February 2000: Tales of the Heart

Ahhh...l'Amour. The emotion we both love and hate. Throughout the centuries and across hundreds of cultures writers, artists, actors, and poets have tried to describe and put into words the human nature of love. To portray our own individual struggles and quests to find that person who holds a special place within our hearts.
Bottomline : draw gargoyles (or characters from the Gargoyles show) portrayed as characters or in a scene from a story/tale/poem concerning a romance and/or love. Include information about the story you portrayed and why you choose this story. (especially if it's not a common love story.

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Title: Cyra and Vala
Artist: Tana [Tana's Website]
Well, I didn't have a poem or a story that I could draw inspiration from, but I've been through a lot when it comes to love in real life lately, so I used that as inspiration.
The characters at play are Angel, Cyra and Vala. When Cyra first met Angel, she liked him, but was too scared to tell him how she felt. By the time she finally got the never to tell him in writing, Angel had chosen Vala. There's not much more of a story than that really, just knowing that the pain of not being able to tell someone you love them is something I can definately relate to right now.
I don't expect the picture to win, This is only my second entry to MGC, and Everyone is probably looking for a happy picture to vote for, but I couldn't really bring myself to do a happy picture this Valentine's. But who knows, Cyra might wind up with somebody better than Angel in the long run. *shrugs* We'll see.
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Title: Pygmalin and Galatea
Artist: Candy Palmer [Candy's Website]
I love greek love stories. Pygmalin and Galatea is probubly one of my favorites. Oh how romantic it is to have an artist fall in love with his work only to be blessed by the goddess of love herself. And to have his one true love come to life and they live happily ever after.. *swoon* I never entered MGC before but this theme just called me and this pic is the result. I planned on coloring it but I think it's just fine the way it is. Oh and this has NOTHING to do with Aimee Majors depiction of the story. I was in love with this love story long before I ever saw her cooella film.;) xoxoxoxox
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Title: The Love Story
Artist: Stormy [Stormy's Website]
Love and romance--not my thing. Desperate for an idea, I racked my brains and recalled long ago how a friend of mine had liked a certain movie for "the love story." I recalled liking it for entirely different reasons...if only I could remember what it was.
Once I DID remember, Lady Bismarck and Wagner fit the characters nicely. I chose the mushy pose from the movie poster.
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Title: Moonson and Stargaze
Artist: Jessarell [Jessarell's Website]
(Inspired by fanfic for a different fandom. heehee. *Ahem* And the story goes:)
Moonson and Stargazer were deeply in love. They left their home to travel to a new land, but along the way an old enemy of his caught up with them. Stargazer was captured, and Moonson was helpless to stop them. All he had left of her was the scarf she had worn in her hair. Twenty years later he searches for her, never giving up hope that his beloved still lives.
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Title: Medea
Artist: Silver [Silver's Website]
I wasn't sure what I could do for this months topic but then while reading through some books, I found one of my favorites haveing to do with love. "Medea" by Euripides (480-406 bc) If your not fermiler with it here's the basic story: It's a greek play about a woman named Medea who gave up almost everything to be with her husband, Jason. Unforturely, Jason marries another and Medea gets banished. Medea feels that her only posable revenge is to kill her and Jason's children aswell as Jason's new bride. The pic I did is of Medea and her children just after she has killed them.
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Title: The Honeymooners
Artist: Kyle Burles [Kyle's Website]
This is my first submission...so please be gentle. I have friends who have submited and I kept planning on putting in something but never quite got around to it. But I saw this months topic and had a flash of what I had to do. The greatest love story ever to grace television. Ralph and Alice Kramden, The Honeymooners!
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Title: Little Shop of Horrors
Artist: Kessalia [Kessalia's Website]
I think I'm more nervous about this entry than my last two, since I actually had to draw this one so it can be compared to the real artists. But I'll never hear the end of it if I don't submit, so, it's Audrey and Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors. I know it's not traditional, sorry, I ran out of time to do another one.
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Title: Rapunzel
Artist: Pathrell [Pathrell's Website]
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!" Ahh... Love at First sight... Wish it were that easy, find someone locked in a tower, rescue them, get married, live happily ever after. *chuckle* This one is dedicated to the hopeless romantics out there.
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Title: "The Last Herald Mage"
Artist: Jen De Salme a.k.a. Mercedes [Jen's Website]
When I heard of what this month's topic was, this is the first couple that came to mind. Herald-Mage Vanyel Ashkeveron (right) and Bard Stefan (left) from Mercedes Lackey's "The Last Herald Mage" trilogy. In the first book, Van meets Herald-Mage Trainee Tylendal, they lifebond and fall in love. After havinghisCompanion repudate their bond, Ty commits suicide. Twenty years later, Van meets Stef, whom you discover through the other characters, is Ty, reincarnated.
