February 2005: Hatchlings/Gargoyle Babies

For February, we challenge you to seek out your inner child... or rather, the outer one! Draw any canon characters or fan gargoyles as an infant or toddler. This is a re-do of the January 1999 topic. Have fun!!

Mascot by Eden!

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Title: Little Sweetheart
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
His mate stalked off in a huff. Kirin looked back down at the tiny beaked gargoyle that had appeared out of nowhere and attached herself to his leg. He attempted to glare at her but the little female merely smiled wider and hugged his furry shin tighter. "Ah, well...," he said, giving in to the inevitable, "you are an adorable little wench, whoever you are."
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Artist: Anna B (Brat girl)
the Jersey Devil is the most famous and prominent legion in South Jersey. The origin of the creature dates back to the 18th century. The story goes as follows: when Mrs. Leeds, an indigent woman living in secluded poverty with her twelve starving children, found out she was to have another child exclaimed: "I don't want any more children! Let it be a devil." When the child was born, it was horribly deformed. They locked it in the basment, and later, it escaped up the chimney and out into the woods. It is rumored to have fed on small children and livestock while haunting the area for years to come. Hence, the creatures other name is the Leeds Devil.
I have lived in the pine barrens all my life, and this had to be my favorite legion. When "baby gargoyle" contest was put up, I was struck with the idea of drawing the little New Jersey devil. It shows Racer as the devil, siting by a fireplace. I thought it might be possible if the devil was a gargoyle, I mean, the devil is still rumored to live now-a-days, it could fly and was horned. I though it would be nice to portray the poor lil devil. Hope you like it, VOTE 4 IT, PLEASE for more info about new jersey legions, dont hesitate to ask me, I luv 'em!
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Title: Hand it Over
Artist: Annie [DA gallery]
My first entry to MGC, featuring Naiobe and her son Jorge. She is trying to convince him to hand back her bracelets without just ripping them out of his hands. Lucky for her, he's a good boy.
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Title: Daddy’s Little Girl
Artist: Byrdie Fae [deviantArt Gallery]
She’s Thailog’s first born, awww..(and do you really want to know who the mother is? Bwahaha...) Her name is Heather, and she is evil. Evil enough for an advisory label. Don’t let the eyes and pink dress fool ya,
Heather © DTaina and Gwoman
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Title: The return of Ai(with some friends along for the r
Artist: Angie the Holy Mewtwo(aka Ai Gargoyle) [AnimeAngie's Deviantart Gallery]
Well,I'm back....kinda.^^; Sorry about the long gone-ness.I lost the URL to this site,and I just recently re-found it.But anyways...These are my 4 gargoyles as hatchlings(3 of them recently made ^^; ).Left to right are Kaida(the grey one),Takara(the orange one acting like a lil' devil),Kira(the crying orange one...Takara and Kira are twins) and of course,Ai(the sleeping black one).They're in a church are Takara decides to have some fun by trying to scare others.By the way, yes,those triangles are taped on and those are fake horns.Now you know one reason why babies cry in church...if you go anyway...I don't... anymore.^^;Aren't they all just so cute!^-^ I really like how Takara and Kaida came out.I'm not so happy with how Ai came out,but she's cute nonetheless.^^;Anyways...uh...Yeah,thanks for taking the time to look at this
message(if you had anyway...^^; )
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Title: "Um...Hi"
Artist: Dana
Looks as though the trio were up to mischief even back then. And by the looks of it, someone caught then in the middle of planing their next sceem. I just did this for the cuteness. I hope you enjoy.
Additional Entry : This is another entry for Dana. I did this out of fun. I'm not sure who's idea it was, but Goliath doesn't look too happy.
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Title: Rugoyles
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
When I read the title of this month's contest I immediatly thought of "Rugrats"
Here Demona, As Angelica, has just stolen the cookies from Lexinton, as Tommy, and Broadway, as Chucky.
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Title: Puppy Love
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
The idea was too good to pass up. Cagney throw in for humor, poor thing.
