D
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Title: Boris Vajello
Artist: Medusa [Medusa's Webpage]
My artist of inspiration has always been Boris Vajello. Why? Because his art is simply amazing, and his fantasy ones too. I'm not sure if anyone has heard of him, but oh well =^_^= He draws snake ladies(they're called nagas too), and I was so out of ideas. So instead of drawing a garg in his style, I drew one of his snake women as a gargoyle. This is vaguely his style, but it's a mixture of mine and his. The poem is my creation - it's rather crappy if you ask me! ^_~ *crosses fingers and murmurs to herself, "Hopefully this will win..." *LOL* Anyway, this is hand-drawn, scanned and coloured/rendered in Photoshop. Enjoy! :)
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Title: Roy Lichtenstein
Artist: Mike Rieger [Mike's Webpage]
This piece is done in the style of my favorite artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997), who was one of the first "pop" artists. During the early 1950's, Lichtenstein began to isolate single frames of comic strips on a large canvas surface. Many of Lichtenstein's comic strip paintings include words used to describe sounds or a portion of dialogue. Lichtenstein eliminated visible brushstrokes from his painting surface, and also tried to duplicate the grainy pattern of newsprint. His paintings are composed of regularly spaced "benday" dots of mostly primary colors on white backgrounds with black outlines.
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Title: Frank Paur
Artist: CrzyDemona [CrzyDemona's Webpage]
The more I thought about this contest, the more this seemed the obvious choice for me.
I was constantly drawing, up until I graduated from high school. After that, I just lost interest. I still loved cartoons and watched them all the time. While working at Disney, I heard of a new cartoon they were airing, called Gargoyles. I got one look at Demona with her bazooka on her shoulder saying "I am ... Demona" and I was hooked.
I was inspired to draw again, and everything I sketched out was a gargoyle. So, I pay hommage to Frank Paur and his staff for drawing such beautiful characters that brought art back into my life (and many new and wonderful friends as well). In the style of the Gargoyles cartoon itself I submit this pic titled "Evil shouldn't look this good". :)
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Title: H. R. Geiger
Artist: Corene "Nez" Werhane [Corene's Webpage]
This is Li. She's based on H. R. Geiger's favorite subject, Li. But because I used ink, the final product looks like a cross between Geiger and Albrecht Durer. So it's sort of inspired by two artists, but it was intended for Geiger, who has been my favorite artist for as long as I've had a preference.
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Title: Inuit art
Artist: MAui [Maui's Webpage]
For this month I thought "Dangit MAui...its time to go back to basics.." and then I was like..woah! wait a sec! What better way to go bac to basics than to take the style of one of the most early cultures in Canada? So..I picked this style as a Tribute to canada's first nations. I looked through a bunch of galleries on Inuit art (eskimos) and kinda took out the elements that were more common throughout such as very large contrasts..(thats why I did it in b/w) and things like leaving some things up to the imagination..etc. The swirly line with what looks like icicles in the background is supposed to symbolize the icy cold and dangerous mood of the scene...the guy on the left as I'm sure you can tell is the hunter...and the pic there on the right is of our favourite hunted...Demona ;) I hope you like it.
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Title: Hirshfield
Artist: Eden [Eden's Island]
The characterchers of Hirshfield have always been something I adored. I always wanted to have one done of me..course after a while I realized that the only way I'd get one was to just draw the dang thing myself. Durring my long 5 year period of only acting and not drawing, the only thing that kept my pencil moving was doing Hirshfield style drawings of the shows I was performing in as closing night gifts. But I babble. Here is my redition of his sytle in gargoyle form;) Clockwise from the right Brooklyn, lexington, Elsa, Broadway and Goliath. Oh and for Hirshfield fans, there is ONE Nina hidden in there..not very well mind you..but its there!;)
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Title: Michelangelo
Artist: Ithyca Willow [Ithyca's Webpage]
This topic really made me think.