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Title: Rapunzel
Artist: Sanji [Sanji's Website]
I decided to use the story of Rapunzel as my inspiration. Sabrianne is the beautiful princess with the really long hair, and Gareth is the noble prince! Imagine being locked away in a yukky old tower, by a disgusting witch - wouldn't that just feel terrible? Then imagine how you'd feel when the love of your life comes to rescue you! This story portrays the true dependability of real love. Hope ya'll like it!
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Title: The Little Mermaid
Artist: Beauty [Beauty's Website]
Ever since I was a little kid I've always loved the story about the mermaid and her prince. Not the Disney one, though, it is equally as wonderful, but the old Hans Christian Anderson one, where the mermaid dies because she wouldn't kill her beloved prince. This part right here depicts the scene where she first sees the price while watching from outside the window of a ship. :)
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Title: West Side Story
Artist: Sarah [Sarah's Website]
I was trying to think of a romantic story that wasn't Romeo ad Juliet, when I thought "Hey! West Side Story could work!". I love the movie, so I drew Tony and Maria as Gargoyles during the scene where Tony has come to Maria's balcony to see her again. :) I guess that's it.
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Title: Rapunzel
Artist: Dirce [Dirce's Website]
"Wait a minute ... WHY are we doing this when we can climb stone walls and have wings?"
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Noel Leas [Noel's Website]
Christine here -- I'm posting this one for Noel because she doesn't have a scanner
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Title: Cyrano & Roxanne
Artist: Marie Noire [Marie's Website]
Here's my entry! *fanfare*
OK, I've always adored Edmund Rostand's play Cyrano de Bergerac. So I was watching it and I thought that if Cyrano were a gargoyle, he'd have to be a beaked one and we're talking serious beak. And Roxane would have to fit his image of an angelic creature, hence the bird wings. This is the balcony scene where Cyrano finally tells Roxane of his feelings, under the guise of her love and his friend, Christian. Poor Cyrano lets himself get carried away.
Additional entries:
Notre Dame de Paris - This pic isn't for voting, it's just for fun. I just received the English soundtrack to Notre Dame de Paris in the mail and I've been listening to it nonstop. There's one song called Torn Apart where Phoebus sings about how he can't decide between the gypsy Esemeralda or his rich fiancee Fleur-de-Lys. BTW, for those who may not know, Notre Dame de Paris is a musical based on The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It just opened in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and I'm going to see it in May!
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Title: Medea
Artist: Nezumi [Nezumi's Website]
Ahh, Medea. What is stronger than the love of a mother for her children? (if you don't like tragedies, then stop reading right here) Well, the result of great love betrayed is great hate, and nobody hated more than Medea's hate of Jason. "Am I the cow that lows for her calf? Or the *dog* with pups that licks the hand that struck her?" Basically, she gave up her life and was shunned by her family to go with Jason, whom she loved, and was rewarded by Jason leaving her to marry another and to be banished from his homeland. Too much detail to go into, but go read Euripide's Medea if you get the chance. Cute kids, huh? >:)
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Title: Tam Lin
Artist: Bremusa
"O I forbid you, maidens a',
That wear gowd on your hair,
To come or gae by Carterhuagh,
For young Tam Lin is there."
So starts a 16th Century Scottish ballad that captavated me when I was younger, and still does today. It's really beautiful, and I recomend it to anyone who likes good reading, and a little of the mystical. The heroine of the story, Fair Janet, saves her lover, Tam Lin, from the faries before he can be used as a tiend to hell (gee, isn't that something all the kiddies should know? ;). Janet has always strucks me as someone who would go out and do what she had to. She'd fight for what she wanted. So, in honor of Valentines, I'd like to dedicate this picture (silly looking as it turned out to be) to Kess and a friend, Craze and Brian, Onah, Sirchar, James, and Myth and the Furby. Because sometimes you have to give a little fight for what you want, whether it's love or life.
