June 2003: Walk like an Egyptian...

Mummies, sphnixs, half human beings, gods and dieties, and...gargoyles?! This month, due to popular demand, the challenge is to design your own Egyptian gargoyle! What would a gargoyle look like that came from the land (or perhaps time) of the pharohs? How would they live?

Encyclopedia Mythica: Egyptian Mythology
Egyptian Mythology Gallery Directory
At the Tomb of King Tutankhamen
King Tut One.com -- great information site with more egyptian links and has a section just for kids!
Egyptain Hieroglyph's translated great site by Will Martin that translates hieroglyphs! glyph fonts for mac/glyph fonts for windows

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Title: Gargoyle Pharoah
Artist: Gemini
A proud, ancient warrior crouches in the sand, ready for a fight. The sun shines blindingly on the gold of his headdress, sword, and guantlets. Though he is a gargoyle, he is immune to the stone sleep the rest of his kind seems cursed with. Mahogany eyes give visitors and trespassers alike a look of grim determination, and a warning against those who would dare to defile the land of the Pharoahs........
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Title: Beloved by Bastet
Artist: Rita M.
Not for voting
Bastet is the ancient Cat Goddes: she's guardian of hunt, liberty and serenity, but also a guide to death's kingdom.
- I want to dedicate this illustration to my little kitty Isidoro, gone two week ago, and to anyone who suddenly lost his or her pet friend. -
Title: Together
Artist: Jenny
Elisa and Goliath's love for each other in a different life.
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Title: Mummy Goyle
Artist: Supergirl [Supergirls Art Gallery]
She doesn't really have a name, she just a made up character for this months contest topic! I can honestly say that I tried to draw an egyptian princess gargoyle but the mummy one sure turned out great! She's a fun loving dead gargoyle, don't you think? I enjoyed the challenge of the topic.
Additional entries:
Egyptian Goddess
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Title: The fate of a nose
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's den]
Goliath as an Egyptian warrior is fighting against Demona as a priestess of Seth, the god of chaos. As usual, they don't worry about the buildings and monuments they destroy...
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Title: Wings Of Isis
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [Shinga's Elfwood Gallery]
At first I tried to do a picture for this month based off of a Nightwish song, but it didn't work out. So instead I looked through a book on Ancient Egypt and saw a picture of Ramesses III's sarcophagus. On it was carved the 'protective figure of Isis with outstretched wings'. So I'm thinking 'protective, wings... gargoyle!' So here's my entry, a gargoyle with wings like that of the figure of Isis(ignore the color, I just picked them randomly) protecting a um... mummy ^_^;
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Title: Pray For Flight
Artist: Fellanora [Fellanora's Art Gallery]
Sutailja offers her desire to the open sky.
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Title: "The Gargoyle"
Artist: Adam Kitchin [Gargoyles Sound and Vision]
Ever wondered how "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns" would look like if the directors had Gargoyles in mind? Prepare to enter "The Gargoyle"
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Title: Throne
Artist: Y2Hecate [Hecatomb]
Isis, great mother goddess of Egypt, is usually depicted as a woman wearing the solar disk between a pair of horns (sometimes underneath the symbol of her name, the throne). She is a great magician, the giver of life, and one of the judges of the dead. A vital link between the gods and mankind, she is the beneficial mother goddess whose love encompassed every living creature. Especially Gargoyles. ^_~
Additional entries: Detail
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Title: Sexy Randall the Pharoah Wizard
Artist: Shinigami [Studio Other]
I tried. I tried! In the pre-Con crunch, art wise, and worked on a dare from Bud Clare for a while but it just didn't pan out. (pout) So, I decided to have some fun and do this. Somewhere, somewhere I just know Kevin Smith's ears are burning.
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Title: Top Of the Pyramid
Artist: Silver [Silver's Palace]
Uh....well, the only thing I could think of do to. No real story behind it. Forced myself not to look at the other entries before I finished mine, I would've probably chickened out. *cough* anyway, here's my pic.
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Title: Isis
Artist: Kythera of Anevern [Anevern]
Mother goddess of magic, protection and queen of the underworld, Isis has always appealed to me, and given her association with protection, drawing her as a gargoyle seemed appropriate.
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Title: The Egyptian
Artist: Jo Ann Medrano
An Egyptian Gargoyle.
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Title: Taweret
Artist: Megan "Pathrell" Tittle [Avalon]
Taweret the goddess of maternity and childbirth, protector of women and children. Traditionally she is portrayed as a pregnant hippopotomus with the tail of a crocodile and limbs of a lioness, all three were animals who would kill to protect their young. A popular househould deity, she holds a protective Sa amulet.
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Title: Forbidden love
Artist: Airalna [Airalna's Webpage]
It's a picture Anubis holding his forbidden lover Sahura. A gaurdian called on by the people to watch the tomb of Aapep the Great Devil. I did some reading in the Book of The Dead and Aapep the Great Devil and Anubis are both ancient Egytian characters. Sahura is my own character I made up. But I think she fits in nicely after read about the story of Aapep and Ra. The Hieroglyphs in the back ground are from the book of the dead. They are from the speech of the flame. Its about protecting someone or something.
