October 2003: Urban Legends/Ghosts

For Halloween, we've picked a popular topic from our forums, Urban Legends/Ghost stories. Did you hear about that videotape? What about Alligators in the sewers? Or catch a glimpse of that lady in the mirror? For a spooky filled halloween, Illustrate your favourite Urban Legend or ghost story (and if possible, let us know what it's about!)

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Note: Regardless that the topic is Urban Legends & Ghost stories, please remember the PG-13 rating of MGC when creating your entries.

Special thanks to Rita for drawing the mascots this month!

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Title: Bloody Mary
Artist: Jo Ann Medrano
Say my name in front of a mirror and I will appear. What will I do? It all depends on what legend you believe...
1 0
Title: Untitled
Artist: Dox
A hundred times better than my last disastrous rush entry. The two gargoyles are fan-made characters, a set of fraternal twins, Jersey (the gold one) and Ebony (the statue). I based this image off of the Urban legend of the girl found dead in the arms of a graveyard statue of a woman. This actually worked out pretty nice, since the Jersey was the only survivor from her small clan of siblings, and she bears immense guilt of having survived while her brothers and sister were shattered. I figured having her sister as the vengeful ghost would play into the story rather nicely.
12 13
Title: Chupacabra!
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
I blame my son Paul for this one... he's hooked on the Chupacabra monster stories from Mexico, Central America, and Puerto Rico. The chupacabra, or 'goat-sucker' is a little green creature covered in spines that has nasty blood-drinking habit. It seems poor Lex got ahold of some bad cabrito and is under the chupacabra curse....
5 11
Title: Down in the sewers
Artist: Tribun [Tribun's Gargoyles Page]
Talon and Delilah are searching the dark sewers for the cause of a rat invasion to the Labyrinth. Will they encounter the fabulous gaint alligators down there?
Well, not exactly.......
0 3
Title: Poltergeist Movie Curse
Artist: Christina DeGaglia
A large number of deaths have happened to the former cast of the Poltergeist horror movies. One of the most heard of is the little girl who played Carol Ann (Heather O'Rourke) the little girl who was being hunted by poltergeist Kane. She died at the age of 12 due to a deathly sickness during an operation that was supposed to save her. I thought it would be really cool to make Carol Ann into a little gargoyle! I love horror movies and this is one has some mystery attached to it so it makes it even better. I do not think being a gargoyle will save her from the poltergeist but hey, at least she looks cool!
0 6
Title: The Headless Gargoyle
Artist: Dana
He waits for sunset to bring his terror to the people of Sleepy Hollow. Watch out, or you might loose your head. A tribute to the Headless Horseman.
4 10
Title: The Mothman
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's Den]
"On November 12, 1966 near Clendenin, West Virginia, five men were in the local cemetery that day, preparing a grave for a burial, when something that looked like a brown human being lifted off from some nearby trees and flew over their heads. It did not appear to be a bird, but more like a man with wings. A few days later, more sightings would take place, electrifying the entire region." Source: http://www.prairieghosts.com/moth.html
2 4

most creative image  
Title: Gargoyles do exist!
Artist: Tiger Lili
In 1995, I went to N.Y. with some of my friend. And like everyone else, I brought my camera. We were walking on Broadway when i've notice something very unusual on a rooftop. It took me a few second to realise what it was. So I look throught my camera and zoom in. That's when I recognized him. It was Goliath. And if he exist, where was the rest of the clan...?
3 20
Title: Cold as Clay
Artist: Y2Hecate [Hecatomb]
My entry for this month's MGC is based off of a short story called Cold as Clay, from the book "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" by Alvin Schwartz.
You can read the story here - http://www.suesrock.net/home/y2hecate/oct03MGC.html
2 1

most artistic image  
Title: Angel Guards
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
Inspired by a Snopes.com article, Alley Oops. I find the woman who wrote the article to be very insightful, but still, it made for a good MGC entry. :>
29 3
Title: When it's too late...
Artist: Karell (coda) [Studio DDS]
here is a typical french urban legend : the Beast of Gevaudan which you maybe saw in the movie "the Brotherhood of the Wolves". Between 1764 and 1767, a mysterious beast attacked only children and women. It made more than hundred victims and more hounded people. It was described much bigger than a wolf, reddish with a black hair back and huge jaws... We never found out what it was and what kind of creature it was...
18 10
Title: The Gargoyle in Gray
Artist: Tiffany L. Tran
Based on the legend of the ghost known as The Man in Gray who appears in 1700's attire and wanders through the Theater Royale of Drury Lane in London, England. It is believed that skeletal remains discovered within the theater walls belonged to him and that his ghostly presence bodes well for a performance. Here I have transformed this wandering spirit into a Gargoyle, admittedly taking some liberties in his costume. Pencil sketch, digitally colored.
11 6

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