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Title: untitled
Artist: Zero [Zero's Website]
I realize that this submission to the febuary monthlt gargoyles contest may be seen as a bit inappropriate, so please let me explain. I sincerely apologize if anyone finds the picture offensive...if you won't accept this picture as a submission then please just notify me and I will submit a more suitable pic. The reason I did this picture was to explore the darker side of the emotion known as love. I dedicate it to those who have been afflicted great wounds by their so-thought-as loved ones. The young gargoyle who is slitting her wristshas just been dumbed by her mate after discovering her pregnancy. She is so blinded by her own pain that she thinks suicide is the only way out. The two gargoyles above are her ex-love and his new mate. The poor girl unwittingly puts all her love in the relationship without realizing that she is being used. This picture does not state that I condone suicide or any type of self-violence for that matter. Personally I am totally against it, but I do feel a great deal of compassion towards those who are in so much pain that they won't allow themselves to see differently. I hope u have spent the time to read this explanation and I thank u for it. Again if u find this offensive, I continue to apologize. Sincerely, Zero
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Title: I Want to Love You Forever
Artist: Coyote the Bando [Coyote's Website]
Not exactly inspired by a story, really, but fitting ...
Okay, as I lay in my bed late one night listening to the Canadian radio station I sleep to, the song changed to Jennifer Simpson's "I Want to Love You Forever," and the realization hit me as I listened to the lyrics ... it sounded exactly like something Rosanna would say to Rain, *especially* if it were during the ceremony when they officially became mates. And so the inspiration came to me for this artwork.
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Title: Andromeda and Perseus
Artist: Medusa [Medusa's Website]
The myth of Andromeda and Perseus has always mystified me. How they met, and the events that happened *before* they met. I loved the story since I've read the book in a local library. So, Andromeda and Perseus have been a very cool love couple to me, and well, I had to depict them as gargies even though I gave this idea out in the comment room ^_~ If Perseus looks weird, blame me. I needed to improve my drawing men skills and he has to be a victim. In the duffel bag is Medusa's(Not me!) head. :)
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Title: I Can See You In My Heart
Artist: Angie "Jessie" McClelland
Well this was -supposed- to be my second MGC entry…. But being the total moron I am I deleted the link to my entry (Many of you saw it in chat; it was my Old Navy one) before they got ahold of it!! I'm not making the same mistake twice! ;) Anyway; when I saw the topic for this month, I was thinking "Hey cool! I'll do Robin Hood!" After a few sketches, I realized that my heart wasn't going into it. It just wasn't right. Then I stumbled upon www.lovestories.com. Looking through the topics, I suddenly spotted "Cyberlove". I was like, well, wouldn't hurt to look. So I was browsing through the poems when I suddenly came onto 'I Can See You In My Heart'. Reading it, I honestly cried. It hit every point in my heart. So, I decided to incorporate the poem into my entry. The picture shows Malibu and Jessie (for those non-chatters out there, that would be me and my boyfriend of three years. :)). It was done in black and white conte crayon on a sheet of 25"x 19" light brown charcoal paper. Poem is used with author's permission :) Lastly, this piece is dedicated to my loving boyfriend, Jason. I would never have made it this far without his endless love and support. :) August can't come soon enough for me :)
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Title: Orpheus and Eurydice
Artist: Alison "Al =)" Wilgus [Alison's Website]
From the myth of Orpheus, the son of Apollo and Calliope, who could control any living this with his song. In the story his wife, Eurydice, is bitten by a snake on their wedding day and dies from the poison. Stricken with grief, he journeys down to the underworld, using his gift to overcome various obstacles along the way, and bargains with Hades for the return of his love. Hades agrees, but with one condition: She will close behind him, but Orpheus must not look back until he has returned to the world of the living.
Orpheus agrees, and begins his ascent. But as he walks, he becomes increasingly convinced that Hades has tricked him, and that Eurydice isn't behind him at all. The hours pass, and finally, just as they're about to reach the surface, he steals a quick glance behind him.
Eurydice is there. But as his eyes fall upon her, she's pulled back to the world of the dead, swallowed up by the mists.
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Title: Tam Lin
Artist: Iyashi
'Tam Lin' is about a girl named Janet who has to rescue her lover, Tam Lin, from being sacrificed to Hell by the faeries. They first meet when Janet pulls a double rose. Tam Lin appears, they argue, and Tam Lin gets her pregnant. Going to get abortive agents after her father notices her pregnant, Janet is confronted again by Tam Lin, who tells her he was once mortal, but captured by the Faerie Queen. Tam Lin fears he will be the latest tiend to Hell, so he tells her how to rescue him as the faerie troupe rides by:
"O first let pass the black, lady,
And syne let pass the brown,
But quickly run to the milk-white steed,
Pu ye his rider down."
Janet is able to save Tam Lin, much to the dismay of the Queen o' Faeries (who, understandably, is not a very happy chappy at this). Enjoy!
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Title: untitled
Artist: the Deacon [Deacon's Website]
The inspiration for this hit me at around an hour before 12 here. Not really a story anyone else would know. It's from the stuff constantly floating through my head. They don't have names, cuz Gargs aren't supposed to. I've never entered anything before and always wanted to. So, I hope I got it in on time.
