April 2003: Gargoyles in NYC

In celebration (and support) of the Gathering of the Gargoyles Convention 2003 being held in New York City this year, MGC is holding this month's contest in conjuction with the Gathering Calendar contest! The topic is 'Gargoyles in New York.' You can draw any gargoyle fanfic character or canon charcater enjoying the sites and sounds of NYC. Feel free to offer your MGC entry (or entries) to the 2003 Gathering Calendar contest (whose deadline has been expanded specifically for MGC to April 30th.) Along with being a great way of making your art known to the fandom, winners (of the Gathering Contest) will also get a free copy of the Calendar! You can find further calendar details at http://gathering.gargoyles-fans.org/contests.html

Note: Winners of MGC will not necessarily be picked as Calendar winners.
Requirements for Gathering Calendar:
1. Minimum resolution for print 200 ppi or 200 dpi. 300 dpi/ppi preferred.
2. Images need to be sized large enough for print on an 8.5 x 11 inch page.
3. Use landscape orientation for images. In other words images should be wider than taller.

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Title: New York Culture
Artist: Heather H. [Heather's Side 7 Art Gallery]
I was talking to my fiance, Robby Bevard aka Mr Noying, on IM and was looking through the MGC forums for ideas for this month. Nothing until I saw my own post about "mutates in Cats!"... Cats the Broadway... Mutates... New York City... Just add the three together and this is what I got!
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Title: Native New Yorkers
Artist: Cams
This is kind of based off of a joke I heard about two groups of tourists in Paris, they were both were speaking broken, bad french and both thought the the others were natives. My point is tourists can't tell each other apart. Yes, it is day time in this picture, but it wouldn't have really worked if it was night. Besides, I think modern gargoyles would have found a way to stay awake during the day.
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Title: Autumn in Central Park
Artist: Rita M.
Brooklyn and Katana (ok, I'm monothematic BP...I promise next time I'll change subject) in a romantic autumnal date in Central Park. I know it' a little out of season, but I love the colors of autumn, and I can just guess how beautiful they are in the biggest park of the Big Apple...besides I thought it was a good citation of the beautiful movie "Autumn in New York", which gave me the inspiration for this entry.
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Title: A bit of humour
Artist: Shinigami [Shinigami's Webpage]
Just a little in show commentary mid-flight.
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Title: A Night Jog in Central Park
Artist: Jo Ann Medrano
You never know what you'll see jogging in Central Park at night...
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Title: The Big Apple
Artist: Angie "Jessie" McClelland [Kilted Wolf]
You know Hudson HAD to have brought this up at least once when they were still new to the area. ;)
1 21
Title: Temptation
Artist: Cyrille Castellant [Gargoyles Rebirth]
A picture that illustrate well I think, a great series topic.
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Title: =New York= the city that doesn't sleep
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's den]
It's a short comic about a stressed man that tries to sleep while our gargoyles heroes are fighting an enemy.
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Title: Yll B&W Moonlight
Artist: Maurizio
no comments
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Title: Observing
Artist: Fellanora [Fellanora's Art Gallery]
Vixen, out of reach and watching the city go by.
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most artistic image  
Title: Madison with Eyrie Building
Artist: Karine "Kanthara" Charlebois [Kanthara's Loft]
This was done for the t-shirt contest, but I'm hoping to submit it to the calendar as well. Much screenshot and photo research was required to do this one. I took a few liberties with Madison's clothing. ;) Hope you like :)
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Title: New York City Rhythm
Artist: Gemini
My entry is of a gargoyle from my fanfiction 'Wings of the Night' that is on Fanfiction.net. The gargoyle's name is Grenoch, and he is the youngest of the Orion Gargoyles. He is posing against a copper and gold background and is dressed in a red vest, white belt, and blue jeans.
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most creative image  
Title: Liberty
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
Idea by KWSapphire, image by Sara Berkeley. Lots of photo references used.
8 31
Title: Taking the 6 Train
Artist: Vashkoda [Avalon Shores]
This is the train I take to go into the city. I thought it was cool how I could incorporate three character names into the pic--Brooklyn, Lexington, and Bronx, because only in the Bronx is the 6 train above ground!
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Title: Ekka and Pinto in NYC
Artist: Siryn
Also could be named, Ekka and Pinto
enter for Si.
No time + no sleep + dare = this.
HA. SO I still entered. Something more 'detailed' next time. promise.
Title: Central Park Nights
Artist: Dreamie [Dreamie's Hideaway]
Gargs in Central Park. Something a bit different. ;)
8 6
Title: New York Skyline
Artist: Kythera of Anevern [Anevern]
New York by night.... on another non-black t-shirt!

I blame Siryn for this! Siryn and Kess held me at a water pistol and gave me 30 minutes to enter. It was either that, or face the yogurt. o.O;
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