October 2004: High Fashion - G2005 Calendar Contest

Once again, MGC has teamed up with the Gathering of the Gargoyles annual convention for it's Calendar Contest!

This month's theme is High Fashion. This topic can be interpretted *HOWEVER* you wish! Just keep in mind that entries are for the Calendar's FRONT COVER. Go from the tight slimming corsets and bustles of the victorian area to the sliming sleek kimonos of Japan. Period Pieces to Runaway Chic, just let us in on what you're drawing.

Standard MGC rules apply. If you do *NOT* wish to enter the Gathering of the Gargoyles Contest, PLEASE let us know when you submit your entry in your picture description. Otherwise, all MGC entries are automatically submitted into the contest. MGC winners are not guaranteed winners in the Gathering Calendar Contest.

Mascot by Lynati!

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Title: Renaissance Beauty
Artist: Twitch [Spiral Abyss]
Just a sketch I did for my upcoming visit to the Renaissance Fair. I was in one of those moods, yah know.. So I submit it! Yay.. I'm not happy with it, but oh well. VOTE FOR ME! XD
0 0

most artistic image  
Title: New and Old Trends
Artist: Brianna Garcia [deviantART Gallery]
Brooklyn and Sata favor the Victorian style clothing, but their children, Ariana and Graeme, wanted to go for a more modern Gothic look.
40 2
Title: Civility Before Dark
Artist: Samantha Wheat [Avril Foxxy]
I'm actually really proud of this one since it me quite a while to do. The green background, however, really wasn't planned, but I couldn't seem to figure out what to do with it. So you get this. I got the idea to do this after being reminded of CSI and Lady Heather a dominatrix who has a thing for Grissom.
0 1
Title: Fashion Art
Artist: Zoe
I wanted to do something that looked like the fashion illustrations i used to see hanging up at CCAD. I always liked them with their streched propotions and rough color style. I tried to add patches that looked like fabric swatches.
1 5
Title: Watch Her Strut
Artist: KNewer
First contest entry here at MGC, hope ya'll like it!
8 1

most creative image  
Title: Imagine Demona meeting Lagerfeld
Artist: Coda [Deviantart Gallery]
High Fashion means in French : Haute couture : with Jean Paul Gautier, Dior, Chanel... Well, what happens when Demona meets Karl Lagerfeld ?
Thanks Zoolander for the idea ^@^
3 35
Title: Gone With The Wind
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
ColdFire, Demona and Angela in the high fashion of the mid 1800s USA. Why this time period? Because the dresses are awesome and I didn't know what other excuse I would ever have to draw them.
1 1
Title: Ultra Glam Sabrianne
Artist: Sanjana [Online Portfolio]
Sabrianne is a really old Garg character that Iused to draw. I decided to revive her for this MGC! This image is just a collaboration of trendy designy things from the fashion industry.
1 1
Title: Demona May In Wonderland
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
Well I decided to dress up for a Halloween Party, Then all the sudden things got weird. My cat Oliver was transform into a Cheshire and I was in LaLa or Me being in a bad dream. Who can tell.. Oh well at least I look good in this Costume Fashion.
0 1
Title: A Gargoyle in a business dress.
Artist: Lucifer Apollyon Satan [Deviant Art Archive]
I had this idea running around my head to draw a hooved gargoyle for the olympics, however, I never got her drawn in time for that contest her legs were and still are very difficult to draw, so she's making her debute here instead of a couple of months ago. She's called a N.O.S./F.N.A.R. (No One Special/For No Apparent Reason). Hopefully for the next contest I enter here I'll be able to ascribe more attention to my creation and make Nos Fnar a bit better looking. She's a satyr gargoyle with hawk wings. :)
0 0
Title: Dancing Mandala
Artist: Cindy "Eden" Kinnard [Eden's Island]
Okay..I suppose when you look at it, its not really high fashion in terms of catwalk wear, but the culture and clothes of India always intrigued me. The warm colors, the details and motiefs This was a good excuse to have some fun drawing detailed Sari fabric and swirling dance moves. Enjoy!
16 11
Title: The Highest Beauty
Artist: Cerberus
Demona and Reh in a fashion show (hosted by me).
3 2
Title: Evening Gown
Artist: Nezumi [Mouse Haunt]
Modern swanky party clothes. Although, I suppose in theory any dress that a gargoyle wears is an evening gown… ^_~
12 6
Title: Gargoyles Seven (Gathering Nine)
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
My absolutely favorite Vegas Movie is "Ocean's Eleven" so I decided to combine characters from the Gargoyles fandom (the Gathering is all about fandom) in the style of the movie.
From left to right, our cast of winged con artists are:
The Player (Wraith, original Station 8 regular)
The Cooler (Fulton, (c) ~ritam )
The Pro (the as of yet unnamed Vegas 2005 mascot, design by ~laurean )
The Idea Man (Spike, from my Gargoyle fanfics)
The Gambler (Robert, another regular at Station 8)
The Inside Man (Riverdale, Two Gargoyles Graphics and formerly of the
Fanart Fight Club)
The Tech Guy (Chaos, from the fanfics of BrooklynX)
4 16
Title: Rune: The Black Mage
Artist: Shanrelle [deviantart]
I have always love the clothes from the Final Fantasy games....highly impractical ....but beautiful....so I design this black mage outfit for my little Gargoyle.....Rune.
2 1
Title: Extreme Blondes
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
I wanted to do some of the lesser seen characters from the show. So Delilah, Oberon, Lady of the Lake, Magus, Wolf and Zafiro show us what crazy fashion is all about.
19 26
Title: Costume Ball
Artist: Dreamie [Dreamie's Hideaway]
Broadway and Angela as King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn. Not to be entered in the Cover Contest.

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