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Title: Dracula
Artist: Mike Rieger [Mike's Website]
Bram Stoker's Dracula--the novel, not the movies--has always struck me as the penultimate love story: boy meets girl, boy eats girl, boy gets lumber shoved through his chest cavity by girl's friends. And it's much less sappy than "Beauty And The Beast."
This piece attempts to depict the forbidden (and twisted) love between Dracula and Mina. Talk about damned if you do...
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Title: Atalanta and Melanion
Artist: Norcumi [Norcumi's Website]
Here's another classical based pic (if a more poorly drawn one); Atalanta and Melanion racing. Atalanta was a princess who refused to marry anyone who couldn't beat her in a foot race (losers got their head chopped off), and Melanion decided the only was he could win was through trickery. During the race, he used golden apples to distract Atalanta so he could get ahead, and he did end up winning. Sorta the proverbial "chasing after love" scene here, and since they're gargs I decided flying was better than running (not to mention I can actually pretend to draw this one).
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Title: Oedipus and Jocasta
Artist: Jennifer "CrzyDemona" Anderson [Jennifer's Website]
(Played here by Jericho and Demona) A twisted tale of fate. Oedipus is destined before birth to kill his father and marry his mother. When he tried to escape his fate, he only made it come true.
He unknowingly killed his father, the King. Then solved the riddle of the Sphinx. Thebes was without a king and he had triumphed over the Sphinx, so the people of Thebes made him King. He married the Queen, Jocasta, his mother.
When he found out the truth of his parentage, blinded himself and Jocasta killed herself. Gotta love those Greek happy endings!!
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Title: Together Forever
Artist: Ojanna [Ojanna's Website]
"Together Forever" was inspired by my all time favorite couple. This is the gargy-fied version of Anne Rice's Claudia and Louis Point du Lac. Their relationship was beautiful yet ironically twisted. The love of a father to a child and a child to a father...yet at the same time they were lovers. The unfortunate tragedy to come between them is not my right to reveal..you have to read the book for yourself. (Interview With a Vampire)
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Title: Lex & Tina
Artist: Spike [Spike's Website]
I wear two hats. Long before I got a scanner and started posting art, I was writing Gargoyles fanfic.
One of my better storylines revolved around Lex and his search for love. I didn't let him find it easily -- I let him have an on again, off again relationship with Avery's cousin, Tina, when they were both too young to commit. I sent him to Avalon in "Road Trip" to try and snare a gargoyle mate only to discover that his heart's desire wasn't there. He came back to Manhatten to to make some stupid mistakes in "Angry Young Gargoyle." Following his heart to Boston in "Lost & Found", Lex was forced to decide what he really wanted to do with his life, but it wasn't until "Faith" , that Lex realized that all his life really needed was to have Tina in it.
The background in this picture is the bit and pieces of the storyboards that I usually work from. You may recognize some scenes from the stories. Enjoy!!
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Title: Elric & Cymroil
Artist: Amy K. Cyrway [Amy's Website]
From Michael Moorcock's novels, here's the starcrossed lovers, Elric, the emperor of Melniboné, and his cousin, the beautiful Cymroil, whom will become his empress, if it wasn't for Cymroil's trecherous brother, Yyrkoon, who wants to kill Elric and take the throne and Cymroil for himself. (Talk about incest.) Anyway, it all works out in the end: Yyrkoon, to stop Elric from getting to him, throws his sister on Elric's sword, and, in return, Elric kills Yyrkoon...now that's my type of love story!
Additional entries:
Caligo Lost
I could base this charcoal of my character Caligo and his dead mate Mei Deae on Highlander, the song "Dust In the Wind" by Kansas, "Who Wants to Live forever" by Queen...Seri would say Rampage and Transmutate...but the story goes, Caligo is an Elder One, ancient before the Younger Ones graced the earth. He falls in love in Scotland with a nameless gargoyle he calls Mei Deae...My Goddess...but she is killed in the Viking Raid, and he lives in guilt that he was not there to protect her, even though she would have died in old age much soon than he would...
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Title: Antigone
Artist: Shing Khor [Shing's Website]
I was inspired by Jean Anouilh's version of Antigone; that I read last year in 10th grade English Lit. (which focuses more on the relationship between Antigone and Haemon than Sophocles's version does.) The pic is of Haemon cradling the dead Antigone in his arms...the text at the side is Antigone's letter to Haemon-"forgive me, my darling. you would all have been so happy if it hadn't been for Antigone. I love you."
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Title: The Gift of the Maji
Artist: Ithaca WIllow [Ithaca's Website]
A simple story of two people who truly would do anything for each other. Written by O. Henry.
