September 2004: Favourite Stars as Gargoyles!

Ever have a favourite star you idolize (or a few?) This month, draw your fave moviestar, tv star, music star, or even favourite voice actor as a gargoyle!

PS. FYI, That's Keith David with Ekko.
Special thanks to Spike for this month's mascot design!

Note From the Admins to the People Who Are Trying to Cheat in the Voting: STOP IT. One vote only PLEASE. Keep it fair or there won't BE voting. It's not lke there's a prize or anything. Obvious ballot-stuffers have ALL their votes deleted and if you keep it up the artist you are cheating for, be it yourself or a friend or whatever, could be BANNED from voting in the future. So please stop - MGC is supposed to be about fun and doing your best, NOT about doing anything to win.

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Title: Ms. Parker Posey
Artist: pangolis
Indie film queen by day, warrior by night!
1 0
Title: Spike
Artist: Siren [Siren's Grotto]
What Spike from Buffy:The Vampire Slayer television series may look like as a gargoyle. This is my very first MGC entry. I hope to enter more.
0 0
Title: Alan Cumming!
Artist: Twitch [Twitch's Elfwood Gallery]
My first try of realism outside of my art class. I'm proud. It's Alan Cumming, if you couldn't tell (Probably can't). I liked him as Nightcrawler in X:2, so I colored him as da fuzzy elf. Yay!
1 1
Title: EvanEscence
Artist: Minta
It's suppose to be EvanEscence sobbing over her lost love while singing apart of her song Imortal. This is my first MGC fanart...
0 0
Title: Angelina
Artist: Valeria [DeviantArt Gallery]
It's raining out and Angelina Jolie is caught in it, plus she's a gargoyle.....who couldn't love that?
9 1
Title: Captain Jean Luc PiGarg
Artist: Galax [Galax's Website]
This is patrick stewart as a Gargolye. I think, everybody know Stewart as Picard or Charles Xavier :)
2 3
Title: Queen-One Vision
Artist: Nikki [Elfwood]
I absolutely idolize Queen and when I saw this month’s theme I knew I had to draw a tribute to them. Their music is wonderful that I can't describe it and is an inspiration for all of my drawings. Freddie Mercury (May he Rest In Peace) had an amazing voice and could of gone so much further so this is my tribute to the greatest rock band ever! First entry and first time using Photoshop.
3 1
Title: Cher-goyle
Artist: She-Wolf []
Because for some reason, I can't get the lyrics of "All or Nothing" out of my head: a gargoyle version of the timeless actress/musician/performer. Certainly, her normal choice in clothing worked well for this. If nothing else, given all of the costumes she's worn, I doubt Cher's audience would be surprised if she strutted out on stage one evening with wings, talons and a tail!
2 2
Title: Johnny's dilema
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
Being a gargoyle is just the type of quirky role Johnny Depp would go for. It might even be a nice break to get away from those fan girls. Once he finds out there are fan girls in the Gargoyles fandom who would just eat him up, he might weep like a "Crybaby
0 0
Title: Trent
Artist: Airalana [Airalana's Website]
This is what I think Trent Reznor would look like as a gargoyle. *sigh*
1 1
Title: John Williams
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
After much thought, I decided to draw my favorite music artist, John T. Williams. Never heard of him? Well, I'm sure you've heard some of his soundtrack music! Depicted here are some of the movies Williams wrote the score music for: E.T. Jarassic Park, Superman, Indiana Jones, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Saving Private Ryan, JAWS, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Hook. (Some others he wrote, Patriot, Home Alone, the Terminal, Catch me if you Can, A.I., Minority Report, Schindler's List, and more.) But Williams is probably most famous world-wide for his Olympic Themes, which are used still to represent the Olympics. Yes, I know, I didn't make R2D2 a gargoyle, but I didn't make Hedwig one either. This is the first time I've done a background with prismacolorpencils.
1 17
Title: Ani DiFranco-Goyle
Artist: Lynati [Lynati's Narcissism Page]
I've actually wondered for some time now what Ani would look like as a garg. This contest gave me a good excuse to finally sit down and play with a design for her. The lyrics are from her song "Letter to a John", btw.
1 0
Title: Lucy Liu as Red Wind
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Okay, so my hubs has the hots for Lucy Liu. Since she's Chinese, I thought I'd cast her as Red Wind, Lexington's mail order bride that he gets set up with thanks to the world council of gargoyle clans. It's my story and I'm sticking to it. *L*
9 1

most artistic image  
Title: Diamonds are a gargoyle's best friend
Artist: Megan [Megan's Awesome Website of Art]
Ok, so the title is a little bit cheesy, but that's really the best i could think of. So here she is! Marilyn Monroe as a gargoyle!
22 4

most creative image  
Title: A Shocking Psychological Thriller
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [DA Gallery]
I don't mind Shyamalan THAT much... I even go as far as liking his movies. But after seeing The Village, I felt totally cheated out of 6 bucks. *L* It was cool with Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, but after that the "surprise twist endings" just don't work. And the whole how-to-beat-aliens bit in Signs? Oh. My. God. WORST. EVER. But see there *points at pic* He STILL has raving fans. *twitch* Just to specify, I'm the evil gargoyle making him jump. Bwahhaa.
6 30
Title: Daniel Radcliff
Artist: Andrea Hill
Daniel Radcliff as Harry Potter as a Gargoyle! It's my birthday this month - vote for me! :-)
3 9
Title: the Gargoyle force
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
Japanese singers are famous for dressing up in crazy costumes for performances. Takanori Nishikawa, or TM Revolution, is my favourite Jpop/rock star, so how could I resist to have him dressed as a gargoyle. The costume is inspired by those from his 'the force' album and his Wild Rush song.
14 8
Title: The Fab...Three...
Artist: Xany Kaos [Floppy Hat Productions]
Three of the four Beatles: John, Ringo, and Paul (dangit, George is too bland to draw!) I really just had to draw Ringo as a "beaky" gargoyle.
13 10

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