February 2004: Fanfic Illustrations

A little something different for this month... The topic for February is to pick out a scene from a gargoyles fanfic and illustrate it! And it would be really cool (though not strictly required) if everyone picked a story that wasn't one they themselves wrote. :) Canon or fan-created characters are allowed. PLEASE be courteous and ask the author for permission, and whenever possible provide us all with a link to the story so we can read up on it! :)

A special thread has been started in the forum for authors to link to their fanfic collections, so that artists can find inspiration if they need it. Authors and artists are welcome to check and post HERE.

Fanfic Archive

Mascot image by Sara Berkeley!

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Title: DemonaPeter
Artist: Campi [PKE Online]
The story can be located HERE.
Oh, Demona's upset with someone again. This pic goes with a story called "Manhattan by night", which is a crossover.
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Title: The Dark Mirror
Artist: Tribun [Tribun's Gargoyles Page]
A scene from my story "The will of New-Olympus!/Der Wille von Neu-Olymp!" Which can be found here. But sadly it is all German, and therefore most couldn't read it. (I still seach for a translator). The story got a titlecover: link
After a chase over the Rooftops of Manhattan, a group of Eliminators, a follow-up oganization of the Quarrymen under the mysterious Cobra-Carl, force Angela, Othello, Demona and Brooklyn down on a rooftop before landing themselves. But instead of attacking, they show them thier new member. And to the shock of Angela, it is a clone of herself! Alegna!
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Title: Avalon Family
Artist: Erica DeTraglia, aka DeTragedy
Yeah, my first entry. I know this is not a scene from a fanfic but it is a picture of my characters. There is Puck, of course, with his human wife, Abby, and three kids: twins, Robin and Luna with baby Tori. The stories can be found here.
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Title: Sweet Revenge
Artist: Icegaze [Icegaze's Icecap]
An Illustration of Christi Smith Hayden's fanfic Tengu. Kirin had tossed Ariana out of the ring in which they were sparring into a muddy swamp pond. To get him back she pretends to slip and snaps her wings out to 'catch her balance', which in the process sprays Kirin head to toe with slime.
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Title: Stoned for the First Time
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
This is a scene from my fiance's second chapter of his Dragon Eye series found Here.
Jeff had recently found out what he turned into and decided to hide out in a tree so the cops don't find him. He didn't know what happens at sunrise until too late.
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most artistic image  
Title: Tengu
Artist: Brianna [bri-chan's devART gallery]
A collage of illustrations from Christi Smith Hayden's fanfic "Tengu", found here. I positively adore the love/hate relationship between Ariana and Kirin. They often fight, but much flirting is done on Ari's part, sometimes bring out the soft side in Kirin.
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Title: "Hide me! Hide me!"
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
This is an illustration of two of my favorite characters from TGS: Dark Ages, clever Asrial and eternal slacker Thersites. In "Seredipity, part 1" written by Stephen R. Sobotka, Jr., Thersites is trying to get out of some unpleasant chores by hiding out in Asrial's workshop. She conceals him in an empty apple barrel just as company arrives.....
Additional Entry:"Sounds like somebody's strangling a cat..."
"Kindred Spirits" written for TGS: Dark Ages by Stephen R. Sobotka, Jr. and Alan "Ordell" Coleman, Jr.
*L* I just really love the expressions on their faces as the gargoyles and humans get an earful of Hudson and the village blacksmith singing as they drowned their sorrows at the local pub.
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Title: Why did it have to be Clowns?!
Artist: Revel [The Inside]
In the Fan fic univers of Spacebabie, Fang had joined a clan with Thailog who had made a trip to Avalon, but was left behind in a rush escape. He found himself with two of the Avalon clan, Mercutio and Cecilia. It is discovered that Fang has a phobia of Clowns.
"Under the Big Top" can be found Here.
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Title: Liberty's Spell
Artist: Nebulan [DA gallery]
I have three other artist friends and we all like to create stories together. In our Gargoyle fanfics, we all include each other's characters. Two of my friends characters appear in a scene from Julia's story (which is Here) about her character Liberty, who is from the Wyvern clan. Amanda's character Finnoula is from Ireland and is the lioness garg in the picture. The Faye, Bastet is based on the Egyptian Goddess. In this scene, Finny and Bastet are casting a spell on Liberty, sending her to the future where she meets her love Lexington ^_^ Go read Julia's story! It's very cute.
Additional Entry: "Patch and her guys."
Since I drew my other two friend's characters, I wanted to do a little something for Arlove. Here's a pic that would take place after her story which is Here. I dunno, maybe she's telling Jeffery about her marriage to Brooklyn, which actually happens during the timeframe of my story.
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most creative image  
Title: Timedancer Poster
Artist: Rita M.
First, I apologize because the story this pic refers to isn't online yet, but still, this illustration isn't related to any particoular moment: this is a cover inspired by my personal version of Timedancer, that will be published on my website... as soon as it's finished <;)p; Brooklyn, Katana and their garg-puppy Fu-Dog will travel through time, escorted by Fulton and Future Demona. Hope you'll enjoy it.
Additional Entry: "Timedancer Back Cover"
This is simply an illustration for the back cover of my personal on-CD Timedancer soundtrack :)
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Title: Lex and Anastasia (A tribute to Galax’ Gargoyles f
Artist: Neomae
You can find the story Here (German language.) At the beginning of the fanfiction (short after the last Episode of the TV series) Lexington meets a Gargoyle named Anastasia. They fall in love with each other and Anastasia joins the Manhattan Clan. I decided to draw them because they are a very ... interesting ^^ couple.
My first work with Photoshop. Thanks to Galax for helping me out with the background :)
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Title: "I Don't Get It..."
Artist: Angie "Jessie" McClelland [DakotaAngie's DeviantART Gallery]
"This is MUCH better!" Jessie exclaimed as the wind blew in her face. Sitting in the manes of the great black dragon she watched the landscape soar past.
"Hey Onar!" MAui beside her yelled down happily. "Yer fast!"
"'Course," Jessie commented. "He's got big feet."
"I don't get it," the great dragon said for the umpteenth time. "I had them when I went to sleep. I know I did."
"Ah, you probably just lost them in the fire or something," Jessie dismissed his complaint.
"No, cause I took some before I went to sleep!"
"Ah well," MAui said. With every footstep there was a loud thump, and with ever thump, the pill bottle in her pocket rattled slightly.