My original idea, (as I confided in Si) with was to pick my four favorite Gargoyles artists who have influenced me and use their style to draw some gargs in. Sappy? Yes. Easy?
It proved to be much harder than you would think. Aimee and Si's normal style is SOO different than Christi's and Al=)'s. Next to each other, they looked pretty silly. So, I got to thinking, "Dali.. _melting_ gargoyles..No." Michelangelo hit the spot. Christi once said to me that the Classics of art are free game. And I, with my lousy Adobe PhotoDeluxx 2.0 and my Corel Photo House, created this. :|})
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Title: Hajime Sorayama
Artist: Amy K. Cyrway [Amy's Webpage]
My influence in this painting (Yes, painting) was Hajime Sorayama, master of Heavy Metal! (And I do mean "heavy") I kinda took a little liberty in designing Hyena version 2.0, Upgraded...and yes, she's supposed to be wearing vinyl pants, but I haven't mastered that with acrylic paints yet... >:)
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Title: Sarah McLachlan
Artist: Kythera of Anevern
"I believe this is heaven to no-one else but me, and I'll defend it long as I can be left here to linger in silence...."
~~Sarah McLachlan, "Elsewhere"

My first submission to MGC didn't come easilly. After a lot of debate, I decided to draw my newest garg, Elsewhere, in the style of Sarah McLachlan. This seemed like the way to go for more than one reason:
1) Elsewhere is named after Sarah McLachlan's song of the same title.
2) I am infinitely more influenced my music than by the work of other artists, and while Bonnie Raitt can't draw, Sarah McLachlan was the next best choice.
At any rate, here you have it... Elsewhere in the style of Sarah McLachlan. (For an example of Sarah's drawing style and the picture upon which this was based, go to http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/1994/Temp/SarahMac.jpg)
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Title: Christian Riese Lassen
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Sara's Webpage]
I chose the works of Christian Riese Lassen because his works are true beauty. (www.lassenart.com)
I have always admired and respected his work, and it doesn't help that his most often used subject is the ocean and marine life. And since I love aquatic peoples so much, I've created aqua gargs. *fanfare*
Based straight on fish, (the top one's species name I do not know, the bottom one is based on a clownfish [I love those little guys!]), their wings are much lighter than normal air wings, which means tho' they cannot glide in air, their wings are more than functional underwater. Ever seen brain coral? (If not, imagine colorful rocks that look like a brain.) That's what they change to during the day. Do they protect? You bet! The seas they live in are guarded nightly by these vigilant two. Are there more? Probably not. Well anymore... I'm still working out the details of origins and stuff. Anyhoo, I hope you guys enjoy my submission this month, ramble and all. :]
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Title: Patrick Nagel
Artist: Fellanora [Fellanora's Webpage]
This picture (which I have entitled "Frostbite") was based on an Untitled lith by Patrick Nagel. I love his simple, clean work. He's done many different themes but is best-known for his portraits of women, done in minimal detail and striking colors. I chose this particular artist because I'm usually inspired by more 'complicated' works such as Vallejo, Achilleos, and Dawe among many others but Nagel's style really caught my eye. My art is usually very 'cluttered' and so, something like this was a real stretch. This is the first time I have ever submitted artwork for any reason.
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Title: Cave Painting
Artist: Kessalia
I started thinking about this idea as a joke, but the more I thought about it the more it grew on me until I just HAD to try it. The FIRST artists as far as we know were the one who painted on cave walls and carved onto cliff faces... So I found a good sized rock and some sticks the right size, and burned the sticks into charcoal and did a cave painting on the rock. That's the black, the brown is crushed spices in oil, and i used a piece of leather wrapped around the end of a stick to blend and stuff... Sorry, I REALLY wanted to do it in natural mineral pigments, but I couldn't find the right rocks to crush.
