November 2002: Central American Gargoyles

If you ever saw the gargoyle episode, The Green you know of the Central American gargoyles; Obsidiana, Turquesa, Zafiro, and Jade. The topic for this month is to design what you feel like other Guatamalan clan members might have looked like.

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Title: These Jungles Are Mine...
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [Shinga's Elfwood Gallery]
Would you believe I knew NOTHING of Mayan culture and such before this month? Yes, I went and did research! So there's many things in this. First off, her name is Makech, which is the name of a green beetle that had a Mayan legend attacked to it about a princess who fell in love with some one she couldn't marry and turned into a beetle. Or something like that. o.O Also, the pendant is a Flow pendant, which umm *tries to remember notes o.O* represents Blood, Bone and Jade all of which flows to a deeper knowledge or something.(no, as far as I know, it has nothing to do with green glowy magic. that was my doing ;)) The tattoo on her leg means '13'. The temple was loosely based from temples in Tikal(Tikel? something...) aaaand what else... she's probably a priestess because priests wore many colors and beads and stuff. WOO. Talk about a run-on of a description! But I enjoyed this month. *grin* also, I like her hair. shineeeey o.o(PS, after looking at photos of Mayan temples, I am SO visiting that place someday! *grin*)
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Title: Garg & her pet
Artist: Shannon (emilylorange) Fowler []
First submission ever, yay! A Garg holds her companion, a Scarlett Macaw (native to central and South America). Sadly, she may soon have to get a new companion, as most (if not all) Macaw's are Threatened/Endangered due to deforestation.
3 3
Title: Laranja and Rem
Artist: Heather H. [Side 7: Artist Archive - Heather Haskett]
I know my backgrounds suck but I'm still in training of that. :P Just don't good at CG shading. ANYWAY, this is Laranja, which means amber, I found the name from a gemstone site and thought it was a cool name.
We don't get to see many garg beasts so I tohught I put in a scarlet colored female named Rem, yes I know it is not original hispanic name but I like it. :D
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Title: Quetzalcoatl-The Ancient One
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
His name is Quetzalcoatl-The Ancient One, He is one of the first few ones that have been discovered by the People of the Aztecs.. The first time they saw Q as a beautiful multi-coloured feathers and scales they even worship him as a giver of fire and life.. (( This drawing took me over two weeks to color and draw on the computer.. Enjoy the Beautiful Artwork..))*^_^* ~~feeling proud I got this drawing done on good timeing~~~
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Title: Mayan Spike
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
Back in the summer of 1991, my husband and I went to Chichen Itza, a Mayan archeological site 2 hours from Cancun. The background is a composite of several photos we took with a little artistic license. Spike's outfit and pose is taken from a glyph inscribed on one of the buildings.
Done on Artagain stone textured paper with colored Aqualith pencil over graphite wash.
6 2
Title: Tula
Artist: Amanda "Mojave" Behlen
Tula is a Guatamalan Gargoyle I created a few years back and decided this was the perfect opportunity to bring her back to life. And my! isn't she a colorful one! The plant that she's walking around doesn't really exist to my knowledge, but I think it looks pretty darn nifty. And its kinda hard to tell what her legs are doing.
She's got one tucked up, taking an exaggerated step. I'll finish the background someday.
0 2
Title: The Mayan Insurrection
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras's Den]
1597 - the gargoyles defend the last Mayan from the Spanish conquerors.
0 10
Title: Aztec Girl
Artist: White Star [White Star Ink.]
I had a hard time thinking up an idea for this month's contest but i hope you like the results. ;)
1 0
Title: Chilling in the Green
Artist: Spacebabie [the Tower of X]
Diamente and Amitista are taking a relaxing break from protecting The Green. This is my first time at entering this contest. I had a lot of fun drawing sone of my fanfic characters.
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Title: Miquiztli
Artist: Stephanie Lostimolo [The Nethersphere]
She is the bringer of the Long Sleep. She decides when your time is over. She is the reason people keep their children indoors after dark. She is waiting for you. She will escort you to the Gods themselves...though not necessarily in one piece.
43 24

