June 2004: The Great Outdoors

With the start of summer, it's time to grab the backpacks, get outside and explore the Great Outdoors! Hiking, camping, boating, skiing - Send your gargs outside for a little fresh air and exercize to shake off those winter blahs for good! Draw your favorite gargoyles outside and active in outdoor activities.

*groans* OK, so it seems a few of the last-second entries didn't make it to the mailbox in time for the update despite being SENT in time, so I'm adding them in for voting. Since it was more than one we're assuming it was a Yahoo glitch. SO IF YOU HAVE ALREADY VOTED AND WANT TO CHANGE YOUR VOTE, GO AHEAD! The vote dated later will be the one counted. (and artists, please watch that last minute for this reason, huh?)

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Title: Fireflies
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]

I am sure there are many of us who have camped out in our back yards when we were young and many of us tried to catch a firefly in our hands. This picture was inspired by my trip to Virginia for the 2002 Gathering. It was the first time I saw real fireflies.
1 2
Title: Singing and Fishing
Artist: Athena "Quachir" "Aisugriff" Pendragon [DeviantArt Gallery]
Looking at the topic for this month, oddly enough this was the first image in my head... fishing... then my mind said in the dark... need I say much more other than I do like the song but I agree with the male if the same was going on. The gargoyle in this drawing have not been named yet as I wanted to draw new characters instead of my regulars. Some might notice I also tried putting some sort of shadowing in the image. Guess you'll be the judges if it looks alright.
0 2
Title: Parachutes?
Artist: Nebulan [Gallery]
There are several scenes in my garg fanfic that take place outdoors. I guess because I can't picture Demona and MacBeth keeping themselves locked up inside. Anyway, in this scene, MacBeth convinces Demona to go skydiving with him... to make a long story short, because they are immortal and have nothing to do. Demona, "Wait, with out wings, how am I supposed to keep from hitting the ground?" MacBeth, "Normally we would wear parachutes." Demona, "WHAT?!"
Additional Entry: Gargoyle Hillbillies - An extra entry, because I always get so many ideas. What if the gargoyles ended up in West Virginia instead of NY? Hehe, just a little exageration of my hometown.
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most artistic image  
Title: Dream of Me
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DA Gallery]
Sleeping under the moonlight in a hammock counts as an activity... right? ;) *loves hammocks* *points at garg* S'me, actually. Hee. ^_^
27 4
Title: Rock-climbing ^.^
Artist: Amy (doodlebug) [Doodle-Bug]
No need for safety ropes, no need for bulky and heavy chiselling equipment, and no need for a helmet...when you're a gargoyle ;) This is Toby, Goliath's great-grandson, enjoying a bit of rock-climbing at night :D This was the first idea that popped into my head when this topic was posted, so I ran with it. I'm not entirely happy with the scenery, I think the cliff looks a bit cheesy o.O'
0 2
Title: gargoyle girl
Artist: Lord Atamis
gargoyle girl out side sitting on a tree branch in the summer night
1 0
Title: Got S'mores?
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Ariana and Kirin share a sticky, sweet snack by the campfire.
21 19
Title: Going Swimming
Artist: Blade [DeviantArt - GargoyleBlade]
This is my gargoyle going swimming.
0 3
Title: Sk8 or Fly
Artist: Y2Hecate [Hecatomb]
I used to love skateboarding when I was younger.. even though I never did much skating myself. I liked the older Skateboarding video games, I had friends that were into it, and it was still really fun to watch in the summer.
Additional Entry: Just a picture idea that I decided not to go with.
6 11
Title: Sneak Attack
Artist: zess
I love water balloon fights. :)
2 2
Title: Suna, Sora and the sea
Artist: Chireiya
My entry this month is colorated with photoshop (yet my third one). It shows my two Gargoyles Suna (the one on the wall) and Sora (the one with the ice) who are enjoying a warm summer night on the beach...
For myself, Im not satisfied with this pic, but there was no more time...I have to practise backgrounds.
Additional Entry: Cheron - This is my Garg-beast Cheron. He belongs to Suna and Sora. I love his different colored eyes!
6 2

most creative image  
Title: Ghost Stories
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
Okay, so after your roasted hot dogs, campy songs, s'mores and
marshmallows, what else is there to do around a fire in the woods?

Kathleen and Lex team up to get a doubly startled reaction out of the
clan. I guess Elisa has heard this one before. At least she didn't
spoil it for the others. The best ghost stories start quiet and end with a
loud punctuation and jump toward the audience.
19 32
Title: untitled
Artist: Jade Griffin [Jade Griffin's Art Gala]
I couldn't seem to come up with something witty and charming or cute and fun so ... Well, this character happened to come out. She's neat lookin', I'll give her that! Um. Who is she? Dunno! Guess we'll find out! What's the next topic?:)
0 1
Title: Summertime
Artist: Lilly & Aranesh [Aranesh's Lair]
Gargoyles also like the Sea. And Demona especially, because she has a great new weapon to fight against Goliath and his Clan *arrrr*
12 5
Title: Traditions
Artist: Revel [The Inside]
Just the Boys partaking in the family tradition of sea fairing and fishing. For the Xanatos family, fishing would not only be a pass time but a family tradition passed from generation to generation.
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