May 2003: TV Parodies

There's a LOT of interesting stuff on TV, from Real Life dramas, to stories about criminal investigations, to comedies about genies and astronauts. For this month, take a non-animated TV show and make a parody using canon characters or fanfic gargoyles. Parodies of Game Shows will be accepted for this topic. Parodies of other cartoons will not be permitted.

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Title: British Judge Gives Her a Three.
Artist: Shinigami [Studio Other]
Like millions of wireless AT&T users, suckers and talent panderers, American Idol is a guilty pleasure of mine. So, casting Puck as Ryan Seacrest, Brooklyn as Randy, Angela as Paula Abdul and... (this should be a shock) Demona as Simon; the show is now American Gargoyle, a contest in search of the perfect human to turn into a garg. (Includes Disney animators in-joke.)
2 38
Title: Flying Elbow
Artist: Revel [The Inside]
It's monday night and no better way to celebrate than to sit down with a few buddies and tune into the pro wrestling of the evening. And nothing drives the crowd wild like a nice final take down from the top turn buckle like and old Macho Man style flying elbow from Lexginton to poor Frank on the mat.
13 2
Title: Married With Gargoyles
Artist: Jo Ann Medrano
Everyone's favorite family: The Bundys!!
8 15
Title: Laurence Llewelen Bowen Goes GARGOYLE!
Artist: Kelly L Creighton / Kya White Sapphire [The Isle of Coloden]
Okay, no artistic merrit on this one.. but the important thing is that I had fun doing it. I had fun with the doodle, I had fun with the color. Anyway, this really isn't funny unless you watch the show religiously. Laurence is my favorite of all the designers, and I dont think he deserves the badmouthing that some people tend to give him. His style may be loud, but it STYLE. And I think his stuff looks cool ;)
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Title: The X-(anatos) Files
Artist: Spacebabie [Tower of X]
In the X-Files the hero was named Fox and was played by an actor named David Duchovny. There is a David and Fox and Gargoyles and I think they'd make a cute Mulder and Scully. Mulder likes sunflower seeds and knowing Xanatos he would be eating the brand that has his name on the bag.
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Title: The Mating Game
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
I'll like to give credit where credit is due -- I popped on S8 one morning to see that Abe Wintersmith and others had been discussing the current MGC topic and tossing out random gargoyle game show titles and one of them was "The Mating Game." It just struck me as so very Brooklyn, considering I'd written a minor story called "Catfight" along the same theme years ago. So here please find Owen Burnett as the show host, Brooklyn as the contestant and Angela, Avery Bishop (from my fanfics) and Sata (from TGS) as the lucky Bachelorettes!
Big thanks go out to Abe and all you late night dreamstormers -- this for you!
72 6
Title: Gargoyles-X
Artist: Galax [Galax World]
The X-files have ever been one of my favourite shows besides gargoyles. Unfortunately, there never appeared gargoyles in the x-files, so now the x-files have to appear in gargoyles!
3 9
Title: Addams Clan
Artist: Zarin
The topic of the Addams family can up when Revel and I were discussing his entry and I made the comment that Demona should be dressed up as Wenesday...from there it sprouted into this..Enjoy...
6 2
Title: Evil, thou art Purple.
Artist: Christina (Mina) Hollands
I was going to do Urkle, but I realized, I can be more evil. The big purple guy (Not SPIKE... Avery would just love this 'Goyle. Many screaming fits in closets.) Pen, then computer, PSP 6.0... hmm my first entry here.
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Title: untitled
Artist: MAui [The Roost]
comments soon
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Title: Highlander
Artist: Airalna
Okay its a character I made up named Kensore. He's doing the Quicking thing from Highlander...The hole lighting show after an immortal takes the head of another.^_^It must be painful.
4 2
Title: Star Trekkin'
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
It's life Jim, but not as we know it. We come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill, shoot to kill.
5 32
Title: "Hoooooogaaaaan!"
Artist: KFelidae
Annoyingly hastily put-together joke on Hogan's Heroes. Here, we see Klink's reaction to the gargified prisoners. And Schultz has chocolate. =D
0 2
Title: Charlie's Angels (MGC style)
Artist: Siryn [The Dreamer's Workshop]
Eh, my comments are at the end. ^_^;;;
But at least its better than last minute stick figures. ^_^;;;
Title: MGC Muppets
Artist: Kessalia
My scanner died, so i got to try drawing in painter for the first time. It's not as easy as you people make it look! ;) i think Muppet-Siryn is my favorite, though Muppet-Maui was the most fun. ;) She looks very Seasame Street-ish to me. *L*
Title: N.E.W.F.I.E.S
Artist: Lynati [Lynati's Narcissism Page]
...and honorary Newfies.
The original characters are the property of Dylan Blacquiere, whom I thank for getting me the reference pics that made this travesty possible. ; )
(Feel free to hum the "Friends" theme while looking at it.)
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