March 2004: Same Medium: Crayons!

So, we decided to challenge you to create your masterpieces all using the same art medium - and we wanted one that everyone should be able to get ahold of and use, and thus, CRAYONS! Draw us a gargoyle picture of WHATEVER YOU WANT (within reason, you know!) only draw it with those fun-filled wax sticks of childhood and beyond, the lowly lovely crayon. ^_^

Just a note, if you absolutely can NOT get access to a scanner, I will allow in an entry done with a crayon brush in an art program.

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Title: Bring me to life...
Artist: Valeria Turner [Valeria's Webpage]
This is my second time entering the contest and this drawing was easier to draw than to color since I haven't worked with old fashion crayons since I was kid. The character is one of my own creations that I nicknamed 'Flame'. (It's cause of the hair.) In my own fanfiction which I have not put up yet, she is Brooklyn's lady. Hope you like it.
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Title: Thanks Spike!
Artist: Kessalia [Willo'Wisp]
I'd drawn this months and months ago as a weak sort of 'thank you' to Spike for the support (public and moral and financial and otherwise) she's given Siryn and me and our crazy projects over the last few years (MGC and G'03 are definitely our craziest so far). I really really appreciated it then and I really really appreciate it now. ^_^
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Title: Possession
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DeviantART Gallery]
Its a big pic... scanned in parts which I am very obviously TERRIBLE at. Anyway, its the first time I've drawn with crayons in ages so I think it turned out pretty decent... *sniff* It looks so much better in person ;_;
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Title: You're Everything that Makes Me Believe I'm Not
Artist: Nebulan [Gallery]
Blending crayon is best done in warm temperatures. What can I say? I've VERY big on Demona and MacBeth getting together. Quote is by Michelle Branch.
Additional Entry: Hot Menz Dolls - The Hot Menz Dolls are the orginal creation of Evolra. We all have our favorite hot guys on gargoyles and it would be just like us to make dolls of them for each other ^^ My friends are Pilar-Sama, RogueDragon, Evolra and me. (They all have accounts under those screennames,so go check them out please!)
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Title: Angel of the Night
Artist: BloodRaven77 [BloodRaven77]
I stole this pose actually from a fashion mag I read a little while ago. I thought the model looked rather mysterious and powerful in this pose so I couldn't resist doing a drawing of Demona like this. Unfortantly the image looks rather blurred *glares at scanner* but you have to imagine that the original is better ;)
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Title: Gargs and Dolls
Artist: RogueDragon [DeviantART: RogueDragon]
Nebulan had originally thought up the idea for this. Angela in the middle with her Broadway dolly. Elisa's to the left with a big Goliath dolly, and Demona (her crown's too big cuz she's a little kid) possesively holding her MacBeth dolly, with some worry about Elisa stealing her new guy. (Nebulan is a major Demona/MacBeth shipper)
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Title: Plushie
Artist: Lily "Spoonvonstup" Allison [Randomness: It's a good thing]
You know, I thought I was being creative with the whole plushie thingy.. oh well. *sigh* ;) See my line of thinking here: crayons=kids=plushie/stuffed animals! Except this little lady has her stuffed gargoyle.. ^_^ Crayons are fun stuff.
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Title: "Rainbow...?"
Artist: Gargress [:: m.k.l.c. ::]
Crayons, bright and colorful right? Well, since I'm crazy over 80s classics... eh... :: runs and hides ::
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Title: Art Nouveau Gargie
Artist: Zoe
I wanted to do something in the Art Nouveau style because the color quality you get with crayon reminds me of the pastel colors in many art nouveau prints, especially the work of Alphone Mucha.
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Title: Terrible 2's
Artist: zess
"Alex, it's time for your na--"
"NO NAP!!"
...ahh the joys of raising a magical kid.
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Title: My Two clones
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
Poor Goliath. He is thrust into the father role once again when his two clone sons Thailog and Samson(A hybrid like Delilah made from the DNA of Goliath and Bluestone) are in a fight.
Note:This is the closet I can get without a black and a dark brown crayons.
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Title: Baby Goliath
Artist: Andrea Hill
Baby Goliath asleep on a tree, in crayon
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most creative image  
Title: Coloring with Crim
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
When Ekka and Pinto got to MommySpike's house, they found a little red gargoyle coloring in the kitchen. "This is Crim," MommySpike explained, ruffling his blonde curls. "I'm babysitting him for Avery and Brooklyn."
Crim looked up shyly. "H'lo," he said tentatively, "Wanna color?"
Additional Entry: Spike Windsock - In March, I taught the kids how to make colorful windsocks from manila paper and crepe paper streamers. Here my lovely assistant Ryan, wearing hockey armor for reasons only known to him, displays the Spike windsock, which caused a brief yet exciteable discussion on the show Gargoyles. *L* Now that the show's on ABC Family, I expect the kids will be telling me about it instead!
