May 2005: General Anime!

Bringing back one of our older topics this month, draw a gargoyle character based off of any Japanese animation series. It can be current or old. The style can be your own, chibi, or the style of your favourite anime series! Be sure to describe a description of the series you are alluding to!

Have fun, give it your best shot, and above all BE CREATIVE!
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Title: Yugioh Gargoyle
Artist: Tumiaus25
When I heard about the contest, I knew this was a great opportunity to combine two of my favorite shows together! So I combine my most favorite anime show *Yugioh!* with gargoyles and bingo! enjoy!!!
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Title: Pika *This*..
Artist: Kittie [Kittie's Deviant Art!]
Heheheheheheh... Tastes just like chicken. I have become a pokemon tainer! XD Of course, some battles are just SO intense... I have to get in there and use my "bite attack." >.> Yeah....
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Title: Unico-goyle
Artist: PolarNexxus [PolarNexxus' DeviantArt Page]
This is my goyle based off of the old Unico manga and anime movies that used to be shown on the Disney channel in the 80's. The story of the anime was that Unico was a unicorn born with the power to bring happiness to the world. Unfortunately, the Gods felt that only they should have that power, and sent the West Wind to put him on the Hill of Oblivion. But she felt sorry for him, and tried to hide him in multiple places, and that's where the stories start. I loved Unico as a kid, so this is my tribute to it :)
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Title: DN Gargoyles
Artist: Emeraldwolf [Fanart Central]
Dark and Daisuke from DN Angel. They seem to have adopted Ekka and Pinto's color swapping scheme. And of course, what's a good anime without an adorable mascot. Even Wiz looks cute as a gargbeast. ^_^
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Title: Princess Emeraude
Artist: Christina
This is Princess Emeraude as a gargoyle. she is from Magic Knight Rayearth one of my most favorite animes ever
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Title: Broadfaye
Artist: Spacebabie [The Tower of X]
There is a an infamous man who attends many Anime conventions. He is well known because he dresses as the lovely Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. He is Manfaye.
The clan decides to attend an anime convention that is held at night. They have decided to dress as characters from Cowboy Bebop. Broadway takes it upon himself to be the clan's version of Manfaye. He should have mentioned that fact to Angela.
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Title: "GL FLCL" (gargoyle fooly cooly)
Artist: Emogarg
Oy, I knew I wanted to do a pic of my two favorites from FLCL, Haruko and Canti. I love the way they look and even the distant background, but I only hope it still looks nice with the color pencils (not my strongest medium)
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Title: You WILL change me back . . . or you WILL regret i
Artist: Shauntell [DevART gallery]
Hey all! Haven't been in here in months!! But I figured I HAD to do this months contest, 'cause let's face it - the new IN thing is anime! And what is the best anime out there? RUROUNI KENSHIN OF COURSE!!
I was really excited when I saw the theme for this month. I thought I could do some of the gargoyles, or maybe my own characters as anime - and heaven knows I have a couple of gargie pics drawn in that style - but I figured this would be better. I spent all day practically getting it finished. And I love it! My aunt Sally really complemented it. And she's a full blown art teacher with a master's degree and teaches at BYU Idaho no less! ^_^
Anyway, the full title of this pic is; You WILL Change Me Back . . . Or You WILL Regret it. What can I say, it just fit? I mean, imagine Kenshin - the best swordsman in the WORLD - getting changed into a gargoyle! He'd be none to happy about it, I can tell you that! And we all know that you don't mess with Kenshin anymore than you mess with Goliath, or Elisa for that matter. ^_^
Anyway, hope you all enjoy it! I sure enjoyed working on it! :)
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Title: Computer Repair Gargoyle Acey
Artist: Cameo Anderson [Catochroma]
This is Acey from Electrobytes (made by Shocker Toy Company). The comic is done in anime style but is American so it's iffy if she counts but I wanted to enter her cause it sounded like so much fun! Acey has a blue star tatoo on her cheek and she fixes computers. This was done in flash.
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Title: Neon Gargoyles Evangelion
Artist: Rita M. [Devintart Gallery]
I made the sketch of this pic a very long time ago actually, than I decided to finish it for this contest! Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of my most beloved Anime ever! Besides, my "Neon Gargoyles Saga" (the fanfic I have in mind about the Wivern's clan Children) is clearely inspired to it. So that's why I turned Tachi into Asuka, Shanna into Rei, Marrey into Shinji and Fulton into Toji.
I get inspiration from this original Evangelion pic. Hope you enjoy it :)
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Title: TriGargoyles
Artist: Xany Kaos [Floppy Hat Productions]
Hmm...only my second entry, methinks. Vash and Wolfwood as Gargoyles. Boo-sha.
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Title: Fullmetal Alchemist
Artist: smm [DevArt Gallery]
When I saw that MGC was doing Anime cross overs, I couldn't help myself. I love cross overs. It only seemed natural to cross it with my current obsession, Fullmetal Alchemist. I was going to do all the main characters, but I was afraid I wouldn't get it finished in time so I did my two favorite characters, Roy Mustang and his right hand woman, Riza Hawkeye. Enjoy!
