April 2004: Design the 2004 Gargoyles Convention T-shirt!

MGC is teaming up with the 8th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles this month for their t-shirt contest! Your mission, to design what you would think would be great as a Gathering T-shirt for this year's Montreal Gathering! From the entries, the Gathering staff will choose a winner, whose design will show up on this year's convention T-shirt, and win their own t-shirt! (MGC Artist & Creative winners will still be chosen, but may or may not be chosen as the overall t-shirt winner.) For ideas, the theme for the 2004 Gathering is 'Action!'

The Rules:
Design must include the Gathering mascot.
Design must include: "The 8th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles" "August 2004" & "Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Design can have an unlimited amount of colours, so give us your best shot!
If you _DO NOT_ want your design eligible for the Gathering t-shirt contest, please make note to the MGC staff.
Be sure to produce a 300dpi version of your entry if it gets chosen!

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Title: It will be a HOT gathering
Artist: Tribun [Tribun's Gargoyles Page]
Ok, I tried several things for nearly a week, before finally doing this. Not much to say apart from that the slightly red tint of Riel is because of the flames, and no error in coloring.
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Title: Riel Origin
Artist: Top Man, the Spinning Demon
Heheh, Fleur-de-lis Shmeur-de-lis... this is the REAL (read: Riel) origin of the Quebec Flag! Oh, and the shirt design is, obviously, intended for a black shirt...
Drawn by a real life Montrealite.
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Title: "Lights - Camera - ACTION!"
Artist: Andrea Hill
This is a design for the entire tee-shirt. On the front is the Canadian Flag, with the words; "The 8th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles August 6 - 8, 2004"
On the back is a picture of Ekka being pulled by Riel. She has a megaphone and a beret, because she's directing a documentary on the convention - when she said "Action", Riel took it seriously! On the Left Sleeve will be another, smaller Canadian flag, above which will appear the words "Montreal, Quebec, Canada" On the right sleeve will be the Gargoyles logo. I think this should be on a stone-grey shirt. Besides the fact that gargoyls turn to stone, the best color for hiding soda stains is stone-grey! :)
A little note about the moon in the sky of the picture on the back of the shirt - This is the phase that the Real Life moon will be in during the convention.
I've included the name of the font I used, in the picture itself (so I don't forget). Also, I am submitting a close-up of the picture for the back of the shirt.
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Title: "Mounties See A Lot Of Action!"
Artist: MAui
Well, since this is the first (but hopefully not the last) year the gathering has come to Canada, I figure we Canadians should enter! ;) Here is one mountie that is finally seeing some action..err..though I don't quite think it's the kind of action he was expecting! o_0
Close up of Riel
Close up of Mountie
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Title: Gathering 2004
Artist: Demona [DemoSuna Clan]
^^ well, thatīs my first entry at the MGC. Demona together with the Gathering mascot ^^ ..enjoy :)
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Title: t-shirt contest
Artist: Valeria Turner [Valeria's art page]
This was done with photoshop and I am still new to it so it isn't the best of works but I tried.
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Title: Gathering T-shirt Entry
Artist: Steph Maiolino [Lykospira.com]
This is my entry for this months MGC. The description said that to use as many colors as we wanted, so I figured gradiants would be ok, although I do not know how they would translate onto a t-shirt. The background is actually a silhouette of Montreal that I drew from a picture I found online.
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Title: Untitled
Artist: Twitch
This is my first submission, and I probably did it wrong... The theme was to be action, correct? Well... That's certainly not action.. But for me, personally, it was hard. So... Worship his orange-y sign! That's the least you could do... *nod*
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Title: My Shirt :)
Artist: Galax [Galax's Webpage]
The gathering shirt - for everybody to know who and where he/she is! *g*
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Title: "What the...?"
Artist: zess
Poor gargoyles artist-guy is just minding his own business when he hears a rustle behind him... :)
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Title: Due North
Artist: Revel [The Inside]
My enrty for the t-sihrt and MGC. I think it speaks for itself
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Artist: Zoe
I kinda did this as a fluke. I wanted to see if I could draw the Mascot, but I liked the way it turned out so well I colored it and added the text and decided to enter. I wasn't sure if the background was to busy or not.. So i added the secondary entry without the background as well.
Note: In the Main entry.. the bluegrey is an idea of a possible shirt color to print it on. It doesn't really look good on white, but a cool grey or a light blue would work well.
Additional Entry: Without background
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Title: Pop Riel on a shirt
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
I thought I might try something really simple on a non-white, non-black shirt.
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Title: Riel Action
Artist: Vashkoda [Avalon Shores]
I seem to have ignored the freedom to be colorful. :P Ah well, hopefully showing Riel having a "rippin' good time" will make up for it.
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Title: A Gathering of Action
Artist: Dox
I saw the theme was action for this t-shirt design, and the first thing that came to mind was...Action Movies. So, with a bit of tribute to the MGC mascots as well as Riel, we have a bonified action trio ready for...well...action. :)
11 10

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Title: G'04 T-shirt entry
Artist: Angie "Jessie" McClelland
Reil's helping out the RCMP! The Mountie beaver, being the national animal of Canada, clings to the bandana of the Quebec flag tied around Reil's neck as they bravely go forth to 'get their man'. This Gathering's motto, 'G'04 it!' is in the background.
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Title: Got it!
Artist: Y2Hecate [Hecatomb]
The Gathering mascot Riel, being active and playing a game of frisbee. The "frisbee" he's G0(ing) 4 just happens to be an old item from 'Gargoyles'.
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