September 2003: Pirate Gargoyles!

We've got Cabin Fever!!! (sorry couldn't resist) As a result of Disney's awesome new movie Pirates of the Caribbean (and the fact it seems like all the fandom 'art chika's' have cabin fever), our topic is Pirate Gargoyles! Create your own pirate gargoyle or dress up any fanfic gargoyle or canon gargoyle as a pirate from the show! :D

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Title: Kestevara the Bucaneer
Artist: Anael MarsW
This is my first entry at the contest. ^.^ She's Kestevara, the brave bucaneer! She's one of my gargoyles, but transported to the olde pirate's years.
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Title: Polly wants a cracker
Artist: Jo Ann Medrano
A pirate's best friend...
2 5
Title: "Happy birthday to..."
Artist: Lynati [Lynati's Narcissism Page]
I actually did this piece a couple weeks ago as a gift for Siryn, who was sad she didn't have a pirate costume. ^_^
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Title: Brooklyn's Bonnie lass?
Artist: Heather H. [Heather's Side7 Art Gallery]
I just had to. I love Pirates of the Caribbean so much and I had a lightbulb come on of Brooklyn having somewhat the personality of Captain Jack Sparrow... So here is one for a good laugh. :)
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Title: The most important member of the crew...
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's den] the figure-head! It was supposed to protect the ship from sea monsters and misfortune. A perfect job for a pirate gargoyle!
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Title: The Power of Legos
Artist: Revel [The Inside]
When the clan was forced to relocate to the clocktower the trio were still learning about the new world and playing with most things they could get their hands on.
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Title: The Red Corsair
Artist: Tribun [Tribun's Gargoyles Page]
So finally we know, why he is called the "Red Corsair"!
In a time were the blade was the law, he is out there to make wealth and fighting for fame, to be allowed to marry his love. Ever one step before the Spanish pirate hunters, he will to everything to reach his goal.
I planned this as a cinema poster, but had no more space for the credits. But not that this makes the picture less enjoyable.
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Title: Tug-O-Jack
Artist: Dreamie [Dreamie's Hideaway]
Captain Jack Sparrow bites off more than he can chew with two familiar bar wenches (Dreamie and Sapphire)....though it looks like he's enjoying it, y'savvy? ^_~
43 10
Title: "Why the MGC Staff -really- chose this topic"
Artist: Angie "Jessie" McClelland [Dakota's Ridge]
This just popped into my head one day so I decided to sketch it out *L*
Some of you may be saying "Hey! Where are those guys' wings??" I think that seafaring gargs would be wing-less, otherwise they might get caught in the ropes and get in the way. But that's just me.
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Title: Here, boy!
Artist: Dirce [Dirce's Castle]
well, it just had to be done!
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Title: Pirates
Artist: Katja (Blue Gargess)
I've been doing some pirate sketches for the past couple of months and consiquently hated every one of them. I was then listening to my Y Kant Tori Read album (back before Tori Amos went solo) and the song 'Pirates' came on. I then got the idea to make Tori a gargoyle and do a parody of her album cover which portrays her in a bucaneer outfit with a sword. On that note, the lyrics:
here is a light that shines on the frontier
pirates yeah pirates
and on a dark night when you feel lonely
and the world just can't understand you
pirates yeah pirates
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Title: Pirate Gargoyle
Artist: Carolyn
She watches the seas from the highest point on her ship, keeping an eye out for any adventures to come.
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Title: Small Pirates
Artist: Rita M.
Surely, poor youg Tachi had to work hardly to keep quite her four little brothers: they really were small brats, or maybe I should say...small pirates ;) .
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Title: Pirate Gargy Goodness....
Artist: Ariel [The Gateway]
Of course it is lacking in the BG dept, but whatcha gonna do? Perhaps I shall add one this weekend...I have a few ideas...
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Title: Capt'n Brooklyn
Artist: Thundra [Thundra's Castle]
Capt'n Brooklyn sailing the high seas in search of treasure ^_^ i'm not compleatly thrilled with this one, but once i finally got it on paper i ran with it. I'll prolly redo this one sooner or later ;) yes, i suck at drawing any form of weaponrt ;) and i really want a wacom ;D
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Title: Pirate Elaine
Artist: Karell [Studio DDS]
Here is Elaine, threat of the Seven Seas... Don't bother her 'cause she's quite angry... A tribute to Elaine Marley, the best Pirate Governor of the Melee Island ;)
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Title: "Dead man tell no tales"
Artist: Dana
What a better person to have guarding the captain's treasure then a gargoyle? Especially if that gargoyle is the captain.
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Title: Pirate Demona
Artist: Lilly & Aranesh [Aranesh's Lair]
Not too long ago, a lot of mysteries evolved around pirates. Most of them were men, but do they have to be men Do they have to be human at all?

Drawing by Lilly, ink and colorization by Lilly and Aranesh.
28 3
Title: Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
Arr! There be nothin' like 'e bottle 'o rum wit' me pal Jack!
4 8
Title: Up the Anchor
Artist: odd sight
Up the Anchor line?? Where would you expect an attack from crazy winged pirates anyways, the sky?? Boy were you wrong! After all isn't this about surprise? ok, so I could have done better with this one but hey, its my first in a long time.. oh well ;) I'll do better next time... oh yah, Pirate are awsome :D
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Title: Captain Hookwing
Artist: Foxx Laverinth [Habernaki Lane]
I didn't even think of the pun on his name until AFTER I'd done the pic. >.< Silly me. I tried a simplistic technique on the background and I rather like it.
5 4
Title: Hudson on the High Seas
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
"Motorcycles? What th' devil are ye messin' about wi' motorcycles? Where's th' challenge in that?" Hudson narrowed his eyes in disgust at the Trio who doing their best to look anywhere but at him. "Now in my day, we knew th' best way t' prove a warrior's worth was t' go huntin' Vikings. Those pirates never knew what hit 'em -- we'd knock th' crew overboard an' send their ships out t' sea." He snorted indignantly. "Motorcyles --- bah!"

Funny thing about old gargoyles...they used to be young troublemakers. *L*
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Title: The Swabber: Fate of Greed.
Artist: A.J.
No Descrption.
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