March 2005: Celtic Gargoyles

Another cultural design topic, this month we challange you to draw your favorite gargoyles in the style of the Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and groups that make up the Celtic culture, either historical or modern! Have fun!

Mascot by Jessie!

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Title: True Druid
Artist: Emeraldwolf
I figured that someone would probably do a Druid gargoyle, so I tried to get in here first. The inspiration came from watching a badly made history channel cartoon that involved the druids, and the lead one wore a skull mask like the one this guy has. Inked and colored with markers. ^_^
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Title: Never our Freedom
Artist: Foxx Laverinth [Laverinth@Deviantart]
My first full color image with my new tablet! *cheers* And... it's rather Braveheart-ish and generic... but I liked the idea, and hey - I've posted nice and early. :) I really wanted to use the blue paint, was all....
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Title: Celtic Pantheons
Artist: Melody “Saepenon” Kalkowski [DA Gallery]
A clan of Gargoyles named after their respective Celtic pantheons prepare for the spring festival of rebirth in the forests of what is now northern France. The female is named Arduinna and stands on top of “Boar”. The male is named Cernunnous (Kurn-un-os) which means “horned one”. The statue is a single Genius Cucullatus.
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Title: Luck be with Lex Tonight
Artist: Dana
He may have come from a Scotish clan, but this is the one chance Lextingtion can be proud to be green. Be happy and Happy St. Patrick's Day.
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Title: Aine: Huntress of the Full Moon
Artist: NickyDee [NikkiD'S Refuge]
Hiyas. This is a shot of Aine, my Celtic Gargess from Ireland. She’s Ebony’s older clan-sister. She gets her name from the Irish Goddess Aine, who was sometimes known as the queen of the fairies in south Munster. Apparently a sun goddess, Aine's special feast was often called the Midsummer Night. Her name also means joyous or ardent one. Having always been adept at archery, Aine has tuned her skills to a fine art, having become an expert marksmen thanks to having trained herself to hunt only using the light if a full moon…
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Title: Lugh
Artist: Diana [DevART gallery]
This is Lugh, my husbands creation. I wanted to make a mate for my gargoyle char Edana, and he came up with this one. Took me many many tries to get the look her wanted. He specifically asked for a dragon headed gargoyle. His gargoyle is a guardian at the Hill of Tara. When he explained the significance of the name Lugh which is why I chose to color him yellow. Lugh being a celtic sun god. but sort of ironic for a gargoyle who would never see the sun ::shrug:: Anyway, it's Lugh.
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Title: Morrigan
Artist: A-chan [A-chan's Realm]
Supreme Celtic Goddess of war. She stalked the battlefields, filling warriors with fury, and picked over
the corpses of the fallen. She had the power of prophecy and was a shape-shifter, assuming the forms of a raven or crow. Also a three-fold deity, as herself or Badb, Macha, and Nemian. It is belived by many scholars that she was the model for the Arthurian Morgan Le Fay.
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Title: Heritage Fair
Artist: Lioness-gargress [DevART gallery]
Angela put Brooklyn in a kilt before going to the heritage fair. Since they are Scots right? I don’t know if this is Celtic or not but it works.
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Title: Irish Wedding
Artist: Nebulan [DA Gallery]
As many of you know, I'm all about Demona and MacBeth getting together.
In my extensive project of a fanfic about them, they end up getting married in Ireland after travelling around the world. In this scene, Griff insists on kissing the bride and does so before Demona has a chance to object. Meanwhile, Angela thinks their all crazy and Arthur's all about the food. I love doing Celtic designs, especially on clothing, so I had a lot of fun with the dress. The details aren't exactly true to the story, like MacBeth's Kilt, but haven't you always wanted to see MacBeth in a kilt?!
Additional Entry - Just for fun. I've always wanted to do MacBeth in Gimli's armor and since his armor has all those cool celtic designs, I decided to draw it now, as well as Demona in a more traditional celtic armor. But what I'd love to see next, MacBeth, in a kilt, playing the bagpipes! :D
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Title: Celtic Prayer
Artist: Kendra G. Holland
My Eyris, prayes for peace and happiness of this world. This is my first entery and I’ve been waiting for a topic like this. I messed the fantasy one but I hope this one well make up for that.
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Title: Brigid, Protector of Ireland
Artist: Coda (Karell) [Coda's Deviant art Gallery]
an unfinished drawing (it seems to become usual ^^;) of Brigid, legendary protector of Ireland, done in a Jim Fiztpatrick's style.
She's holding Lugh's Spear.
My computer hasn't got memory enough to colour it T___T
I hope you'll enjoy it
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Title: Brianna of the Caledonian Clan
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
In one of the first stories that I wrote for TGS:Pendragon, I introduced a long-lost clan of Scottish gargoyles living in the dwindling Caledonian Forest. Brianna won the heart of the dashing Sir Griff and eventually became his mate. Since it's been so long (1999!!) since I did Brianna's original design, I thought it might be fun to give her a makeover with a Celtic feel.
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Title: Irish Gargoyle Dancing
Artist: Katana []
Her name is Kara. This gargoyle is from Irish and she is an irish dancer.
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Title: Fionnuala's Farewell
Artist: RogueDragon [DeviantArt]
My friend Pilar-Sama's celtic gargoyle character saying one last goodbye to the Emerald Isle before leaving on her search to figure out where Puck took off to. This was done with prismacolor pencils on GREEN paper.
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Title: Soul of the Banshee
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
For when the banshee screams, men... die!
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Title: Keltoi Stone
Artist: Cerberus
Just a couple of celtic druid gargoyles...
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Title: +Murphy+
Artist: Laindragon [Laindragon deviantart page]
This is Murphy he is a modern day garg and loves the finer things in life. Being as i am a at Edinboro University where culture is key i found this topic fun to do. KILTS! Ummmmm....
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Title: Amethyst
Artist: Kaitlyn "Starr" Sitton
I wasn't exactly sure what celtic was, but I think I grasped it... This gargoyle is a witch in Dark Ages Scotland. Her name is Amethyst, after the purple jewel/crystal.
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Title: Celtic Beauty
Artist: Krista Sitton
Earlier, I scanned this one into the computer, but then I decided I would color it, so, I did. And now it won't let me scan it in. What can I say? Computers HATE me. So, here's what I have. Enjoy! ;) Oh, and by the way, her name is Lila. Drawn by hand.
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