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Title: Chun-Li-Goyle
Artist: Nocturnal Moth [DeviantArt Gallery]
My first entry. I sat for a moment and went through many of my favorite anime characters and Chun-Li just fit perfectly.
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Title: ..+Team seven+.
Artist: Laindragon [Laindragon's Dev Art page]
For this contest i thought that i would do Team 7 from Naruto. The series hasn't been released over in the States yet but it is a must see for any anime fan. Anyway the characters are Sakura on the right, Naruto in the center, and Saskue on the left. ^__^ NARUTO RULEZ!!!!
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Title: The $$60 Billion Gargoyle
Artist: Brianna [deviantART gallery]
Nothin' fancy this time around, just good ol' Vash the Stampede in Gargoyle form. Needless to say, my favorite parts are his wings!
33 9
Title: GoliathZeiram
Artist: Darkstream [Darkstream's Website]
Well this one was a bit hurried, so not exactly what I wanted but I wanted to participate in this anyway so here it is. Based on the anime Iria. Iria is a newly-certified monster hunter who saves the life of a scientist working on the "Zeiram Project." Zeiram has been terrorizing local planets and kidnapping people to absorb their life force and clone them.
So thought it would be interesting to have it assimilate Goliath. I wanted to do an Elisa version of iria but this will have to do. heh
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Title: Dirty Gargs
Artist: Spike [The Rockaway]
I've never actually seen "Dirty Pair" but I've seen numerous cosplayers wearing their outfits and I thought that Ariana and Lucy would look just smashing dressed like that. *L* I freely admit to 'borrowing' the background and motorcycle from this Dirty Pair screenshot because they were the perfect props for this pic. (And I can't draw motorcycles to save my life!)
Dirty Pair © Haruka Takachiho & Sunrise Inc.
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Title: Tsubasa Resevior Chronicle
Artist: Sami [Deviantart]
Originally this was going to be of Sakura and Sayoran as they are in TRC. Then I wanted it to be of Nashville and Thalia. THEN I finally decided to make it of Thalia and Tachi (with her new design). Why did I pick two girls instead of boy/girl? Well in my search for images concerning Sakura and Sayoran in TRC I found that a lot of cosplay costumes didn't have both a boy and girl for said boy/girl roles. Instead it was almost always a girl playing the role of the boy.
Plus Tachi is a total fashion freak, and Thalia really loves anime. So she convinced Tachi to make up a Sayoran and Sakura outfit for them both. These outfits are taken from Volume 5 of Tsubasa where Sayoran takes a job as an Oni slayer, and Sakura becomes a waitress for Fai's new cafe.
And no I don't know where that kitten came from, and apparently neither does Tachi.
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Title: For Love and Justice!
Artist: Christi Spencer [DeviantArt Gallery]
Wee, crossovers! I had to do Sailormoon because its just so cheesy and cute and fun. ^^ I had tons of fun with this, as silly as it may be... I hope you like it~!
5 5
Title: Disapproving Dad
Artist: Chacha [deviantart gallery]
Well, here's my first ever contest entry! I loved the themed, so I had to give it a shot! I love the idea of a Rin x Shippou pairing, but I doubt Sesshoumaru agrees. He makes such a cute father figure. XD I don't think he looks annoyed enough, but, oh well. :)
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Title: Duo Maxwell
Artist: Dana [DeviantArt Gallery]
I had other ideas for this, however I ran out of time and refernce pics, so I did this. I had fun doing this and hope you like it. One of my favorite characters from Gundum Wing, Pilot 02 Duo Maxwell.
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Title: Stone and Metal
Artist: CT [Gargoyles x Gundams]
Gargoyles x Fullmetal Alchemist - a comic.
Ed's a scientist, so of course he's not going to take a "magic" book seriously...
I've been dying to take a bash at this topic. I can't believe I nearly missed it! This whole thing was laid out, penciled, inked, and colored in a week, which is incredibly fast for me.
Media: lead pencil, Micron pens, Photoshop
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Title: Pharaoh and Tanh
Artist: Night Shadow [Night Shadow's Colleseum]
Pharaoh Atemu (Yami) from Yu-Gi-Oh and my OC Tanith (Tanh) from my story: "The Queen's Chronicles". This pic took me two hours to finish before heading off to bed and then doing the shading the next day. I'd like to thank for the images of Yami. Hehe, I turned some of Yami's bangs into horns.... ^_^
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Title: Miku in the Moonlight
Artist: NikkiD [NikkiD’s Refuge]
It took me a while to decided one which anime I would do my submission on. In the end I decided to do it on Kikyo from Inuyasha. Although not one of my most favorite anime’s it is on my Top Ten List. Heh. The reason I decided to do it on Kikyo is not because she is my favorite character (it’s Sangou), but because she is such a beautifully tragic character. Her story is so heart breaking that you just have to love her. Plus I thought she’d make a beautiful gargoyle… ^-^
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Title: Count D
Artist: Bethsheba
I know it's not my greatest work of art but i couldn't resist doing a quick picture of Count D from my favorite anime/manga "Petshop of Horrors"
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Title: Pikagoyle!