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Title: My First Kata
Artist: Rita M.
I deeply love this drawing, because it actually is the first pic of my
definitive version of Katana I ever made (in fact as you can see, the
year was 2002): it took me so long to design her and most of all to choose
her skin color: I tried with green, blue and even pink, but I wanted her to be more particoular...than I asked to myself "What about white?!"...And I
drew this ^_^.
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Title: memories
Artist: Amanda Hopper
this was made in the memorie of my cat how died last night and he will for ever be in my heart
oh and sorry my web site has not been put up yet
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Title: Stained "Glass" Gargoyle
Artist: Riana Lancaster
I'm a crafter at heart, so I opted for using crayons to create a stained "glass" window-goyle. I hand drew the "praying gargoyle" figure from the series, and then made a frame meant to look like an open cabinet. When closed, the cabinet doors would be night, and as you can see here, when open the sun streams down on the gargoyle. Yay for exacto blades! I had a grand time making this, and the light of the scanner lit up the piece nicely.
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Title: Goliath Portrait
Artist: Jin Takamatsu [Jin Takamatsu's Journal]
A fairly simple portrait, done with about 60 cents worth of cruddy Safeway crayons :) I decided to go for a more
impressionistic style because it's hard to get good line quality with
crayons, and also because I've been experimenting with this technique of
building up colours in layers.
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Title: Moonshine meeting
Artist: Chireiya
This is my first Submission on MGC! I normally don´t draw much Gargoyles...
Well, I hope it´s ok! The picture shows two Gargoyles on a hill staring at the night-sky. The brown one is my own Gargoyle Suna, she´s my creation. The gray one with the tribals is a Gargoyle of neomae. His name is Nuid. She allowed me to draw her Gargoyle! I´m honored! ^-^ I hope i did well!
Well, i think I will draw more Gargoyles and submit in contests! It´s great fun to create and draw new things!
Dunno what to say anymore...I hope you´ll like the pic!
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Title: White Stripes
Artist: Megan Anne [Megan's Awesome Website of Art]
Well, I think this is rather self-explanatory.
It’s the White Stripes as gargoyles. Yeah…it really doesn’t have anything
to do with anything but since the topic is so open ended, why the heck
not?! Yeah, I don’t know either.
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Title: Innocence
Artist: Neomae
The picture shows young Brooklyn sitting in the shadow of a tree in the forest near Castle Wyvern. The sketch has already been some weeks old when this month's contest started and I first hadn't planned to go on working on it, but then I thought it might give me some interesting opportunities for working with my crayons (especially because of the shades) and I decided it to become my entry for March.
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Title: A Candle
Artist: Galax [Galax's Webpage]
This is my piece of work.
To understand my picture, you have to know that "Crayons" means translated into german "Wachsmalstifte". It is a combined word and means literally translated as much as "Wax-draw-pencil" (a pencil made of wax for drawing).
And because candles are made of wax, too, I found it fitting, that my motive is a candle as well :)
Of course, I need Crayons to draw this Garg :P
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Title: Wyvern Sunset
Artist: CT [Gargoyles x Gundams]
I actually own no crayons – I had to get Crayolas from Bob Evans, which is why the entire color scheme is orange and blue. Having only two crayons was definitely a challenge!
2 3
Title: gargoyle crayon
Artist: Airalana
I pulled out my crayons from like way back when and like half of them were missing and the box was falling I sat there looking at the box trying to figure out what I was going to draw with me limited crayons when it hit me. make the crayon into a gargoyle.
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Title: 6 Crayons Later
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
For Sale: One box, 24 Kid's Club Crayons, 6 used, 18 untouched. Make an offer.
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Title: My Roockery
Artist: Top Man, the Spinning Demon
Ok, so first thing, I have to say that this wasn't some bad drawing I did in all of 5 minutes... wait, yes it was! The important thing is that it's supposed to be like this. Heheh... I can see an "Artistic winner" in my future =P
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Title: Tessa and Tesla
Artist: Amanda "Mojave" Behlen [Deviantart Gallery]
Teseract and Tesla (Mojave's granddaughters) love coloring and drawing, especially their views of history. They're only about 10 here (5 in garg years)so their art isn't perfect.
Additional Entry: The Comic - And here we have the actual comic drawn by the talented Teseract and Tesla! Tesla drew the top half and Teseract drew the bottom. As you can see, Teseract is a slightly better artist, just don't tell Tesla that. The story goes something like this:
"There was a twee. Gramma Demona dinn't like the twee."
"Yeah! So she blew it up! BOOOM!!"
"And-and-and then Grampa Goliath came along to stop her!"
"And he beat her up and she went to JAIL!"
"And she wann't very happy bout it!"
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