From Arno's "The Greatest Hero". Said character's lamenting the misplacement of his 'human pills', which Maui pinched in the night.
3 9
Title: Doomed Souls
Artist: RogueDragon [http://roguedragon.deviantart.com/]
Puck and his girlfriend Fionnuala get trapped with character from several other dimensions as two of the DOOMED SOULS (as the Omnipotent author calls them) After Puck finds the Phoenix Gate.
He wanted to try it out, and dispite an objection from Fionnuala he gives it a shot "Desla gratte... oh, shoot. How does that incantation go... uh... oh, I'll just make something up! abrawhatchimakadabracallit!"
In the second chapter of the "Doomed Souls" drama by Pilar Sama (also Pilar Sama at FanFiction.Net) continues with the heros encountering some "The Little Green Men from Someplace Else" After escaping, Fionnuala checks up on her boyfriend later on to find him examining himself in a mirror.
PUCK: I think it's true!
FIONNUALA: What's true?
PUCK: Those ALIENS incubated me with an ALIEN egg! This is horrible! This is terrible! Now how will I ever live a normal Faye life when they've-
FIONNUALA: (drags PUCK out of the bathroom by his feet, her baseball bat in her mouth.) No more movies for you, young, er... old man.
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Title: Mating Flight
Artist: Shauntell
Okay . . . . this is my entry for MGC. It's called, Mating Flight. It's an entry I did for Deviant Art's feburary contest too. It's from a fan fic that hasn't been posted yet, and probably won't be for a while, but it's where Elisa is turned into a gargoyle and a few months after their mating ceremony they finally feel comfortable enough to take thier official 'mating flight' as it were. I haven't really had time to doodle up anything else, so I'm just using this. But a lot of the fics I have posted are up on the Fan Site. Check 'em out!
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Title: Tyranny, in the Flesh
Artist: Nicky Dee [NickyDee's Refuge]
My friend, Yanira, has been begging me for years to draw her gargoyle character Tyranny. When i saw this month's tpic I thought it would be a good excuse to uphold my promice. LOL. Hope you like it! You can read her fan fiction Here.
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Title: Jadzia and Julian
Artist: Galax [Galx's Webpage]
This is Jadzia. She was human, who called herself a "Fur". When she met Fang, she immediately fell in love with him and decided to become a "Catbat" mutant, as they are called in my sequel. The little one by her side is Julian, the son of Maggie and Talon. They appear in Part 3/6 for the first time. The full story you can find Here.
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Title: Reunited
Artist: Lynati [Lynati's Narcissism page]
TGS Timedancer season 4 : The Harsh Light of Day, pt. 1
The breathing sound was constant in the other corner of this cell he had been taken to.
"Who’s there?" he asked, his voice harsh from the drug.
"I knew you’d come for me. It was all a matter of time," the voice, clearly female said.
"Meryt?" Brooklyn asked.
"It’s always been a matter of time with us, though, hasn’t it?"
Title: Transition
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
A long time ago I wrote a fanfic. It has long since been lost, which is a blessing since I am no writer.
But this is a scene from what I can remember of it. There character, Kathleen Dirktree, is summoned to the
Gargoyles reality and turned into a part-time gargoyle herself, by will of Demona and the two incarnations of Fantasy and Reality.
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Title: Sphinx at Dawn
Artist: Lurking Fish
This is a pic of Meryt from the second season of TGS' "Timednacer", lying down to face the sun as described in the episode: "The Sun and the Serpent, Part 1". The story, written in 1999 by Rahsaan Footman, may be found Here.
This is my first attempt at using prismacolour markers, many thanks to Revel for loaning them to me!
Additional Entry: Meryt - The second entry is "Meryt," a sort-of lyric-based piece for the character, using the song "My Immortal" by Evanessence.
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