Artist: Margaret Demona May Stephens [Night Stone Unlimited]
I have this in my head for a long time and I just can't help It.. Here it is cross with a Gargoyle to a Pikachu. Alright I know it weird but I do watch alot of Pokemon when My kid love to watch it and it drove me nuts and haveing a image in the head over it. Oh sorry I do not have it on my web site due from my old computer die on me. and Nooo its not from haveing a bug virus I wore the poor manchine out. I still go on line useing My friends or college computer... Enjoy the picture.. And I will do some more updates on my site as soon I get a new computer but right now I just have to use the college and my friends computer just to update my things. :D
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Title: Raven
Artist: Nebulan [Gallery]
Well, I've never watched much anime... come to think of it, I never watch much cartoons... except gargoyles! ^^ But one anime show my sister has gotten me to watch a couple of times is Teen Titans. It doesn't seem very anime to me... in fact, I wouldn't call it anime if it wasn't for the fact that the opening credits are in Japanese, hehe. But it's a fun show, and here is Raven, showing her demon heritage a bit more.
5 6
Title: Gargtitos
Artist: RogueDragon [DA Gallery]
The trio as Chibis!
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Title: Princess Night
Artist: Son Neko [Deviantart]
I decided to make my own spin on the famous Osamu Tezuka's Princess Knight. Therefore the miss spelling of the title is intentional, she really is Princess 'Night'. For those who don't know Princess Knight I will be brief. Sapphire a princess born to a Kingdom called Silverland, was born with a boy and girl's kokoro, (mind heart not the beating kind) due to a mix up in heaven caused by a trouble making angel named
Tink who is seen on the right. Therefore for messing up Tink plays the role of Sapphire's guardian angel all the while trying to take her boy heart away because she was meant to be a girl. Shappire has alot of troubles in life because due to the fact that girls in her country can't become ruler. Her parents to keep the kingdom from falling into evil hands raise her as a prince and the whole kingdom does not know she is a girl and you can guess what troubles go from there. Shappire later takes on a secret identity as Princess Knight to fight evil and injustice when her kingdom is taken away from her. This image is her in the Princess Knight costume. Read it, its a good story about a brave girl and it comes in bilingual graphic novel form.
1 3
Title: ED!
Artist: Zoe
I wanted to do somthing a little unique.. and Ed, from Cowboy Bebop, with her gremlin smile and rubber bones made a smooth and mostly painless transition into gargiedom. (yes that's a real word)
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Title: My winged neighbor Totoro
Artist: Coda (Karell) [Coda's Gallery]
So this is a fanart from My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro) by Hayao Miyasaki, a wonderful animation film. Mei and Totoro are (c) Ghibli studio and Hayao Miyasaki
3 5
Title: Sokka
Artist: Krista "Morray" Sitton
Sokka is from Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is the only anime I watch, so I was kind of limited on choices ;) Sokka and his sister Katara are from a South Pole Water tribe. He is a warrior, and his sister Katara is a water bender, meaning she can control water to certain lengths. Let me give you the "official information". "In a lost age, the world is divided into four nations: Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. Within each nation, there is a remarkable order of men and women called the "Benders" who can learn to harness their inborn talent and manipulate their native element. Bending is a powerful form combining martial art and elemental magic. Sokka is Katara's older brother. Sokka likes to call himself, a leader. He is from the Water Nation and has a very unique weapon, a boomerang. Sokka does not have Waterbending abilities but he works for the Water Nation. Sokka is in a group with Katara and Aang to defeat the Fire Nation." He isn't exactly perfect... but I like how it turned out.
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Title: Cosplaying Narutards
Artist: Artemis Prime [Party Krashers, Inc]
A random doodle that I finally got around drawing, however poorly. At least it's out of my head.
Brooklyn, cosplaying Jiraiya from Naruto, warns an unexpecting Obito cosplayer of a certain Obito-and-Starscream fangrrl and the impending doom that will follow. Meanwhile, Gecko is more interested in the female cosplayers....I really don't think Orochimaru would say "dude," though.
Brooklyn © Disney (Gargoyles), Mondo Gecko © Mirage (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Obito, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru © Kishimoto Masashi (Naruto)
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Title: Sankon Tessou!!!
Artist: Dezi [DeviantArt]
I decided to draw Goliath as Inuyasha, especially after I realized the similarity of either of them attacking. Drew the lineart and then photoshopped it.
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Title: Tekk-setter!
Artist: Liz [Imaginator Central]
One of my favourite animes is Tekkaman Blade.. and I wanted to do something with Desdemona this month. So, just sketchy coloring, but here's Desdemona in the Tekkaman Raasa armor, which Aki "The Chief" normally dons.
4 4
Title: New Invention: Gargoyle Pills
Artist: Catwings
This might be a childish entry for some people, but it's
the only anime I still like to watch ;)
Apparently Doraemon got a new invention and everyone decided to try and
be a gargoyle for a day (they can't be out at night!). I think Nobita
hasn't still managed to fly yet XP
P.S: haven't had enough time to shade it due to exams T.T

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