October 2002: Gothic Gargoyles

The Gothic fashion movement has seen a continous birth and rebirth through the years, from dark nursey rhymes to full petticoats and makeup. Whatever a gargoyle's reason, the Goth style is one in and of itself, so for the month of Halloween, draw your fav canon character or fanfic gargoyle as a goth!

All forms of the Gothic movement are allowed, please remember to keep it under PG-13.
Happy Month of Halloween!

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Title: Delilah's Warbrobe
Artist: Heather
Delilah was bored with her normal outfit so she asked Marie, my character, for some fashion advice for her little sweety in New Olympus.
(Not dissing Gothics in the dialogue but some gothic clothes are nice! But some can be creepy! :D )
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Title: Gothic Goliath
Artist: Dustin J. Craig [Dustin J. Craig's Portfolio]
Goliath is dressed right for the darker side of night.
4 3
Title: Gothic Reprisal
Artist: Shinigami [Studio Other]
Introducing Hecuba the Happy Goth and Lust, both take note of Marie and Delilah's discussion, and Hecuba decides to be helpful. :)
1 7
Title: Dark Thoughts
Artist: Lilith [The Pure Insanity(under construction)]
Lilith stands before a grave as a dark poem comes to mind.
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Title: Quiet Crow
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [Shinga's Elfwood Gallery]
Not much of a timely effort, but fun to do nonetheless. Title was a killer to come up with O.o Anyway, I LOVE goth, so of course, I HAD to do something this month. No real story behind the picture, and the character has no background or anything. But um... look, stained glass! O_o
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Title: Star Gazing
Artist: Jessi Thornton [Dream Dust]
My fan character Pyrene, sitting a top a wall, suposedly star gazeing, even if I didn't put a background in.
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Title: Goth Spike
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Just a stone's throw from downtown Dallas, a figure in black emerges from a Deep Ellum nightclub between sets and takes a break in the quiet of the alley.
2 2
Title: Dark Ebony
Artist: Nicky Dee (aka Eboni) [NikkiD's Refuge]
Here is my fan fiction character trying on some new threads! Hmms... maybe should tone it down the eye liner... Hmmms... Colored it originally with color pencils and I spruced it up with my computer. Hope you like! ~Nicky Dee
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Title: Gothic Demona
Artist: Konako [Invisible Circle]
Erm, this is supposed to be 'stylistic' ^^;;
7 7
Title: Then, now, what does it matter?
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Place]
Aeon and Echo, in both modern and 1800s Gothic style. There's probably an interesting story behind them, but I'm too lazy to come up with one. ;)
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Title: Hey Diddle Diddle /o.O\
Artist: MAui [The Roost]
This is a silly little drawing I did after reading some of the AWESOME ideas that people were tossing around for Topic suggestions in the forum. Keep the great suggestions coming! ;)
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Title: Emily Strange Gargoyle
Artist: Emilee Canmore
CosmicDebris/Hot Topic Emily the Strange goes garg...
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Title: Gothic Demona May
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
showing off my new Gothic style fashion. See My other half.. *^_~*
2 0
Title: Twilight
Artist: Wynn D. Fae
I have no fan characters and I couldn't think of who to gothify, so I used my real life friend, James, as a template for this feathered fellow here. This is my first entry here at the MGC. ^^
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Title: Gothic Angela
Artist: Dreamie [Dreamie's Hideaway]
This started out as sort of an Angela Lolita pic... then I kept adding accessories and tattoos. ;)
26 7
Title: Goth Kiss
Artist: Lynati [Lynati's Narcissism Page(under construction)]
My characters Ptah and Eshun...this is actually pretty much Ptah's normal way of dressing, but Eshun is usually more the short-shorts/cropped t-shirt type. (And yes, that is a jumbo safety-pin through her ear. ;)
5 5
Title: Crow
Artist: Tressa
Crow is the son of Tressa and Streger. He often perfers the dark side it seems. Sucky coloring, need to get a computer program to work with.
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Title: Goth Star
Artist: White Star [White Star's Webpage]
Just couldn't help entering my character. Star loves wearing shiny black leather and loves most anything goth!
1 0
Title: Gothic Duo
Artist: Kelshar [Dragon Cliff]
This is my first submission to the MGC. This is Brooklyn and Lexington with gothic style (actually, this is not really but this as the best I could do !)
2 1
Title: poe tree
Artist: Mike "Hawkstone" Rieger [Mikeintosh.net]
What's more gothy-than-thou than hanging around in coffee shops, smoking clove cigarettes, and reading poe tree? Maire Martin's Temple and Byron live life in the espresso lane. And don't smoke, kids.
5 13
Title: Goblet
Artist: Ayamai [Ayamai's Art Corner]
She's just some random gargoyle I came up with, no story, she just is. The picture had more of a magical feeling than I intended, but it still rocks. Colored with adobe photo shop.
2 1
Title: Rose Wind
Artist: Bethsheba
ah my first entry to MGC becuase bremmi bribed me into it :) although scanners do my drawing no justice i sorta like how it turned out. now if i can only get my claws on a good art program i'd be set. ;)
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Title: The Gothic Spectrum
Artist: Angie "Jessie" McClelland [Dakota's Ridge]
My computer bit the dust before I could finish working on this, so here's my last scanned version I uploaded before I lost my computer. Hopefully it'll be finished some day!
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Title: Golden Brown
Artist: Megan "Pathrell" Tittle [Avalon]
Golden Brown was the very first Goth Rock song I ever heard back when I was six, so I was listening to it for inspiration for this month. Desdemona immediately sprung to mind, as now within the form of ColdFire she does wander the world, and the color hints are obvious. Her top is Japanese Goth inspired as is her collar.
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most artistic image  
Title: This Moment is Eternity
Artist: Kythera of Anevern [Anevern]
"Day possesses no key here
Where moon sheds the cold twilight
This moment is eternity" - from 'This Moment is Eternity' by Nightwish
(Artist's note: My entry this month is sort of a double fan-art. The character here is Tarja from Nightwish as a gargoyle. Check out Nightwish at http://www.nightwish.com/)
30 7

