November 2003: Science Fiction Realms

Immerse your gargs in the varied worlds of Science Fiction! Draw from sci-fi movies, sci-fi books, or your own imagination, but send those gargoyles off - to the stars, cyberspace, the future... The sky is not the limit!

Entries from the old "Voyage to the Stars" topic will be happily accepted for voting or as additional entries. :)

Special thanks to Rita for drawing the mascots for this month!

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Title: The Empire strikes back, Gargoyle style
Artist: Tribun [Tribun's Gargoyles Page]
It's a dark time for the Rebellion...
Ah! Scrap it, you all know the story of Episode V!
Featuring the Emperor, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and two stormtroopers. Ever wonder how the stormtrooper armor looked for people with wings and a tail...? How Vader lost his wings? Welcome to Star Wars, Gargoyle style!
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Title: Aliens vs Brooklyn
Artist: Valeria Turner
With this month's theme, I couldn't resist the chance to use my favorite gargoyle, Brooklyn in a theme that surrounded him with Aliens. As you can see, Brooklyn is running from the face huggers whose eggs he just set ablaze, and the two large aliens in the back are the queen and one of the drones. I am not good at drawing cartoons so I had to put a little realistic element to it. (I'm talkin' about the muscles here) I really can't draw cartoons with a darn so I gave Brook the buff look. Hope it's ok. This is my first time entering so I am a little nervous about what everyone is going to think of it.
10 3
Title: Smugglers at the Spaceport
Artist: Revel [The Inside]
And here we find the infamous pilot and captain of the Millenium Falcon, Brook Solo, and his trusty partner. They may not be up to any trouble right now but with the fastest ship in the known galaxy you can imagine it won't be long before they are jumping to hyperspace with a questionable cargo.
1 2
Title: Aliens Gargoyle
Artist: Jenny Crawford
This is my first submission to the MCG, but when I saw this topic I immediately thought of Giger's Aliens and had to submit something, even if it's just a sketch. I think it's fitting however, because compared to gargoyles they have many features in common (physically :) ) Aliens have pointed joints, tails, talons, walk on two or four legs, they also have two to four bony protrusions on their back that struck me as perfect for wings to sprout from. Since the Aliens incorporate some of the physical features of the creature they incubate in, I also thought they'd inherit some of the bony head frills as well, so this creature is not a queen. Finally, something interesting I found out is that the Aliens weren't meant to live very long in the movies.
They were originally designed to be very pale when they're first "born" and then as they grow and move about they grow darker from bruising. Thus their frenetic kill/breed lifestyle is simply because even though they're very fierce, they're also very fragile creatures.
4 6
Title: Caleb Wolf Angel
Artist: X
Background: Set several decades before the Space-Spawn invasion, I think. (The Gargoyles universe meets Quake 2 and Deus Ex). Earth is under attack by the Strogg, and gargoyles been the ultimate warriors are mother earth's first line of defence. With there great speed and reflexes and most of all strength, combined with awesome heavy techno-magical weaponry. Lead by the councel chiefs of the Gargoyle Concord, the inter-clan leadership of the gargoyle nation. The gargoyle warriors of the future kill and lay waste to hords of there Strogg enemys. We'll here is one of them, it's me, Caleb Wolf Angel. The psychotic warrior of love, of freedom, of justice and of vengeance and with style! By killing Strogg he nourishes his soul with violence and death and loves it! We'll enjoy, if can.
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Title: Garrikada and the Oxiclovix Beast
Artist: Graham Ganson [Xanithar "The Shadow Dimension"]
Since high school solely have I loved the series of Gargoyles. Such art helped inspire me as an artist. The creatures you see are my own created comic book characters from my unpublished book of Xanithar "the Shadow Dimension" Garrikad (The Red guy) is a red Gargoyle from another Dimension with a wicked looking Staff and a fierce war helmet. Beside him (added for looks) is a Oxiclovix, A beast with a double scorpion like tail and a hulk like body with massive teeth. As far as a space theme, Xanithar is a book where some characters pass between worlds. Garrikada is sort of an alien gargoyle that doesn't turn to stone in daylight. Not much is known about his species or his origin, but one thing is for sure. He is one tough gargoyle from another world.
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Title: The Matrix Has You
Artist: Genocidal Smasher [Avalon's Angel]
Been visiting this site for a long time now but this is my first entry. It is of course a Matrix tribute with Brooklyn as Neo and Angela as Trinity. Don't know what else to say but I hope some people get a kick out of it. It was fun to make.
2 3
Title: Space Case
Artist: Roxanne