The man and the woman, Jim and Della, were as poor as could be. They had value only in each other, although each had something that was very valuble. Della had long, beautiful hair that everyone admired, and Jim had a gold pocketwatch that his grandfather had given him.
One year for Christmas, Della decided that she was going to buy Jim an expensive present to show him how much she cared for him, and what she would give for him. She found a beautiful watch chain for his pocketwatch, and cut off and sold her long hair to the wig-maker for enough money to buy Jim the chain.
When he came home that night, Christmas eve, she handed him the chain, beaming. Tears came to Jim's eyes. He had sold his grandfather's pocketwatch to buy Della a beautiful comb to put in her hair. Both stood facing each other with the useless gifts; The true present that night was the strength of the love that would have them sell their most precious belongings for one another.
".....two foolish children in a flat who most unwisely sacrificed for each other the greatest treasures of their house. But in a last word to the wise of these days let it be said that of all who give gifts these two were the wisest. O all who give and receive gifts, such as they are wisest. Everywhere they are wisest. They are the magi."
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Title: Glass Menagerie
Artist: Seraphim (Aidan M. Casey) [Seraphim's Website]
From Tennessee Williams' inspiration comes this heartaching scene, to illustrate the OTHER side of Valentine's day & Love: loss. In this scene we have Laura, played by the talented actress Eden, with her prized figurine from her glass menagerie - a source of joy and comfort throughout her life, and representing her own fragility. In the play it is a glass unicorn, which is symbolic of innocence and trust - it also represents Laura in that it is set apart from the other horses by the single horn on its head - much as she feels separated from others by her disability & leg braces. Siryn was gracious enough to allow me to break her horn in this submission, becoming not only the unicorn, but the symbollic end of Laura's trust and innocence, as her suitor has in that moment just told her he is engaged to someone else. In this moment she loses not only her hope of love, but the prized piece in her collection, which had been her joy and solace. The dream is shattered, the fantasy has been destroyed, and the magic is gone: all she has now is a glass horse, like any other. It could be said to symbolize that her innocence has now been lost, and in that she is finally like everyone else that has ever been hurt - she's no longer an outsider, even if just to heartache. Laura says it all with, "Now it's just like all the other horses." Rent the movie or see the play - it's a very sad scene... Siryn wrote me that it has personal significance for her fanfic persona, too, as she wishes she could be more like the other gargoyles. Okay, so I like to write.. hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating it. :)
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Title: Wuthering Heights
Artist: Selena Di Zazzo
The month of February, I think, is also for the spiritual...for this topic I thought of a piece of literature from the early 19th century called Wuthering Heights. It tells a tale of two characters (Catherine&Heathcliff)who grew up together and developed a connection so deep it haunted them for the rest of their lives. But the two were eternally driven apart because Catherine was already engaged to another, and Heathcliff remained alone, especially after she died...
Before his own death, they say that her spirit often eturned to him, for he would speak to the air as if his beloved was there with him...(which is what this pic is about) This is one of my favorite tales, because it is full of a deep yearning that goes beyond the cheaper physical stuff you see all over tv. The struggle was not futile, for the two were finally reunited...:)
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Title: Cupid and Psyche
Artist: Siryn [Siryn's Website]
This is Kanthara writing for Si. I can tell you that she loves the story of Cupid and Psyche, and that she has worked a great deal on this picture and is very proud of it. She did it while she was visiting me so that's why I'm submitting it
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Title: Shayndel
Artist: Leigh Ann
Shayndel is a jewish girl who is very homely and her brothers constatly teased her about her frizzy hair of three colours, her eyes one blue and one brown and her long nose. her father sends her to a rabbi's house to be a servent and as she cooks and cleans the rabbi's blind son would listen to her sing. she took him on walks and described the earths beauty to him and he fell in love with her. although she loved him too she refused his marriage proposel fearing some day someone would tell him of her ugliness and he would be ashamed of her. the rabbi finnally convinced her to marry and they lived happily for several months until one day when they were taking their walk a storm hit and knocked a branch down and it hit the rabbi's son's head. he was unconcious for a few minutes while shayndel wept and then he opened his eyes and he could see! shayndel was thrilled at first then tried to hide her face but he took her in his arms and exclaimed 'how beautiful you ar! e!' then he ran off to see his family and friends whiles shayndel waited at home knowing that once he saw other women he would realize how homely she is. when he returned he took her in his arms again and said "dont tell anyone, but the women of our village are homely! they have short noses and hair that is straight and one colour and their eyes are only one coulour!' shayndel smiled and promised she would never tell anyone. story by....uh, I read it in cricket magizine and i forgot the authors name.
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