September 2002: Wild Wild West

Draw the Defenders of the Night (or your own original gargoyle character) as they might have appeared back in the days of the old west: chaps, spurs, bandanas and six-guns... cowboys, indians, rustlers, saloon girls, footpads, outlaws, saloon owners, bartenders, sheriffs, blacksmiths, wagon drivers and more!
Original gargoyles or Canon characters are permitted

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Title: The Wild Wild West
Artist: Lady Shadow [The World of Lady Shadow]
This is an old pic that I did in '99 of my Mum and Dad's characters in a "Wild West" theme. The Wild, Wild West movie had just been released with Will Smith and that's what inspired me. I can't believe that after all this time, I finally found a use for the old pic. :)
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Title: Brooklyn The Kidd
Artist: Angie McClelland / Jessie [Dakota's Ridge]
It's Brooklyn looking all Billy-The-Kidd like! Many thanks to everyone who crtiqued the pic and gave me suggestions on how to make it better. :)
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Title: Bucking Bronco... WOA!WOA!
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
well you remember lex rode a horse once and then ride a motorbike next but he decided to get back on the horse again in a Western style.. But the horse do not like this stranger on its back.. soo what do you get.. a BUCKING BRONCO!!!! ~~Giggles~~~ Poor lex have to go though this.. But Luckly for one thing. There is a saddle on the horse\'s back.. Sooo thats means ,No severe injury on the horse.... :) Thanks goodness..
Additional entry:
Round up time Bronx!
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Title: Totem
Artist: Cyrille Castellant
Indian totems represent often (always ?) characters or animals stacked. I had this strange idea just after surfing on MGC site and I make it from the game characters.
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Title: 200 years ago
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's Den]
My fan-characters Nimravus (experiment of the Gen-U-Tech Systems) and his wife Shetani (East Africa gargress). I wanted to draw an original subject: I thought that an old photo might be a good one.
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Title: Saloon Marie
Artist: Heather
A character I made up, Marie, dressed up for the saloon for all the studs. :D
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Title: Saloon Demona
Artist: Crystalfyre [Realm of the Crystalstars]
Heh! I really like how this turned out, with her really calm attitude, yet showing her gun and saying "just try it, buddy".
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Title: Giddyap!
Artist: Cindy "Eden" Kinnard [Eden's Island]
Look! Lil' Alex Xanatos got himself a pony!
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Title: Draw at Dawn
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
The gargoyle here, Harbreaker, is actually half demon. So who's to say how long his lifespan will actually be, or if he even needs to change to stone all the time. (His mom didn't just give him good looks. Lords know he didn't get them from his dad. :P) So I imagine he'd often be underestimated whereever he went.
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Title: Kestrel
Artist: Nicky Dee (AKA Lil_Eboni) [NikkiD's Refuge]
Greetings! Well I have FINALLY lived up to my promice, I have
finally posted a pic for MGC! Aaah! Well, most you know me as Eboni on
Station Eight chat, and this is the first of many posts. I was inspired by
the Disney movie "Pochahontas" and I have always wanted to see
Pochahontas in Garg form! It rather original, the dress is different and there is a neat tattoo on her arm. I hope you guys like it! Email me if you
want to rant and please check out my site for more pics on Gargoyles!
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Title: The Law
Artist: Revel [The Inside]
No comment
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Title: WANTED! Danni Dixson. Dead or Alive
Artist: Silver [Silver's Palace]
Danni is just the gal I created for this entry. I image she's an outlaw, cattle russler. Kinda put her in a pose of the old style photographs of the time. I decided not to make it LOOK like an old style photograph... blah... tooo much work for this girl. Blah.
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Title: Need for Speed
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo's Place]
Some things are just inevitable at any point in history. (oh yes, and the horse's brand, which doesn't show up so well, is F.L. ;)
Hurray for New Mexico sunsets!
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Title: Sunshine
Artist: Ylla [Ylla's Art Gallery]
Once again the cowboy rides away in persuit of danger, excitement, and adventury. And once again, she stands by the door, watching him go. There is no happiness in her life without him. But she stands there, because she cannot keep him from going away again, even if it tears her heart apart. (lyrics: "Ain't no Sunshine", Eva Cassidy)
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Title: Laying down the law...
Artist: Lauren 'Ariel' Bergholm [The Gateway]
WHEEE! Cowgirl pinups are fun! I did it from memory, so Angela is probably off model, and I know she has wings, but lets call this a work in progress shall we? ;)
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Title: Twilight Reflections
Artist: Kythera of Anevern [Anevern]
"One thing my wing-ed brothers and sisters never could understand--You don't always have to leave the ground in order to fly."
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Title: Wild West Sunday Best
Artist: Amanda "Mojave" Behlen
This is my first time entering. Here we have a random gargoyle couple, dressed up in their Sunday best. I was quite pleased with it until my sister pointed out the female's neck is too long. ^^;; Sorry for the poor quality.
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Title: Spaghetti Showdown
Artist: J. A. Stocker [The Hoard of Lorien]
I've always taken a liking to spaghetti westerns. Well? What are you waiting for- a fistful of dollars? Take a look!
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Title: Chibi-Broadway Will Clean Up This Town
Artist: Lady Baltimore
A bit of a misshapen Broadway, in my try at a "chibi"-style.
((Aside: I had so much else I wanted to do, but turns out none of it worked out. As it's the 29th already . . . I figure I'd just put in what I have. :) In any case, I hope to be doin' this monthly.))
Thanks for having this up, and I'll see you later.
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Title: Lip Rouge, Fishnets, and Wings
Artist: Pathrell [Avalon]
Pathrell's been just about everywhere in the world in her 3,000 year history, including the Old West. So back in a time when freaks of nature were the popular attraction, Pathie in her infinite mischevousness decided to make a saloon her home. Unlike the human 'soiled doves' that brought in the lonely cowboys, Pathie usually refused to be touched unless you had wings and alot of coin.
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Title: Keepers of Dreams
Artist: Missy 'Morgana Fae' Zuber [Missy's SketchBook]
Standing side by side Goliath and Elisa are the guardians of dreams. They protect people as they sleep and only let the dreams pass through the dream catcher. They are the 'Keepers of Dreams'.
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Title: Bonanza!
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
The Ponderosa Clan rides again as proud patriarch Hudson teaches Brooklyn, Broadway, and Little Lex the ways of the wild west. (Done from a cast picture of the Cartwright family -- Adam, Hoss, Ben and Little Joe)
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Title: Quiet Evening on the Homestead
Artist: Kessalia [Mel's Messy Room]
NOT FOR VOTING! Please do not vote for this entry.
My great-grandmother made quilts, and so does my mom. I made a potholder and a tiny pillow for my sister, does that count? ;) And this one, which was a PAIN.
It's not super, but I learned a LOT from it, and that's what counts, right? :)
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Title: Cowgirl Sapphy
Artist: Zoe
Ok, here is Sapphy the gargoyle about to show her roping skills.
Pencil, Ink, and colored in photoshop.
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