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Title: Yoshitaka Amano
Artist: Alison "Al =)" Wilgus [Alison's Webpage]
Over the course of the past few months, I've been completely sucked in by Niel Gaiman's "Sandman" comics. So for this month's topic I decided to try my hand drawing the Sandman (aka Dream/Morpheus/The King of Dreams/etc) in Gargoyle form, adopting the style of Yoshitaka Amano. I only hope I've done the subject justice ^_^
Additional entries:
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Title: Aimee Major
Artist: Jade [Jade's Webpage]
The only artist who has every really inspired me, is none other than Aimee Major! ^_^ When I was a kid I only drew little doodles and things, but after I found Aimee's page I wanted to be a serious artist, and I started drawing all the time! I absolutley love Aimee's art(who doesn't? ;) and much of my own had been inspired by it ^_^ So I could ramble on about this forever, but I won't waste you time ^_~ (BTW, my scanner really chewed up this pic, so I used the smudge tool to blend it together, as a result, the colours are lighter than they should be..)
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Title: Leonardo DaVinci
Artist: Lady Sara
I have always loved the grace and beauty of Leonardo DaVinci's female portraits. So, while watching Ever After one day, I decided to do this portrait partially based on an actual painting and partially based on the one from the movie.
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Title: Boris Vajello
Artist: Corriander (Lacy)
I've always loved Boris' art... And let me tell you, its not so easy trying to capture the same style when he uses paints, and I use pencil crayon. ^_^; But anyways. The pose is from one of his pictures.. The Mirage series, I think. The "armor", the silver stuff.. silver and purple, or whatever, that's from another couple pictures. The bat-wings drew influence from yet another, and the melding of hair into feather-wings seemed a Boris-ish thing.. I don't recall what pics I've seen it on, but anyways. The moon comes from a webpage, I've lost it at the moment though ^_^; Very nice, and since Boris' backgrounds are realistic, even if fantasyish, I used a real moon. The mountains give the pic my own kinda style. Umm yea.. ^_^; Anyways! This is my entry, and comments would be welcome and wanted at the above email addy :) Pwease? ^_^
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Title: Spike
Artist: Dusk [Dusk's Webpage]
Dude, this is kinda lame, I'm sorry. I'm probably insulting these people. 'Kay well Spike inspired me to start drawing again and then to color, so this is the first one I colored and I kinda think it turned out like a weird imitation of her work... And that's about it, I think...oh yeah, the weirded background is a little trademark of a friend I have, so I thought I'd throw it in.
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Title: Charles Schultz
Artist: Dirce [Dirce's Webpage]
I almost didn't do one this time because I don't know much about famous artists, but then I thought about how Charles Schultz retired and wanted to thank him because I used to love Snoopy
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Title: Giger
Artist: Mirko Stancic
When I first saw this month's topic I thought Yes! I can draw a Giger-like pic. Then I saw there already was a Giger submission. But then I thought one more won't hurt so I drew this. I chose Giger almost without thinking, because I like surrealism and Giger's style seemed most apropriate for a gargoyle. The drawing is simple soft pencil and technical pencil with minimal computer editing - just some contrast and removing dust that was on the scanner.
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Title: Sandro Botticelli
Artist: Micki
This is my first time entering this contest. I hope this little pic is satisfatory! I was inspired by the picture "The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli. That's my favorite picture ever!Thanx to my friend Megan for letting me in on this contest! Sorry I don't know your screen name! Any tips on how I can improve for the next contest e-mail me!
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Title: Waterhouse
Artist: Tashi
Hi! I've been lurking here for awhile and I finally decided to enter some of my stuff :) this picture is after a Waterhouse painting :::drools::: The original is called "The Lady of Shalott", which is a scene from a poem by Tennyson. It's one of my favorite paintings, and I thought the whole Camelot theme would be appropriate :) Thanks Ithyca for making me do this!!!
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Title: Tim Burton
Artist: Erika [Erika's Webpage]
Mmmmmm....Tim Burton has been one of my many muses throughout life. Bow down before him. I just wish I could emulate his style better. Quick! Everyone! Go rent "Nightmare Before Christmas"!!