this is my 1st entry so ummm, here u go...
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Title: CyberSeed
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [Engel Grove]
Tekk and Sada from my original scifi trilogy, CyberSeed, gargified!! Tekk with blue hair, Sada with orange hair/on the moon :P Theres some more about CyberSeed(and the pics where they look like they're supposed to) Here.
2 6
Title: Darth Maul Chick
Artist: Nebulan []
Darth Maul crossed with a female gargoyle. This is my first time entering at MGC so I hope I did it right :P.
Additional Entry: The Kids Dream about a Star Trek Convention - This isn't my original attempt or design. I originally wanted them to actually be at a convention, full body pics, with Xanatos standing next to them looking like Riker, lol! oh well. I did this one for fun. Thought it'd be cool to see Angela in that 60s outfit!
6 4
Title: Cold metal
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's den]
Can old and new coexist?
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Title: Binary warrior
Artist: Arvid "Atzel" Rydahl
A hacker rpg character of mine from the game Intecity, Sierra Evander, wielding a high powered EMP rifle. Thats not a slug on her head :P its her hair style.
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most artistic image  
Title: Hirogen, eat your hearts out
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
Harbreaker ..In Space! ..Space! space...
33 7
Title: The Biggest Prey
Artist: Rita M. & Silverware
Hatching from a gargoyle victim, a new kind of Alien is born: he's stronger, more ferociuos and all the way HUNGRY... this is the game every Predator wishes to hunt! The fiercest deathmach of the universe has begun... This is our tribute to the incoming "Alien VS Predator" movie! I made the characters with Ecoline and pencils, and Silverware edited it using an original Giger's illustration (his own version of New York) as background.
This is our first entry toghether ^_^! How romantic! (*alien slime dripping on keyboard...*)
12 11
Title: Barbarella
Artist: Jo Ann Medrano
Elisa as Barbarella and Goliath as the Angel.
1 6
Title: The Jedi Knight
Artist: Justin Lindley
This is the Jedi Knight Par- Lek Eir of Corruscant. Of my garg/ star wars crossover.
0 1
Title: The Third Wing
Artist: Rodger Hutchins
Because gargoyles are limited to gliding and can't take off and fly, I thought that a technologically advanced (futuristic) clan of gargoyles would build a powered system that would tow them aloft. With it a gargoyle could take off, climb, and fly faster. I would expect the gargoyle operating the machine, to wear some kind of wrist bands with hooks of similar hardware to help them hold on to the handlebar controls. I gave the idea the catchy
marketing name "Third Wing", because it looks somewhat like a small flying wing. This entry presents very basic drawings of the design. I hope they are enough to get the idea accross, and that others enjoy the concept.
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Title: A Night In The Life
Artist: Dox [Up All Night Productions]
For this month I took my Internet persona, a nanotech cyborg, and gargi-fied it...and I put her in front of the TV, which is the one thing I can do to relax now-a-days. That and drawing...Oh well. Next month it'll be a real entry. Promise!
1 4
Title: Princess Leia
Artist: Supergirl [Supergirls Home on the Internet]
Well, I wasn't going to draw something at frist then got this idea. I used a picture of the real Princess as a reference and added the fun gargoyle distinctions. I don't draw too often in realism but I've been in the mood lately!
5 2
Title: Freeway
Artist: GiRL InTeRuPtEd
this is a pic of goliath (duh) as morpheus when he blows up the twins. i'm sorry about that botchy colouring but apart from dat i like it.
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most creative image  
Title: Poor Owen
Artist: Dana
I really didn't know what to do for this one, and was not going to enter. Then a stupid idea popped in my head. It might not go exactly with the subject, but Owen could pass for an Agent, right?
0 12
Title: Outer Shell
Artist: Fellanora [Fellanora's Art Gallery]
Another story illustration, modified to fit the Gargoyles theme. Sa'adi's form begins to break apart as her destiny realizes itself. It is no longer necessary to embody the past, present, and future of her people. She will be free.
3 2
Title: Garg-Trek
Artist: Galax [Galax's Website]
I ever like Star Trek ^.^''
0 10
Title: Princess of Drakulon
Artist: Evil Overlady [Evil Overlady FM's Domain]
"Raven Hair"... How appropriate for someone who was born in a _rookery_. :)
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most creative image  
Title: Predator vs. Gargoyles
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Otherwise known as the REAL reason there's only four surviving members of the Guatemalan Clan left in "The Green."
13 12
Title: 5th Element
Artist: Y2Hecate [Hecatomb]
Last minute rushed attempt at something. Leeloo from 5th Element.. shortly before taking a flying leap onto the back of Corbin Dallas' cab.

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