November 2004: Gargoyles of India

Another design topic for the month of November... This time to the subcontinent of India! It's a rich culture with fabulous potential for gargoyles, so have fun with it!

Mascot by Zoe

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Title: Nisha
Artist: Newsgirl29 [Newsgirl290's Webpage]
The thing is I only have a digital cam so thats why its at photo fun but I do have a web page
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Title: Moonlight Prisonor
Artist: Anna Barish (Brat Girl) [Anna's Webpage]
"Bathed in moon, empty inside, wanting to die, as they paint me. For my betrothed, they say. I will be sold to the highest bidder, who looks for a broken woman. They paint me vacant, stupid, with none of the fire I hold. If i look closly, I see what I will become, a hollow shell of what I used to be"
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Title: Sexy Elephant Chick
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
I credit the idea to RogueDragon, which it's good she gave me the idea, because my ideas were more like WVU engineering students, or something like that, lol.
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Title: Althea the Dark Huntress
Artist: Black Gargie
Her name is Althea the Dark Huntress, which is how I express myself if I were a gargoyle. She's one of my characters I've created when I was a huge fan of but I'm kinda of a passe for that RPG game now.
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Title: Mother and Daughter Faerie Dance
Artist: Cranke, formerly Kiki Bug [Cranke's Webpage]
Fox and Titania in suitable clothes, dancing. And the Weird Sisters are pillars...I love using generally disliked characters as architecture. Media is pencil, marker, watercolors and acrylics. The lyrics at the bottom are from the song Maahi Ve from the excellent Sharukh Khan movie Kal Ho Naa Ho, and they basically say: "The bangles on your wrists jingle/The anklets on your feet jangle, oh my/You speak with your eyes, oh god/You dance into my mind, oh god/It's like you mix up some nectar, golden one"...
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Title: The Hindu Goddess, Saraswati
Artist: Twitch [Spiral Abyss]
This is the Hindu goddess, Saraswati. She's the most recognizable when dealing with India and Hinduism. And she's awesome. So I gargified her and let her go. I'm really proud of this, despite the fact that the hands are *AWEFUL*... I can't draw hands. Sorry. But still, I'm happy. Six arms that don't look too bad, six wings that actually work in the picture, and a relatively realistic body! I deserve some tea...
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Title: The Models
Artist: PolarNexxus [DevArt Gallery]
Nothing too fancy, just some sexy Indian gargoyles modeling some fashion ^^ Go easy on me, this is my very first MGC entry!
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Title: Saffron
Artist: Cindy "Eden" Kinnard [Eden's Webpage]
You know..if I waited a month, I could have entered my last month's entry. ;) Anyways, once again the facination of India gets to me so out she popped. She's based of photos of Indian dancers I've seen and her colors based off of some Sari fabric I own. This is also the first time I picked up my colored pencils in a loooong while. Not too bad I like to think. :)
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Title: Kali
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Kali is often depicted in Hindu mythology as a four-armed she-demon bent on vengeance. What if she was in fact a female gargoyle robbed of the power of flight and out to make every human in her sight pay for her pain?
8 18
Title: Dancing goyle
Artist: Randi
This is supposed to be Angela, I don't think it really looks like her...horn things are too long. Anyway...I started this a few months was going to be Angela as a flapper, and then Angela as Marylin Monroe, and became what it is now. Anyway, I think she's cute. She did have the trio in the background watching her dance but, I cut them out when I scanned it.
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Title: Savani
Artist: Javdaneh [Deviant Art]
My first ever entry to MGC. Her name is Savari and she's a young Hindu gargoyle, though she doesn't have any background, MGC motivated me to draw her. Enjoy!
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Title: Kali The Destroyer
Artist: Kyou [DeviantArt Gallery]
First in command within her clan and my first submission to MGC! I hope everyone likes it!
38 12
Title: An Indian Dream
Artist: Lilly [The Acheronian-Clan]
This pic arised in my mind, because I am very attracted to the Asiatic room and I always wanted to dress like this. Thatís where I got the idea of putting my boyfriend Aranesh and myself (in our gargoyle-form) into Indian clothes. We dressed like princess and maharaja or something like that :-)

There are some mistakes in the pic. Also the outlines didnít turned out quite as well as I wanted. Actually I didnít know up to today (Nov. 29th) if I wanted to participate this month, but finally the idea hooked me three hours onto the desk and this is the result :-) Hope you like it anyway ^.^
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Title: Dancer
Artist: Anna (brat girl) Barish
A dancer on stage.My second entry, hope you like it. Any tips for art, tell me, I need all the help I can get ;)
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Title: dancing
Artist: airalana []
A pic of my gargoyle self dancing.
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Title: Garuda and Naga
Artist: Catwings [Deviantart Gallery]
A illustration of the Garuda myth, when he ate the Nagas. And my first try with blood stains!
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Title: Shakalaka, Baby
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
Angela, inspired by the song Bombay Love
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