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Title: Michelangelo
Artist: Siryn [Siryn's Webpage]
This was really only intended to be a practice sketch for my actual submission, however I won't be able to finish that one in time currently. :/ I've always been intriqued by Michelangelo's works, ESPECIALLY his sketches. SO this picture is kinda done in the style of his sketches. I kinda envisioned Demona posing for the artist with him capturing a somewhat tired and saddened expression upon her face. Her Curly hair comes out of the fact a lot of Michelangelo's figures had curly hair, and once I started, the effect seemed to work well. :) I know Michelangelo's a bit of an 'old fashioned' choice for a fave artist, but for me personally, my fav part of a picture is when it's in its initial 'sketch' stage. As if it's slowly becoming alive. <:)
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Title: Jen's children
Artist: Aimee Major [Aimee's Webpage]
certain *coughs* events over the past few months have cuased me to reconsider why I draw, and to wonder what motivations other people have to drawing. I came to the conclusion that the artists that are MOST inspiring to me are children. They draw becuase they love to draw. They draw becuase they ENJOY it. Drawing is fun. *chants* Color Color Color. On top of that, compliment on one of my drawings from a child is the most valuable thing to me in the world. They mean it. If a kid thinks you're cool, you are the BOMB. So this month I'm dedicating my entry to children, especially Jen's children. (You guys rock my world.) I'm also dedicating this to all the doodie-heads who would rather I didn't enter MGC. Just remember my crayons know where you sleep.
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Title: Norman Rockwell
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Okay, I went back to my commercial art roots for this one. Norman Rockwell was one of the most prolific illustrators of the 20th century -- and yet he never considered himself to be a fine artist; to him, first and foremost, he was a commercial artist.
When looking at Rockwell's painted, "No Swimming" done in 1921, I was struck at how much the three boys reminded me of three young gargoyles. Here's the Trio fleeing the kitchen in "Awakenings" as perhaps Mr. Rockwell might have seen it.
For the original "No Swimming" painting, please go here:
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Title: Brian Froud
Artist: Shing Khor/"Psyche" [Shing's Webpage]
Well.my first impulse was to try my hand at a pressed gargoyle, inspired by Brian Froud and his pressed fairies. Then I recalled coming across a book by one of my fav art-authors--Nick Bantock's The Museum of Purgatory. Then I really wanted to do something along the lines of a garg museum(or something) but I had no idea how to work it into the context of a Brian Froud pressed-fairy. Then I decided that if Brian Froud could press fairies; the mounting of a gargoyle would be equally morbid. So here's a mounted gargoyle on the cover of the February newsletter of The Museum of Misunderstood Creature. (I congratulate you if you find the irony; it's not all that hard to find.) I found myself straying away from the style(or at least the pressed fairy style), instead heading more towards the idea; but, oh well. Hope you like=)
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Title: Eden
Artist: Seraphim [Seraphim's Webpage]
I haven't had much time to draw many things lately, but do periodically hang out in S8 & Miniclan chats, and do admire many of the great artists there. Me, I've always been impressed with the artists that seem to capture the spirit of their creativity well, and can breathe life into their creations. One of my favorite artists, living or otherwise, is Eden, as she captures a lot of raw emotion, and has great skill for how short of a relative time she's been seriously drawing. Heck, she has great skill *period*. I chose to try to emulate her style, and while I admit it is good for a first attempt with a different style, I see so much potential unrealized in it, compared with the brilliance of she whose talent I am paling to mimic. The main thing is the expressions - I will count myself blessed should I ever capture the emotions I wish to convery in a drawing. I also admire the mny different mediums with which she is fluent, and honestly hope her artistic endeavors land her the career she deserves. :) As for the subject, I thank Kessalia for allowing me the honour of capturing her, and the yet to be found hatchling, Nikolai, on a mid-night's rooftop outing. I hope everyone has enjoyed this fleeting grasp at capturing but a fragmented shard of Eden's artistic essence. :)
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