August 2004: Wide World of Gargoyle Sports

In honor of the Olympic Games in Athens this month, August's topic is gargoyles in sports! You are not limited just to olympic or summer sports, so lets get off and running!

Athens 2004 Olympic Site

Mascot by Jessie!

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Title: Penalty Box
Artist: zess [DeviantArt Gallery]
It's not that Gregor is a thug...he just gets a little overzealous about protecting his goal, ya know? :D
6 5
Title: USA! Liberty
Artist: Erica "DeTragedy"
This is Becky (named after Becky Hammon. See After playing with the WBA New York Liberty team for 2 years she was honored to accept a position to represent the USA on the Women's Basketball team at the Olympics. She can't wait to show off her slam dunk and her American pride.
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Title: Olympan Weightlifter (Nightstone)
Artist: Jenny Blue [Side 7]
They have to alter the events just a bit for a gargoyle.
1 3
Title: Archery
Artist: Ryhanna(baby bat)Tittle [deviantart]
ok i know it's not very good but i was running out of time and was getting no where with her. I used a picture of me to model it and i had a rather hard time with the bow but here she is a gargoyle doing the sport i love so much.
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Title: Bobbleheads
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
I was trying to think of an idea for the topic when I looked up to the top of the computer work station, where we keep three baseball bobbleheads. I thought turning a few members of the clan into baseball bobbleheads would be fun.
0 2
Title: Ancient Olympics
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
Not really into sports much, but I love ancient greek stuff!
4 1
Title: Soccer Practice
Artist: Limefishys
This is my first entry for the MGC! This guy is practicing what's known as a 'bicycle kick' in soccer. They're fun to do if you can do them, but they can sometimes hurt, since you inevitably end up landing on your backside.
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Title: Log Rolling
Artist: Angie "Jessie" McClelland [DakotaAngie's DeviantART Gallery]
I wanted to do something different. I enjoy watching the 'Outdoor Games', a competition where lumberjacks can show their stuff. One of the really fun events to watch is the Log Rolling competition. So here are a couple good ol' Canadian gargs having a bit of fun. I think one of them's about to get really wet. Heh.
15 9
Title: diving for USA
Artist: timberwolf0316
i'm a diver on the swim team and thought this might be neat to draw
4 0
Title: Synchronized Sinking
Artist: Shanrelle [Deviantart]
Since most of the events are held in the daytime, there really isn't much a gargoyle can do when in stone form. So, during the night, they can participate in various outdoor sports, but during the day the special synchronized sinking event is held. Here Brooklyn and Broadway are competing for the gold. Isn't it exciting!
6 25
Title: Swim Practice
Artist: Crystal (Scorch), Comber [Elfwood (Fanart)]
Well, I've lurked around this site for
awhile, and thought I'd try entering for once. Since I was once a swimmer,
I couldn't help but do a swimming picture. Heh, 5 years ago, before
the invention of the Aquablade suits, speedos were all the swim boys had
to wear, and since you don't see very many competitive swimmers
wearing them anymore, I had to draw my garg in one. By the way, I am aware
of how much drag the garg's wings would create, but since he'd
probably be racing against other gargs and not people, they would all have a
similar amount drag, and so the race would still be pretty equal. .
.slower, but equal. Besides XD I'm sure they have come up with creative
ways to reduce the drag.
7 0

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Title: The Quarryman Hammer Throw
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
While Goliath's away, the Trio will play.... *L*
8 40
Title: The Discus Thrower
Artist: Lioness-gargress [DeviantArt Gallery]
Of course this was coming. We all remember in “Reawaking” when Brooklyn
used those hubcaps as Frisbees. So Frisbees, Olympics, Discus Throw. I’m
knot shore if the discus throw is included in this years Olympics or knot but at lest he looks good doing it right.
The light effects are done using PhotoImpact. The picture was done with prismacolor pencils. Hears some information on discus throwing.
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Title: Pass
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
Sorry I couldn't get it finished in time.
43 10
Title: Tennis
Artist: Y2Hecate [Hecatomb]
Last-minute entry. Lex playing tennis. I used to play, but never got very good. I always had fun, though. That's what matters.
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