July 2003: Video Game Gargoyles

We had the MGC forum goers pick their favourite topic out a of a few popular choices, and this is what you guys picked! Video Game Gargoyles! Draw any video game character, canon characters, or gargoyle fan characters participating in a videogame or playing the game themselves!!
Special thanks to Silver who drew the mascots this month, and Dreamie, for coming up with the idea.

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Title: Chicks Dig 8-Bit
Artist: Maui [The Roost]
badaa... I swear sometime (mabye even this month) I'll get started on a real entry..well..this IS a real entry..I think it's funny..but I mean one that takes me more than 45 minutes to accomplish ;)
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Title: Super Mario Sisters
Artist: Supergirl [Supergirls Art Gallery]
My family never got any further than a Super Nintendo, so my sister and I have this thing for playing Super Mario. So I drew this picture for the fun of my sisters gargoyle character Ami and my gargoyle character Supergirl. When I saw the topic of this month, I just couldn't resist entering it.
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Title: Metal Gear Fulton 2 - Sons of Liberty
Artist: Rita M.
I don't know if the most of you know Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2, but I think it's the best PlayStation's Videogame I ever played! With this entry I introduce you one of my favourite characters from my fanfictions: Fulton, the cold and violent Lexinghton's son. He has more skills with machines than his father, and is VERY good with guns; he's also a great soldier, expert of infiltration and sabotage, that's why he's perfect to play the role of Solid Snake, protaginist of Metal Gear Solid2...you can recognize Marrey behind him, who's simply perfect as Raiden, Snake's companion ;).
Additional Entry:
Made in the original MGS2 inking style. I wanna dedicate this second illustration to my dear friend Flavio, a big Metal Gear Solid Fan ;)
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Artist: Kiva! [Quad 9 Dyne Online!]
I was not seriously entering this into MGC when I drew it, considering it took 5 minutes...!!!" o_O! Zidane from Final Fantasy 9!
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Title: Super Mario Wannabe
Artist: Ami [Ami on the Web!!]
I've never been one for video games, but the only one that I play is Mario, I love to play any and all of the Mario games. This picture generates from the very first Mario made in 1985. If any of you have played the old Mario, this is the very end of any level, when Mario jumps on the pole. ^_^ Yah!
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Title: Lara Croft
Artist: Jo Ann Medrano
Ready to play...?
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Title: Big Sword, Big Feet
Artist: CT [Gargoyles x Gundams]
Cloud, of FFVII fame. I had yet to play the game when he showed up in my sketchbook. Still, I'm pleased with it. Thanks to my friend for the title - every time she saw it, she giggled "Hee
hee, big feet!" Micron pens, Microsoft Picture It!
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Title: "Sly Cooper"
Artist: Angie "Jessie" McClelland [Kilted Wolf]
Homage to one of the best video games I've ever played. If he HAD had wings, it would have made the game a hell of a lot easier, lemme tell you ;)
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Title: Rikku Gargoyle
Artist: Carolyn
A picture of Rikku from Final Fantasy X. (her eyes r supposed to be like that,shes al bhed)
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Title: sonic the hedgegoyle
Artist: Justin Lindley
This my cheesy and pathetic attempt at a submission for this month. I hope you all enjoy. LOL
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Title: Super Mario Sunshine
Artist: Shannon Fowler (emilylorange) [DarkElementals.com]
This game is hands down the best 15 bucks I ever spent on Ebay.... I changed the character designs more than a little... have you ever noticed how silly Mario is? If you think it's strange looking at this, try drawing it with a straight face.
Gargs of Peach, the "Fake" Mario, a Delfinoite and her precious wastermelon, and Mario without the mustache, because that looked *really* silly.
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Title: BloodRayne as a gargoyle
Artist: Olgy Rodriguez [yoseimurasaki.deviantart.com]
I finally got the courage to enter a MGC! This is my first entry, so please be kind. At first, I wanted to draw Ms. Croft, but then I decided for a slight darker mood with BloodRayne. The game is based on a half human, half vampire heroin (believe me, she's the good guy!) so I figured, how cool would a half gargoyle, half vampire be?
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Title: Demo Crisis
