December 2003: Days of the Rennaissance

Bouncing back from the futuristic worlds of the last month, the topic for December is 'Days of the Rennaissance!' Whether showing gargoyles living in days of yore or dressed for a weekend at the Faire, it's time to grab ye olde pencils and get ready for a blast of the past!

Mascot by Heather H. :)

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Title: Elisa at the Faire
Artist: Evil Overlady [Evil Overlady FM's Domain]
Elisa looks good in green... :)
0 1
Title: The Alchemist
Artist: Wynn D. Fae [DeviantART Gallery of Wynn D. Fae]
Alchemy was another of the Rennaissance's obsessions, along with science and astrology. Here, my character Aric, turned gargoyle for this one time, attempts the greatest transformation ever: turning the sun into the moon so that his people can live forever.
2 5

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Title: The Bet
Artist: Dox [Up All Night Productions]
Poor Brooklyn. Even after leading his clan through 40 years of war he still gets no respect. A running gag in my Alternate Universe: Future Tense, Brooklyn and D'Artagnan (right) are in a bit of a perpetual feud. I think D'Artagnan won this one...
7 32
Title: Mistletoe
Artist: Dana
Just a sketch of a sweet idea. Fox and Xantose under the Mistletoe. Happy Holidays
0 0
Title: Hemera of Avalon
Artist: NickyDee [NickyDee’s Refuge]
Here is one of of my character’s, Hemera, all dressed up. This is probably what she would look like had she been allowed to stay in Avalon. The style is 16th Century, and very basic. I had considered making it more detailed but decided to go with simplicity. I hope you like it! Weee!
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Kelly C.
This is something I always wanted to try...Since I am a huge Maggie and Brooklyn supporter, Here is a picture Maggie as a princess and Brooklyn as a horse tamer sharing a kiss under moonlight.
20 4
Title: Rennaissance Demona
Artist: White Star [White Star Ink.]
Demona in a pretty dress instead of a loincloth for once. Though, you never know, maybe she dressed differently during the rennaissance. ;)
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Title: Into the Knight
Artist: Jo Ann Medrano
A knight and his horse...
0 1
Title: Servant Girl
Artist: RogueDragon [RogueDragon's Webpage]
I wanted to design a Renaissance outfit that would be practical for a gargoyle (that's why the skirt's up to the hip) I was looking through a series of Renaissance outfits and designed this one off of a servant's outfit.
4 1
Title: Beautiful Flower
Artist: Supergirl [Hannah Renee Kimball Elfwood Gallery]
Finally! I finished it just in time before things get crazy around here. It turned out alright, not exactly what I was thinking. The darn grassy shrubs in the background look horrible but I try my best. The media is watercolor with marker on the shrubs (gave up on them by that time). The character is inspired by my sisters character. The dress is an actual dress that my sister made for the ren rest this summer.
9 2
Title: Leonardo da Vinci
Artist: Tribun [Tribun's Gargoyles Page]
Leonardo da Vinci, master of many talents, as much artist as mechanic, and an genius in his time. But what, if this man was confronted with a situation, even he couldn't solve? Or how to build a machine to solve a problem, that isn't even existing?
0 5

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Title: Romantic Forbidding Lovers
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
During the Old days there are Forbidding ways Like a Human falling in love over a Gargoyle.. Set the Imagination to go wild..
23 7
Title: Medieval Eden
Artist: Thundra [Thundra's Castle]
Unfinished inked copy of a sketch I did yesterday (I didn't have time to color it) ^_^ First thing I've compleated in months! Yay! I have since made several small changes to the origional but I'm still happy with this :) Eden (c) Cindy Kinnard
0 1
Title: Alone
Artist: Nebulan [Nebulan's Gallery]
My two favorite characters, Demona and MacBeth, in the Renaissance, since they would have both been alive at that time. Any similarity to anyone else's entry is purely coincidental.
1 3
Title: Much Ado
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
In "Tengu", a new fanfic to be featured in the upcoming issue of Avalon Mists, Brooklyn's daughter from TGS, Ariana, is looking forward to performing Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" with the London Clan. In this scene, she is playing Beatrice to grumpy Kirin's Benedick.
7 6

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Title: Those effin' Cherubs
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
Based off a famous crop of Madonna Sistina by Raphael.
23 29

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