most creative image  
Title: Goth Goliath and Elisa
Artist: Silver [Silver's Palace]
Heheheh I've waited a long time for an exuse to draw Goliath on a leash. ;) Gol doesn't look so sure about it though.. hehe Did it mostly with Prismacolor markers and pencils.. Not sure I'm happy with how Elisa's face turned out, but the rest of her I'm pretty happy with.
Additional Entry: Goth Silver Just did a goth Silver for fun... heh :)
3 16
Title: Dance of Immortals
Artist: White ( Avator ) [http://gallery.archdemons.com]
Come on, who wouldn't like my vampy self to turn Thailog immortal ;)
1 3
Title: Well... he tried.
Artist: Story
This is my fella, I call him Ode. I have never been able to get him to wear anything but a tunic. However, with much effort, I got him to compromise on the Goth attire.
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Title: Learning to be Goths... or not.
Artist: Silverbolt
Amy's trying to teach Delilah how to be Goths, but the two sisters have other things in mind.
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Title: Mother maiden and crone
Artist: Dawn Angela
Okay I plan to ink and color this within a few weeks, the character used for the three faces of the mother, maiden and crone is Ebony and belongs to her but is used here with her kind permission. I was inspired by the pagan connotations of gothic style :)
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Title: A quiet place
Artist: Maire Martin [inkyblack.net]
Mike Rieger's Hawkstone & Shawnessy share a quiet moment in a quiet place.
0 0
Title: ...Gothy
Artist: Sara Berkeley
I have no idea what I'm doing. But I like the result!
3 3
Title: Spark of Magic
Artist: Manda
This is my garg, Mojave, dressed up all special and trying out some magic. Sorry its not colored, I didn't have the time. ^_^;;
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Title: Styx
Artist: Ylla [Ylla's Art Gallery]
Chained and locked up and hidden where nobody could find her... lies
Styx, the demon of the underworld.
26 11
Title: Peacock
Artist: Kessalia [Mel's Messy Room]
NOT FOR VOTING! Please do not vote for this entry.
I went and surprised myself again. learned more. had fun. What more can i ask for. :)

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