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's den]
Demona as Regina, the red-haired character of "Dino Crisis" - an action/horror videogame for PSone. I've changed the title in "Demo(na) Crisis" and replaced the dinosaurs with humans - if Demona had to kill such big lizards, she would get bored ;-)
I also want to thank my friend Rita, who has taught me how to ink!
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Title: Trio's Night In
Artist: Adam Kitchin [Gargoyles Sound and Vision]
First attempt at drawing canon characters, but it is a wonder to think of what the Trio does in their nights off, and while Goliath and Hudson are on patrol they decided to dress Brooklyn up as their favourite video game character...
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Title: Samus in the Gargoyle Suit
Artist: Krista "Artemis" Leemhuis [Tenth Orbital]
Due to my recent acquisition of Metroid Prime (and the slight obsession that came with it), I chose to do Samus a la Gargoyles suit. Seemed a rational person to do, since Samus is always getting new suits anyway. So here she is...I hope I did her justice! :)
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Title: Poor Avatar......
Artist: Tribun [Tribuns Gargoyles Page]
I don't know if you know the Avatar from the Ultima RPG-series. I think it is the best RPG series that was ever there. This defender of law, order and virtue can have every race and gender, so why can't he also be a gargoyle?
Starring Ikarus of my fanfiction universe as the Avatar. Going though a blue moongate, he finds himself in trouble. All while the Guardian already taunts him. "Poor Avatar....Poor, poor Avatar! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
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Title: untitled
Artist: Kiki Bug [The Sketchbook]
First submission to this site!!! The .hack (dot hack) game for the PS2 has been released, and this gargie, Russet, is all ready to do some magic in the online world, complete with all those markie thingies on her stomach, face, and legs.
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Title: Paratroopa
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Place]
A Paratroopa, from the old school Super Mario Bros. I decided I didn't want to just stick wings on a character... so I picked a baddie that already had wings! (Okay, maybe I should lay off the Mario Mushrooms...)
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Title: Gargoyles Combat
Artist: Evil Overlady [Evil Overlady FM's Domain]
The ULTIMATE face-off. Who will win?
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Title: Female Sim Garg
Artist: Shinigami [Studio Other]
Been messing around with SimPose and several other programs to get this image. Does Maxis' The Sims count as a video game? It should, you can play it on PS2, yanno. Besides, she pretty!
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Title: Diablo with Wings
Artist: Ayamai [Ayamai's Art]
Angel and Brooklyn as the Scorceress and Necromancer from Diablo II. (The Best game in the WORLD!! MWAhahaha!! :D)
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Title: Jak's experience with Dark Eco
Artist: Amy (aka Oceandragoness) [Phantasy-Illusio]
I hope the caption makes this picture self explanatory ^-^ Jak is one of the cutest game heroes, and it's great to see him Gargi-fied! ^V^
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Title: Get over here!
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
Scorpion is my favourite video game character of all time. And Samus should always have purple hair.
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Title: Rynn of Drakan: The Ancients' Gates
Artist: Nicky Dee [NikkiD's Refuge]
At first I was not sure on which vidio game I was going to do my submission on. Most of the very popular vidio games have been already choosen so I choose my most favorite PS2 Role-Play Game, Drakan 2! I love Role-Play games, but I only like them if there is a female character to play. This game has that! Her name is Rynn and she is a butt-kicking, sword slashing warrior who gets to ride a dragon! Now I know that practically every girl in the universe wants a pet dragon at one point in her life! I know I have! Hope you like the pic!
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Title: Siryn as PAINE!
Artist: Siryn [The Dreamer's Workshop]
Okay, well, its majorly late, and hopefully I'll add Maui as Rikku and Kess as Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 (the sequel to FFX coming out this November) tomorrow. @.@ But at least its up! Not totally thrilled with the inking/colouring job, but that's what happens when you get rushed. Although, i USED to draw skulls much better than this. -_-;;

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