July 2004: African Gargoyles

It's off to the Dark Continent for another design topic and a chance to explore another culture! This time we're asking you to design what you think a gargoyle from the continent of Africa would look, dress, and act like!
NOTE - Please do not include Egyptian in this month, though it is in Africa - that's a seperate topic. :)

Mascots by Shinga!

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Title: Kaiya
Artist: Nebulan [Gallery]
I did this picture a little while ago for a contest at a club I help run. I really liked how it turned out.
4 1
Title: Wisdom of the Ages
Artist: Twitch [Spiral Abyss]
A wise shamaness awaits the rising sun, thinking on past nights and on future events. The purple and blue fire is just an extra. ^^
0 1
Title: Widdling Time
Artist: Emeraldwolf
A zebra patterned gargoyle sits and is engrossed in carving a piece of wood while his mate looks on. She seems amused by her love's hobby. (The wrap skirt and top of the female is from an actual African outfit my sister brought back from Ghana.)
0 2
Title: Griot
Artist: zess
"Griot" is the word for storyteller/musicians of western Africa. :)
8 3
Title: African Gargoyle
Artist: Lily "Spoonvonstup" Allison [DA Gallery- Spoonvonstup]
Influences, influences. The eyes come from all of the african masks I have seen. The nose is from a little iron charm from South Africa. The crest actually comes from a dinosaur, the Egyptian spinosaurus, and combined with the wings, would work to keep him cool. And I think I just went mad with stripes.
The background is a hodgepodge. I was going to stick him in Titsikama,
(national park along Storm River in South Africa on the cape), but then, I couldn't draw ferns and I figured no one would really notice. *shrug*
I am really rather proud of this one. Pencil on computer paper (because my sketchbook went invisible..)
1 3
Title: The Huntress
Artist: Nicole Niemczyk
This Gargoyles name is Ashaki. I got the idea for her from another sketch I previously did, modified of course.
2 9
Title: Night safari
Artist: Emili Price (Omen the werewolf) [Neo-Horror rpg]
Hiya this is my first entry ever and is off three garoyles in the night plains of africa. To africanize the garoyles i gave them horns like antelope. Made with quill ink and watercolours.
3 1
Title: African Tribal Babysitting
Artist: Icegaze [Icegaze's Icecap]
Just another day in the blazing heat with an amused clan member watching over the brood while the others hunt. Believe it or not there are *three* females in this picture. And, yes, that's a lame version of Pride Rock in the background. I figured that African gargoyles would need to look more like animals so they could easily blend in and not frighten the locals. I took major cues from the London clan and snuck a few reptilian wings in there.
5 24
Title: Lessons
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
A rite of passage for hatchlings is when they recieve their weapons. The older generation must teach the younger ones how to handle them safely before they hunt. Mokae is instrucing a hatchling how to use a spear to hunt.
0 0
Title: Sunset
Artist: Skadi [Skadi's Website]
This is my first entry here. I really like African women's faces, since they're always having loads of jewelery on :D Some tribes use scars as a way of decorating themselves, so this is what you see on her cheeks. Pencil drawing, coloured in photoshop.
12 1
Title: African Nights
Artist: Michelle Vinyard [Elfwood]
A Gargoyle shaman preforms a magic ritual on the African plains.
2 0
Title: With Love From Africa!
Artist: Eric Leybourne \\ Rakeesh Sorrel [Rakeesh's Creations]
Okay, so I didn't take it completely serious, so sue me! :P And for those wondering, Lex is taking the picture, and Broadway's in the suit because let's face it, plain photos are boooooring to send back home.
0 14
Title: African family
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's den]
A young hunter returns to his family. I used a photo as reference for the background. It took more than 4 hours to be finished!
3 3

most artistic image  
Title: Africats
Artist: Damalia [Damalia's Homepage]
I was delighted when I read the theme for this month's contest. You see, my personal fan character is in fact an African gargoyle. I figured that African gargoyles would run high to wildlife, and Dalla's character was inspired by an African leopard. She is shown here with two of her beloved feline-gargoyle companions, alone in the African twilight, waiting for the dawn, the last of their clan.
46 9
Title: Kahina, oriental dancer
Artist: Coda [Coda's gallery]
North Africa and Maghreb are part of African Continent aren't they? So here is Kahina, a Kabylian gargoyle, oriental dancer.
1 1
Title: Safari
Artist: Top Man, the Spinning Demon
When I thought of Africa, the first thing I thought of was Safari (maybe it's because I watched that Kenya flash video a bit too often ^^) Anyways, I decided to do a Safari picture, and nothing says Safari like bright blue skies, exotic animals, and bumbling Brittish white-haired-and-moustached hunters. Enjoy!
0 1
Title: Untitled
Artist: Y2Hecate [Hecatomb]
Had time to do a little last-minute image this month.
6 1

most creative image  
Title: Weaver of Tales
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
*gasp* an MGC entry with no gargoyles! Anansi needs love too.
9 28

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