November 1998: Design the MGC Mascot!

Design the MGC Mascot!
(This contest originally took place between March and May of 1998.) Unfortunately, are archive system would be a little offset by this, so we put it under november

Here are the original applicants for the position of MGC mascot, and the hard working artists who submitted them!

Entry Artistic Votes Creativity Votes
Title: Pyre
Artist: Jade
His name is Pyre, he's a dog-goyle, like Bronx :)
Title: Ekka and Pinto
Artist: Siryn [The Dreamer's Workshop]
Ekka and Pinto both kinda popped into my mind at once..a brother and sister type deal..and are (very) loosely based on the stories I hear from Christi about her two sons and art supplies. ^_^ As for the roomate Jamie and I just thought the names up on awhim. ^_^ They're really fun and easy to draw though! ^_^
Additional entry:
Title: Prodigy
Artist: Ylla
This kyoot li'l gargie prodigy ran out of the most important thing in his life - paint ^_^
Title: Triptych
Artist: Mirai
yuppers, his given name is Triptych, his chosen name is Stargrave,you can call 'im Kim if you must. *giggles* my homage to King Mob,Spider, and the english punk rock scene. i think. hm.
Additional entries:
Title: Untitled
Artist: Mercedes [Temple of Delphi]
Well, he's not old, and apparently no longer blue (though hestarted out that color). Colored completely in Photoshop during a lazyThursday afternoon.
Title: Vega
Artist: Pathrell [Pathrell's website]
Her name is Vega, which means falling star, so it works for her color scheme... ;)
Title: Untitled
Artist: Nightshade [Nightshade's website]
Ok..the paintbrush is the sword and the pallet is thesheild...for those who are wondering :)
Title: Smidge
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
This is Smidge, a hopeless applicant for the job of MGC Mascot. As you can see, she may be a little on the small side, but she does come with her own pencil!!
Title: Quartz and Neptune
Artist: Celano [The Harpy's Nest]
Quartz is the girl and Neptune is the guy. Sort of "What if Gargoyles went to art school pic?"
Title: Pictoria
Artist: Lady Shadow [Lady Shadow's Website]
I'd been wanting to draw this pic for awhile, so I got motivated and this is the finished product, Pictoria! :)
Title: Mera
Artist: Ramothhe [Ramothhe's website]
Mera is a character I created...she's brainstorming to think of an idea for the Monthly Gargoyles Contest.
Title: Harpie
Artist: Nightwing [Nightwing's website]
Harpie! I'm not to sure on her name, may change it, may not. ^_^ This was actually suposed to be a rough sketch I did for a mascot, but I liked it so much I inked, scanned it, and had it colored on the computer.
Additional entries:
Title: Untitled
Artist: Tara of Whiptail [Tara's website]
I've never done a gargoyle for a contest before... Put one ertwo in a County Fair once, but everyone thought they were evil andsatanic... But here she is... Tada!!! Only my second Photoshop pic, butshe's a fun one ta draw! I got the grin idea from Harley (the Joker'sside-kick) on the "Batman the Animated Series"... Hope y'all like her! :)

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