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Title: Ma'at
Artist: Nicky Dee [NikkiD's Refuge]
An Egyptian goddess who personified the concepts of truth, cosmic order and justice. This concept was fundamental to Egyptian life and the rule of the Pharaohs. The Kings portrayed themselves constantly as "Beloved of Ma'at" and upholders of the universal order. This role was established by their divine predecessor Horus, who defeated the forces of the chaotic god Seth. The feather she holds is the feather of Truth, which was her sign of devinity.
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Title: Commiseration
Artist: Kelly L Creighton [The Isle of Coloden]
I figured Odin and Horus would get along. :)
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Title: Ammut The Devourer
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
Meet Ammit the Devourer of Souls, For her to have the souls, Anubis use a great scale weigh the heart with a Feather of Maat. If it weigh more or less worthy or not some becomes Ammut food. She have a head of a crocodile, front torso of a lioness and the hind quarters of a hippopotamus.
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Title: Cleopatra
Artist: Karell (Coda) [Studio DDS]
This is Cleopatra in a Garg version.
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Title: Horus and Seth; Battle of the Millennium
Artist: Amy Evans (aka OceanDragoness) [Phantasy Illusion]
Okay, this is my first entry to MGC ^-^' I don't know if I got the legend right (because I'm sometimes too lazy to sit and read stuff at the PC). But I've always had a fascination with Egypt and Gargoyles, so this was perfect. Here we have Seth against Horus in the final battle.
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Title: Nebhotep
Artist: Justin M. Lindley
Nebhotep is a gargoyle for one of my series.
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Title: Horus the Falcon Head God
Artist: Ryhanna
well this did take a while but im sort of happy with it i decided to draw Horus the Falcon head God didn't have time to color it soo i hope you like it ^.^
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Title: Erm... Temple of Gloom?
Artist: Cat Watson [are you a Fire Nymph?]
Wow, my first pic in over a year!!
This doesn't quite follow on with the gods and goddesses theme people seem to have going, but I hope it's still acceptable (is is Egyptian after all...?). As for the pic, I wanted to do something a bit 'more' than a pin-up as I dont draw often anymore. I'm also in the process of actually making the bag which the Tomb-Raider-Garg is holding. I was hoping to have it done in time to include with this pic, but never mind!
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most creative image  
Title: Emerging from the tomb...
Artist: Dreamie [Dreamie's Hideaway]
There's a running gag in my family... When I put my hair up in a towel, there's always some sort of comment about Pharaohs, or African queens....
(Quick pic since that's all I have time for at the moment....gathering! whee!)
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Title: Khonsu
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
Being creatures of the night, I imagine gargoyles would herald their deity of choice to be Khonsu, God of the Moon and Justice. Here he is surrounded by moons in their various phases as well as the names of varoius other gods and goddesses.
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Title: Ready to Burn
Artist: Shannon Fowler (emilylorange) [DarkElementals.com]
In one of those bad Gargoyle/Human relations decisions, our friend here (and her scary cat) has decided to gather together her clan and show those silly humans who they SHOULD be praying to.
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Title: Shadow Games
Artist: Silverbolt
In the time of Pharaohs, Egyptians played a deadly game known as the shadow games. Many people viewed The Blue Eyes, White Dragon as the most dangerous demon, but none was more terrifiying than the Red Eyes, Blue Gargoyle... especially when it was combined with the Horn of the Unicorn!
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Autumn
I drew a picture of an Egyptian gargoyle hunting because, well, gargoyles have gotta eat too, right? I don't know if they actually used spears or not though.
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Title: Border of Reality
Artist: Cerberus
Just a happy little Egyptian gargoyle. And if you don't know who he's carving, you should listen to more Iced Earth.
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Title: Nut
Artist: Konako [Invisible Circle]
Phew, didn't think I was going to get this done on time ^^;; This is the goddess Nut, who possesed the sky and the heavens. It was said that she would swallow the stars in the morning, and they would be reborn through her the following night. She was usually depicted as a naked woman with stars painted on her body ^_^
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Title: The Pharaoh's Security System
Artist: Tempest- (Adam Leigh) [Rogue-Penguin]
The God King could not be put to rest without at least one of his trusted guardians standing watch, keeping his soul safe on the journey to the next life. This guardian, who would only be known as "Pharaoh", would stand, firm as stone, until the God King returns to get him.
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Title: MGC BC
Artist: Kess
Hehe..(Si speaking for Kess) This was soo awesome at the Gathering I stole it from Kess so I could post it. The text reads as follows.

Maui: Can you believe the pharaoh demand we make him artist of the month AGAIN?!?

Siryn: Darn it! Kess, do you have any more chisels? I'm almost done with the update...

Kess: I wish people would read the size limits!
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Title: Anubis & Ammut
Artist: Jessie
(Si talking again)
Jessie had two sketches that I loved, and I wasn't about to let her cop out of MGC AGAIN...so here is her drawing of Anubis with Ammut. Looking very happy! :D
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