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Title: Moon Goddess
Artist: Aimee Steinberger [Aimee's Studio]
Stayed up till 4 am at Steph's apartment drawin gargoyles and eating poptarts! This was really fun, I've always liked Mayan type styles. Notice, her forehead is sloped back (a culturistic thing that was done to infants). Also, she's representative of the moon goddess and her rabbit. (Mayan's used to think the shapes in the moon looked like a rabbit).
Anyway, it was done with Copics, Prismacolor pencils and a white gel pen.
28 31
Title: Chantico: Aztec Goddess of Terrestrial Fire.
Artist: Dreamie [Dreamie's Hideaway]
Chantico governed the eighteenth thirteenth of the tonalamatl, one of the five days in which the Cihuateteo descended. This picture represents the ninth day of the thirteenth, when the sorcerers transformed themselves into witches called mometzcopinqui to unleash their power. Chantico's costume is that of the one depicted in the Borgia Codex, a similar engraving can be seen on the crumbled ruins.
14 9
Title: Homage
Artist: Krista A. Leemhuis [Tenth Orbital]
Heroes, gods, legends...all are carved in stone that they might be remembered for ages to come...and thanked for their sacrifices.
I've been wanting to do something in the Mayan style since my first trip to Mexico...I'm glad to have finally gotten around to it!
15 12
Title: The Priest
Artist: Kaylee Skylyn [Silent Echo]
The priest descends from his pyramid and pauses to survey the land. Iím satisfied although itís not nearly as vibrant as it was in my minds eye. Please forgive the reallyreally bad background, thatís what happens when you procrastinate till 1 am the morning you have to leave for the weekend. The glyphs on the belt and necklace are ones I found on some old Mayan pottery. I wanted too add some more things but ran out of time.
1 0
Title: Blah...
Artist: Silver [Silver's Palace]
I didn't get this colored in time, but I thought I would submit it anyway... Zafiro has been my favorite gargoyle outside the main characters. To put it simply, I like snakes! :) In Mayan myth, there is a feathered snake... and at a certian time of year a shadow is cast on their prymids makeing it look like there is a feathered snake crawling down the stairs. I didn't think I could capture the feathered snake effect correctly so I tried to just show Zafiro by where it happens. Anyway.... someday, this pic will be colored... if you're intrested check my site in a few weeks ;)
0 1
Title: Jade
Artist: Sara Berkeley [Imaginator Central]
I'm not a big fan of inking, so I don't do it often. But I wanted to try something different, so there you go. Inking was done with a sepia pen too, to be extra-special-different. Everyone remember Jade? He doesn't get much recognition, so I gave him some this time. A little canon fanart. I have no idea what he's doing with the sun medalion tho'.
10 11
Title: Tryin to burn up
Artist: Kelshar [Dragon Cliff]
This is my entry for this month. It features two cat-like gargoyles that are discussing about a magnifying lens.
0 7
Title: Warriors
Artist: Angie "Jessie" McClelland
I have my computer and art program back, but I have to run on Win95... Which my Wacom tablet doesn't like at all. So here's another uncolored entry from me. The Mayan warriors had ranks just like today's military, and if you got to dress as an animal, you were pretty high up. Here is Perido the Jaguar Warrior and T'malin the Coyote Warrior. I think it took longer for me to draw Perido's spots than all of T'malin...
1 4
Title: Setze
Artist: Ylla [Ylla's Art Gallery]
"There are some places men do not dare venture... and with good reason."
8 3
Title: Ritual Dancer
Artist: Zero []
An aztec gargoyle dances a ritual dance to the light of the moon. The jewelry on his arms, legs and in his hand all helps create a rattling music.
1 8
Artist: MAui
This was a fun piece to do..I really tried to funk it up with the creepy green lighting...I don't know what ritual she's performing, but I'm glad I'm not there!

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