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Title: Kids of Broadway and Angela
Artist: Nebulan [@Deviant]
I wanted to do a topic like this because I wanted to see what everyone's different design ideas were for children of the clan. In our fanfics, we have Broadway and Angela get together because that's how it went in the series even though Goliath Chronicles was like a whole different series. Meep. Anyway, the oldest I designed, Christina, then Roguedragon designed Juanita and Horatio.
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Title: Innocence
Artist: RogueDragon [Gallery]
No matter who we are, we were innocent when we first started out.
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Title: From that moment...
Artist: Rita M. [Deviantart]
Eva: Mh?
Adam: See Eva? That's a Flower (Fiore)!
Eva: Flo-wer? (Fio-re?)
Adam Capture: She wore dad's vest. It was Sunday, and it was my birthday...I don't know what happened that day, but nobody called me with my name...Adam...anymore. From that moment, to everybody, but mostly to HER, I remained forever...FIORE.
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Title: Plop
Artist: Lioness-gargress [DevART gallery]
This is Rex Brooklyn’s & Angela’s son! To all U parents rambushes little imps they will evenly crash
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Title: Baby Ennis
Artist: DeTragedy [Deviantart]
In my fanfiction universe, Angela and Broadway have a baby named Ennis. Here he is in all his cute glory. Don't mind Angela's coloring I don't know what happened there.
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Title: Ebby Wants a Hug
Artist: NickyDee [Nicky's Deviantart Gallery]
Ebony was one of those type of hatchlings that tends to drive you crazy! Either she won't share, eats all the Animal Crackers, or draws on the walls... Right now she wants a hug. NOW. LOL. But you gotta love her, neh?
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Title: Sibling Rivalry Starts Early...
Artist: Beedoo! [Beedoo!'s Den]
Baby Jackal and Hyena don't get along so well... maybe if she'd learn to share!
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Title: There's Always A First...
Artist: Awata Silverfeather
Some men run, some men scream,
Others stand paralized,
But all of them succumb
To those terrifying eyes!
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Title: Magnetic Forces
Artist: Amanda 'Shinga' Bussell [Gallery]
It's funny how kids have this magnetic POWER to be drawn to the most expensive thing within reach. Even better if it's irreplacable ;) This is BrooklynX's character, Order, as a toddler... with a palm pilot. (Order is the daughter of Chaos and Gadget, submitted here with permission ^_^)
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Title: Naughty and Nice
Artist: kessalia
There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
And when she was good,
She was very very good,
But when she was bad,
She was horrid!
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Title: Baby Gargoyles in Cooler
Artist: Katana [DeviantArt.com]
This is two babies green one is two the purple one is 6 months old. It is a hot day and wanted to cool off so they went into a cooler full of icy water.
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Title: Demonas Children
Artist: Galax [www.galax-world.de]
From my Fanfiction. In this storie, Demona and Coldsteel killed Coldstone.
First (on the left side) are Darkania, a clone, mixed from Deomna and Desdemona. Next, in the middle, aribia. A biological child from Demona and Iago (He was cloned for short time) And on the right side: Asmodis. A clone too, mixed from Demona and Otello.
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Title: Son of science
Artist: Epantiras [Epantiras @ Deviantart.com]
Demona and young Nimravus, created by the GEN-U-TECH. He would look like a normal child if it wasn't for his GEN-U-TECH code on his forehead. But science can't recreate the most important thing: the love of a mother.
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Title: a walk in the park as a family
Artist: Coda (Karell) [Coda's Dev Gallery]
my *late* entry v__v Sorry I couldn't finish it (I have my flipbook to finish for tomorrow). So if Goliath and Elisa managed to have a baby... How could it be ?
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Title: She's doomed
Artist: Lynati
Pestilence (another clone of Lexington, obviously) with his daughter Spite hugging on his cybernetic arm. Poor kid doesn't get much attention from her sire, and its scary to think what her attention-getting antics may blossom into when she gets a bit older. Both Pest and Spite are the property of Aaron Wheeler.
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